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  1. quality down, and portion sizes down - e.g. choc bars and loads of other stuff
  2. The UK economy is based on everybody trying to rip everybody off Banksters - tens of billions of taxpayers money to fund thick overpaid parasites NHS managed by hordes of overpaid parasites who cant organise a pi** up in a brewery insane levels of index linked pension for above and overpaid GPs Uitilities screwing us when wholesale prices fall same with fuel EA nuff said Gov blowing up housing bubble with borrowed and printed money shops rip-off Britain at least LIDL and Aldi are helping Lawyers claims lawyers for acidents etc etc Landlords charging extortionate rents for rubbish Local Councils UK has most expensive council tax again to pay for the parasites pensions etc etc etc
  3. The banks are bust. Come the imminent inevitable crash (housing) and general, the shares wont be worth anything
  4. German house prices have gone up considerably but are still not overvalued. Comparing DE properties with equivalent UK properties, despite DE rises in last few year UK properties are still 3 times overvalued wrt to DE property
  5. Absolute rubbish. The Germans are beings screwed totally by having their currency devalued and thus buying power reduced. They are being forced to send hundreds of billions to the lazy corrupt parasite Greeks e.g.. Meanwhile the international financiers like Goldman Sachs man Draghi is further debauching the currency by QE to help his masters. And before the old chestnut of "helping exports blah blah blah" note this does NOT help Germans or German workers as they have devalued wages. German industry and property is to a large extent owned by non-Germans and a devalued Euro only hleps the international financier mafia buy German assets cheap. Furthermore Germany never had problems exporting with a strong DM.
  6. Ha ha - get screwed with business rates!!! Thickos
  7. Correct. Case law suggests they are only enforceable if the female benefits.
  8. Draghi, his masters Goldman Sachs and the international financers all in league to impoverish people to financial gain.. All need gassing
  9. She is a proven liar and in my honest opinion a thick bitch
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