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  1. More likely a long painful decline to a permanently lower level of living for most with a relentless series of minor crises dragging us down for centuries. Life is far more mundane, tedious and disappointing that most posters on here would like to believe. Think Marvin rather than Chicxulub.
  2. I've met a fair few French individuals over the years and they have been almost all very agreeable, even Parisians. It's when they get together that the trouble begins. It appears that people in French regions don't think much of their countrymen in other regions, the only unifying factor being that they all hate Parisians (and vice versa). Odd coves.
  3. We caned the washing machine on Sunday after a family visit and nearly got to £5 on the smartmeter. If we did that every day we'd be spending as much a month on electricity as we spent on a family outing last Saturday. In our 35 year marriage we've had nice things, holidays and houses, but never maxxed out on anything, borrowed for a holiday etc. The cost of energy is raising one eyebrow, nothing more. No sympathy at all for those with strong incomes who go balls out on their 'lifestyle'. On the other hand, we are keeping an eye on family who are at risk no fault of their own and can afford to ensure they don't suffer. Regarding solar and batteries - that ship has sailed for the preset IMHO. I will not, and have not ever, engaged in purchases where the vendor has the upper hand. The spike in demand will pass and we'll secure a killer deal when the installers are worried about their order book. The trick is to ensure they don't go bust before the the system is bedded in and obtain an insurance company backed warranty. And yes I am wonderful company at parties 🤣
  4. Steady light rain in Sussex this morning. The rivers off the South Downs are already much deeper & faster, reservoirs will be filling & millions of gardens are getting a good wetting. This is the other side of the same coin as drying up gardens, rivers & reservoirs, except more newsworthy as its happening so fast. So why isn't this good news all over the media?
  5. Public road speeding peaked in the 80s. It was a sometimes a hoot, sometimes a bit dangerous. A mate with a long commute was pleased with his fast Ford because he didn't need to drop below 110 on some motorway interchanges. Another used to wait until the early hours to do the Cheltenham Plymouth run in under 90 mins in his TVR V8. I've ridden with these guys and caned a 150mph car myself, but in the main I've only been frightened by inexperienced drivers in POC cars. The only time a supercar driver scared me was when a 911 passed doing maybe 170mph on the M5, while I was doing 60mph in the next lane. I won't ever forget the way he just seemed to materialise from another dimension & the shock wave rocking my car. It's for the best we've got all these controls in place. People like that would be doing 205mph+ nowadays.
  6. Pre Ukraine invasion price. Petrol should drop to £1.55 / litre over night (allowing for the weaker pound against the raw material component of the fuel price). Why wouldn't it other than the collective greed of the industry? Its been a strange time with people grumbling, yet resigned to fuel approaching £2/litre. Roads still busy at the usual times. People are driving slower, which is fine, but I wish they would move to the left lanes and get out of my way.
  7. I'm English and live in Sussex! I'm 100% nakedly and unapologetically in favour of England obtaining permanent rights to Scottish water and or the commercial benefits thereof. If my posts came across in any other way, I apologise and will try harder to foresee the words that might be perceived between my lines.
  8. I've read the posts on Physical Geography with interest & learned from them, but it wasn't really what I was driving at. Looking at the track record of exploitation & manipulation the English have, I would expect that persistent rights of control over some Scottish water would be established as a condition of independence so that the English economy benefits from increasingly valuable Scottish water. Also the right to extract & transfer large quantities by road & sea in the event of a water crises in England. As for infrastructure change, would it be possible to build pipes from Scotland to Northern England & adjust the existing English network to re-route Cumbria to E Mids, Wales to Southern England etc? I'm ignorant on this but generally where there's a will there's a way. Especially where England gains an edge 😉
  9. If there is a series of modest falls & VIs massage them into slight rises or flat, there will inevitably be a sharp snap back when this can no longer be sustained. It's like a politician's lies upon lies when they've been caught out. Much worse in the long run.
  10. Well obviously! The English will wish to retain control of a large tranche of Scottish water even in the event of independence. They'd be insane not to in a world with fixed water resources & an expanding population. It'll form part of the disengagement negotiations, Tories or no.
  11. Can't find the link now, but Scottish annual rainfall is in the order of a trillion litres pa. The numbers for NI, Wales & the English lakes must be huge too. After the their foul behavior in Ukraine it would be rather satisfying to supply plentiful water to our allies along Russia's borders in future droughts while Russia's crops & water supplies falter & fail. The British have long memories & a wide vindictive streak.
  12. So if there is a black Swan event that suddenly drives the USD down & spikes GBP up we are assured of an immediate, dramatic drop at the pumps right?
  13. I'm surprised by the proportion of people on here with large, inefficient homes, presumably running aircon, class A amps, ultra large TVs, pro grade power tools etc. Hardly average. Perhaps people who've made these choices are more likely to post? Our gas & electric bills will probably peak about £250pcm averaged across a year, medium sized bungalow, 2 adults, plenty of gadgets. Not a problem, although we'd obviously prefer the current £125pcm
  14. £39pcm LOL. Bought a good used Scott full carbon, made a few mods & had it serviced for about 13 months Peleton subscription. There are so many mugs in this world. I only wish I could think of something like this to part them from their cash 🤔😄
  15. If a bout of inflation & higher interest rates leave old people with private pensions worse off, young people with valued skills better off, & sharply cut house prices, that's an intergenerational transfer of wealth to the young. Yes many young individuals will lose out too, but broadly this is what we've been describing as a good thing isn't it?
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