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  1. So now Russia's assault on the 2 major cities have ended in defeat. To date It's only real successes are Kherson (taken early days) and Mariupol (ceases to exist). So now the war will grind on until Putin dies then everybody can down tools and go home.
  2. London Undone and Done In. To quote the magnificent Nathan Barley.
  3. A while but my situation is a good one. Luckily I don't have kids, zero debt and in times like these I get a good night's sleep
  4. Staggering. I'm starting to think that Putins intentions are to lose. Now where's my tinfoil hat?
  5. Inevitable correction. About time. Healthy in the long run. I'm ready to deploy £500 on BTC soon (As much as I'm prepared to lose). P.S I hope Saylor has a good supply of tramadol.
  6. Banks set to hoover up assets at bargain prices just like 1929. Might take a bit of time yet as they have to try to obfuscate so as to avoid pitchforks.
  7. I’m SO glad I decided to change my plans and not buy last winter. I’m just off to buy a bigger bucket of popcorn.
  8. Yes those M777 howitzers look a serious bit of kit, 15’ accuracy from 25mi out.
  9. Russia in giving up on the northern front were just going to steamroller into the Donbas…or so it was reported 3 weeks back. At this point Ukraine fighting the Russian forces to a stalemate is surely a huge psychological victory.
  10. Who actually does know what they are talking about at the minute? I listen to a few podcasts who have a range of weighty guests on and opinions range from :- Hyper Inflation Crushing Deflation Market crash Market to the moon Market to the moon, then crash Commodities crushed Commodities to the moon Bitcoin to the moon Bitcoin to zero Gold to $10,000 Gold sub $1000 Real Estate bull Real estate bust Dollar dead Dollar last man standing China will rule all China will fall apart WW3 inevitable We truly are in crazy times
  11. Expectation fades into reality. ‘You know yerself kid’, as an old pal of mine used to say.
  12. Looks like the idea of general mobilisation is not going down to well with some folks…
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