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  1. it is, the problem is that very few natural born citizens can buy because of the currency crash and we still have the depression 2 get started yet, no debts have been paid since 2008, its what the mafia need 2 do 2 get the votes, its pretty simple but whats difficult 2 see is that its the same mafia all over the western world propping each other up, when 1 stops, the house of cards fall or we can continue on this downward trajectory 2 enslavement through the use of government debts because stupid people vote for free stuff and out vote those with any sense and be4 the socialists get all uppert
  2. its hard to argue with this logic, immigrants buying property have changed my suburb in the last ten years and i can see that coming to manchester. i love how the pretty lady is taking about 2.1% annual price growth but to sustain that month on month there actually needs to be 2% growth per month now so those little types of snide comments will go away over the x-mas period.
  3. im all for a hard brexit, we have america canada and australia, soon we will have the catalonions the italians, send the troops in portugal and cut straight across 2 italy, get italy to save whats left of the greeks then move up 2 meet russia in poland, give france an ultimatum be4 we bend merkel over and put junker and blair on the stake! so tell me kiddies, where is an army 2 stop us?
  4. ye, we got 2 remember that low volumes make a distorted market and that the slow summer has pushed up autumn prices, market should slow again for october and as volumes rise prices should fall. if houses are sold over winter we should see a drop in the annual price rise, if we see say -0.2% drop between now and december then the annual price change is negative.
  5. im not 2 bothered about it though, i use disciplined accounting not like the banks so if i get a mortgage it will effectively be a lot cheaper than the stress test by a country mile, either way i can afford just waiting on a more sound investment cause u know, buy on the way down init. and yes, i believe that these slightly tighter mortgage lending criteria are gona constrict the property market due to the lack of FTB's hitting the market, u got 2 remember its been immigrants and foreign investors buying up the market these last couple years, now we are facing a situation where the millen
  6. this september, i think it was a bank of international settlements recommendation which is being implemented, i believe i will be stress tested at a mortgage rate of 7.1ish% when the corrections 2 the current advisory limit is changed. There seems 2 be less loop poles out of it this time, tightening up the exceptions 2 the rule, eg. a bank must lend 55% of customers a LTV of 4.5x income is gona be changed 2 make it harder so that less of the 45% mortgages hit stupid amounts of something along those lines. in reality i think i will be limited 2 3.5x income because of the interest rate i wi
  7. im in this boat, i got quite a nice deposit ready but in september new max loan to income mortgage regulations hit reducing the amount a bank can lend me, at this point im probably better of buying a house with cash, credit cards and a lone the restrictions are so tight. at the current prices im waiting it out for a drop in the market atm, dont worry though, most of my $$s are being moved out of uk banks cause they are pretty useless to me now days
  8. it can become more difficult 2 earn money as the inflation has a tendency 2 over take pay rises (making stop_the_craziness's point of same monthly payment because the earning take a dive and interest on the property makes higher costs) but the saver with a deposit in his account will see higher return as the sticker price on the property drops helping to hit an equilibrium between savings vs cost. this means if interest rises the sticker price drops getting closer 2 the deposit while like 4 like on the deposit would be higher costs but in actual fact you would be dropping down a much lar
  9. good way too drive away money to different shores, hey, lets make everybody poorer no mate, its the planning law thats the problem, let rich people build so they can sell cheap
  10. interest rate rises, are u crazy? with this market? no, u guys are crazy, the mafia made the local councils take some insane leverage positions and if they raise rates they are gona bankrupt every council in the uk. has the average price of a house hit stamp duty yet? no, so expect rates 2 drop fools, we need 2 keep the plates spinning until the budget is balanced and average house sales hit stamp duty.
  11. ******'em. france and netherlands can join us, usa, australia and canada. as the nazi eu goes 2 hell then uk and russia can split the left overs
  12. surely with the pound falling and imports costing more the 1.4% inflation target set by Carney should force him 2 raise rates 2 counter balance the inflation
  13. so, a guy comes to the uk, he has money, says he wants 2 buy a £100,000 watch, the government asks "how did u get this money 2 buy the watch" the guy says "****** off, can i buy the watch with this money?" the uk says "no." the guy leaves the uk and goes 2 russia to buy a watch. the year 2020. "oi, you! where did you get that £100 phone?" "its mine, i swapped it for a can of tuna, it has all my numbers in it, u can ask my mum." police officer says "no proof of receipt, hand over the phone kid."
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