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  1. A lot of people on here with valid points are undermining themselves by linking all problems back to Brexit & flat refusal to acknowledge any positive developments that have resulted from it.
  2. Tenants in situ? Seems like line of least resistance - much better to serve notice / apply for possession, after which most Tenants will leave rather than face eventual eviction, then sell it unencumbered. But that is work & involves awkwardness Didn't think about everything that being a landlord can involve - just the luvvly jubbly..
  3. Yes. Only insane amateurs would have bet the farm in 73 then sold everything at the bottom in 74. Most would have bought and sold pre/post peak, maybe worst case for them would their portfolio/pension suffering a 20-25% permanent reduction in underlying value. This may happen to the SIPPs of some on here. Hey ho, 75%-80% of a lot of money will still be massively more than the pensions of the vast majority. And the yield will snap back quickly and may become very good if the fundamentals of the shares/funds are sound. I looks like the the winners in the next few years will probably be those with substantial RPI linked final salary pensions. I had one of those, but the TV offered and resultant tax free PCLS in my mid 50s was just too tempting, so now I have to ride the next crash/recovery out. That's the risk I accepted. No regrets, no interest in being very well off in my 70s and minted on my 80s. I probably won't live beyond 80 anyway.
  4. Plus a tentative step towards strengthening military ties with US & Commonwealth countries & whittling away at those with Europe. Eventually we might be in a position to keep both any future economic failure and/or conflict in mainland Europe at arms length, only getting involved if we want to.
  5. Aren't these landlords running a business? Isn't it normal when winding up a business to auction the assets off for whatever the going price is? Its not a good business plan to expect huge gains when disposing of assets that have yielded a reasonable to good income over an extended period of time. It can happen, especially for actors who got in and out early, but its daft to assume it will, especially for those that bought into BTL at inflated prices and have left it until now to exit.
  6. C. onna B. Guys - lets hit the bungalow with an ugly stick and then try to sell it for twice what its worth! 🤣
  7. Just been back to office for 2 days because the big bosses think its the right thing to do, no specific reason given. Had a few nice chats, spent quite some time on national rail enquiries & booking.com working out how to travel at reasonable times & stay in an OK hotel for 1 night in a nice quiet part of Central London for an acceptable cost, battled to set up & hold a 3 person, 3 location meeting with screen sharing using phone & desktop with no mic or camera. The call would have been easy at home & had HD video & balanced sound. Spent 37 hours away from home & got less done. With a mic added to desktop & travel & accommodation tweaks sorted, I'll get about the same done & something that works better in the office is bound happen at some point. 75% of colleagues are old hands who will retire in the next 1-15 years. I have 2 colleagues who still need some coaching, but not by me. So, it's a charade. How are we going to re-program bosses in finance to see things as they are, not as they want them to be? Most work is handle turning by experienced staff & most creative stuff is thought of by individuals then communicated, it does not happen in 'hot houses' or during 'brainstorming'. As an analyst, I am presented with a procession of problems. I have maybe 1 really good idea a month. I can't recall any happening in a face to face meeting, but its possible some triggered something in my subconscious. So the challenge is: How do we stop instinctive, controlling bosses imposing their beliefs, values & fantasies on the rest of us?
  8. The tax efficiencies discussed on this thread make sense on an individual level of course, but if most taxpayers suddenly started acting this way the deficit would rocket which is the last thing we need at present. I've been working 4 days per week for 2 years receiving 88% of the net pay I'd get for 5 mainly due to now paying very little HRT. I doubt HMRC would be very happy if millions of middle income workers started doing this.
  9. As I someone who voted leave on balance I am totally comfortable with acknowledging that Brexit has caused various problems, some serious. It is not the root of all evil though. If you persist on blaming everything that goes wrong on Brexit, for ever, you risk being ignored when it objectively is to blame. Well that's what I think.
  10. As well as NI hike they are increasing the savings limit & capping overall contribution for those that need care. Both of these will only benefit the better off. Its sickening, the conservatives just cannot bring themselves to do anything detrimental to their core electorate or that upsets fellow MPs & the wider party. Politics & political survival trump the job at hand, every time.
  11. Conservative MP Marcus Fish had just said on R4 that it would be reasonable for pensioners on about £70-80,000 pa to lose the state pension. That would raise 3-4billion. You've got to wonder really why people with pensions like that are being paid the state pension tbh - you's need a fund of about £2M to generate that income. He also said that people who have made large tax free gains on property and other assets should be paying in ahead of young workers. Pretty interesting huh?
  12. Unsure without getting me pencil out - however, for clarity I meant running the central heating throughout the night & day, all week, not just the extra cost of keeping warm in the day. Last 2 winters I wore my towelling robe on top of work clothes on cold days and only put the heating on when someone else was in the flat (been WFH mondays and had Fri-Sun weekends since 2018).
  13. For me the cost of one off peak round trip from the South coast to London avoided will run the gas central heating for a week in mid Winter.
