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  1. Didn't realise they were doing one. I use Bullionvault myself but will be interesting to compare fees.
  2. Maybe, but lots of folk online sounding the death knell at the moment so possibly now is the buying op.
  3. The big guns will get a phone call preceding a significant regulatory event or bailed out after an apocalyptic collapse. The little guy will get neither. Same as it ever was I guess.
  4. A guy I know used to have to bang his landlady every week or so as rent. He also used to star in local low budget pornos at the nearby council estate for £50 a pop, grim.
  5. Anything is possible IMHO and Gov has the perfect excuse to ramp taxes.
  6. The slow and steady winner will be PMs, sure there is still money to be made in BTC but at some point this will end abruptly. Listen to Grant Williams End Game podcast EP13 Return of The Lord of the Dark Matter from around 1hr 42min. Very concerning.
  7. Mum’s the word in this instance I would say. Hopefully not though eh!
  8. CoinInvest Bullion by Post Hatton Garden Metals
  9. It amuses me that Bitcoin is always depicted as a gold coin lol. I have just sold some BTC and made a few quid. Gold will win in the end though, whether it is in my lifetime who knows! Too many zealots in bitcoin, it will go to nothing eventually 100% guaranteed, again, whether it is within the hodlers lifespan or beyond that is the real question.
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