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  1. Time to start fining the large (German) car manufacturers for fiddling their emission tests if they start playing games.
  2. Goldmans expecting rates to be cut according to zerohedge. Although I would expect that to come from Carney not Osborne.
  3. This Brexit isn't going to happen is it? The distractions and obfuscations are popping up all over the place. Can see the below being put out and the only party taking brexit to the people being UKIP who will get nothing out of our FPTP system... "The consequences have been far greater than anyone ever imagined, the financial and political landscape has changed significantly since the referendum, and with that in mind would not expect the public to vote today as they had done in June. In order to resolve the matter in a democratic way, call for the house to vote in favour of a general elec
  4. Any Lehmans out there? Deutsche Bank wasn't looking too rosy in recent months
  5. This is huge! Somber mood on the Beeb, can't believe it's turned out this close.
  6. Good for GDP and the stats though, more in the next 12 months to keep up the momentum.
  7. That's why I think Brexit may win. It provides an excuse for the economies of the world to use for the next financial implosion as opposed to the real causes built up over the last decade. Then the markets will twist the screw on the UK, and in 10 years time we'll be back in and deeper than ever before. Job done. The end goal is a fully integrated federal Europe zone, expanded on what is it today geographically with countries reduced to states within what effectively will be one 'country'.
  8. This thread title implies that the government can keep up the support. This country is broke, it makes nothing, the economy is made up of either piling more people into the country or selling/renting houses to each other - that's it. It can't continue as it has been indefinitely. Things are barely moving and this is despite all the government support, money creation or whatever - it's as if the economy has been waiting for a proper collapse for the best part of a decade. Government intervention will make what should have happened in the first place even worse, that's not just house prices bu
  9. They own this land because it can be built on and because by holding back on releasing homes increases prices. So either: A) Tax it Pass legislation to allow surrounding land owned by others to be substituted in and developed on as long as it is built on within a reasonable time. Subsequently removing potential for the hoarded land to be built upon to prevent over development. If they cannot build on it, find other land owned by others that can. Of course neither will happen. The builders probably will receive tax breaks to incentivise building on this land.
  10. Cannot think of anything worse than spending a day shopping when you could be at home recovering from the day before and still relaxing and enjoying the festivities. The one sale that really gets on my tits is the next one. Absolute cretins queueing up and buying poor quality 'made for sale' clothes with next opening from 6am.... The poor sods that work there. I do like browsing the daily mail pictures on days like this to gauge other parts of society I normally try to avoid. Round em up.
  11. My own opinion, I used to love Aldi but I'm getting bored of it. Went in the other day and it was a tip, some of the things I wanted were sold out as is becoming all too frequent and the Xmas range is pretty limited and the same as previous years, just piles of those stollen pieces and panettone. I can see the main supermarkets clawing back some of their custom if they were competitive on the basics and offered a decent alternative range that you cannot get in Aldi/Lidl. Maybe it's because the main supermarkets are less busy and have become a bit cheaper I don't consider going to Aldi muc
  12. Everyone drives the speed limit on every road and the country would be in chaos. Would love it to happen to see the resultant effect on productivity and GDP.
  13. It's not cheap and it's not a treat. They're like the Tesco of fast food. Edged out buy greggs at the bottom, out classed by chains like five guys or the numerous 'dirty burger' joints popping up that offer more of a treat at the top.
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