  14. OK I'm an outlier, but as an ex IT contractor whose had 11 addresses in 12 years (always took unfurnished rooms or a flat rather than suitcase / hotel hell) I'm done with lugging heavy carry boxes of kitchenware, books, IT kit and photo and hifi gear in sweltering heat or icy darkness. 2 things to Ebay / charity / landfill for every 1 new item from now on. Long term aim is to be cremated with all my belongings in a standard sized coffin🤣
  15. Why are the conservatives making this so complicated? Raise the NI Lower earnings limit to the personal allowance, remove the NI upper earnings limit, slap NI on private pension payments & property income, stick 1% on employee & employer NI, legislate that Ltd have to have at least 3 unrelated fee earners, phase out taper relief. Make a some HMRC handle turners redundant. Recruit a few tax accountants who will spot any loopholes & close them quickly & mercilessly. There you go, shedloads of extra cash, all from those who receive more than needed for food, clothes & shelter. It's actually really easy. Only VIs will tell you how hard it is.
  16. Why do so many people on here who have gradually accumulated wealth over many years get so aggressive when that starts to look like it might go into reverse? Other side of same coin. Its a long wave cycle, nothing personal. Also none of us have anywhere near as much control as we like to think. If events are going to get overwhelming you need to prepare to roll with the punches. Fighting the inevitable will just make you tired & cross😏
  17. Droll. Gives me a headache so I don't touch it anymore apart from maybe a stubby to be polite if offered. Spoons are running out of shitey lagers. Perhaps some people who drink lager because they ate childish & secretly prefer fizzy pop will man/woman up & drink real or craft ale like a grown up.
  18. Just because of the way things have worked out - buying bungalow to renovate with 1.49% mortgage before selling existing home - wife and I have notionally gained equity about the same as our income over the last 12 months, and that's being conservative. Its completely stupid and unfair to people caught on the wrong side of this. We'll pay a bit of CGT, but will get some SDLT back. We need a government that does not load the dice in favour of homeowners, landlords and landowners. Despite our good fortune I'd vote for them because lower prices are better for my wider family and society as a whole, but I cannot imagine how to write their manifesto to appeal to the average voter.
  19. Not disagreeing as I don't know the threshold cost for a basic reliable EV. However, we all know that the industry is using every trick in the book to give ICE a long tail to maintain margins & recover development costs of last gen ICE. Really looking forward to 1 or 2 breaking ranks & offering Hybrids & EVs for same or less than ICE equivalents. Already well depressed ICE sales will collapse to a niche market.
  20. What happens next is that according to the BBC this morning foreign bids for UK companies over the last 8 months exceeded those of the prior 5 years. BBC News - Morrisons backs US firm's improved £7bn takeover offer https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58273916 And in other news: BBC News - M&S shares jump as it says turnaround plan working https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58274807 This all stuff that's actually happening. In my world this is Fair exchange for losing cultural grants & freedom of movement & a bunch of things that remainers are predicting might happen. Professional musicians, comedians etc. have lost out, but what % of the economy is that?
  21. I don't know what you're flogging & it may well be that it can only be sourced from distant shores. However if ongoing high transportation costs sink businesses that are just arbitraging poorer wages & conditions in China etc al, enabled by cheap shipping that doesn't pay for remediating the environmental damage wrought, that's a win for the planet. I'm happy to pay for sustainable goods & services, but I am better paid than average with a good pension & a lot of property equity. I appreciate that this stance is difficult for many/most. What a fine mess we've got ourselves into.
  22. Indeed. I'm fairly confident that my younger son's masters in theoretical physics aligns to his estimated 130 IQ. That said, He has great difficulty taking on board that 98% of people have a lower IQ, and hasn't been as comfortable in the 'real world' as he was at Uni. I'm also fairly certain that my much less remarkable c. 115 IQ makes it much easier to navigate life amongst the general population.
  23. Well we may scoff at £800,000 2 bed flats in PCL, but at least there are some fundamentals (at least until recently) in the local economy to at least partially support the price. This place is an hour's drive from central Exeter or Plymouth, neither of which have salaries to support this apart from medical and legal. Even then it's a lot for a senior partner without an inheritance leg up. This would have been about £250k in the late 80s, so should be about £550k now, although I'd argue less as there's a ceiling to places this remote. There's nothing there. Nothing. £1M will still buy a large coastal gaff in a Devon or Cornwall. What am I missing?
  24. Nuts. My son's about to drop £275k on a flat not much bigger than that. In an inner leafy Stockholm suburb similar to Hampstead.. London is still ridiculous even after recent drops.
  25. Her (& hubby's) whole approach seemed to be panic at 30% because.. that's 'not much' is it?🤔 Apart from anxiety at the plethora of buffoons (thanks for references), I also feel a bit peeved that dipsticks like this get to drive a nice EV before people who would understand and appreciate it. Naturally there are a lot of people below IQ100, its a mathematical certainty. I guess working in IT and having intelligent and educated wife, sons and friends tends to obscure this grim reality.
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