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  1. Our independent BBC are giving only light coverage of these riots. Any ideas why? Isn't a massive punch up outside while govt does daily briefing the major story of the day?
  2. Wait a tick. Removal?! No no no. Just restriction to standard tax rate. Heck. Unavoidable Wealth & higher income taxes & cetainly touch a nerve on here..
  3. Is anyone on here who benefits from this going to try to actually defend this? I've benefited from this a little, along with many friends and colleagues. I can't remember anyone, including my accountant, explaining how it was fair or reasonable. More along the lines of use it ASAP while its still there. A straightforward reverse Robin Hood job.
  4. Back to contracting for a bit then I spose.. Bit fiddly these days with the need to have demonstrably genuine multi clients, use own gear, convince clients to allow self direction. But doable, some mates have already. Or maybe its time to just Jack it in, live humbly & drawdown at a lower rate for more years (57 in Aug). Its going to be quite pants to very pants for most people for the next decade or so.. hard to see a way round it.
  5. " a car and garage fell down the cliff face on Sunday" Aah yes those notoriously immobile cars🤣 Cliffs vs trillions of watts of remorseless wave power & they think something could be "done" Irredeemable retards.
  6. No. That resulted in £3K bill over 2 or 3 sessions in a backstreet specialist workshop. Looked AMAZING when he'd finished with it though. Got it for about £2k under going rate with AMGs wheels so still a result overall. It's not mine anymore but if I started working a long drive away again I'd buy another without hesitation, even if the rusty arches hadn't already been fixed. Totally composed at high speed. Anyone looking for a GT/convertible this Autumn, and comfortable with an older car, is going to be very pleased with the asking prices for Mk1/2 SLKs, CLKs, even the rarer SLK32 and 55s. Probably SLs too but I'm a bit scared of their running costs. Back on topic - many will perceive a big drop in living standards, but weren't they living in a PCP, ZIRP fool's paradise? They will just have had access to nice things removed, not ownership. I was saying to my friend this morning - its going to be very amusing seeing the reactions of petulant, entitled masses as their toys are taken away while being told "no, its nobody else's fault, there's no compensation, you have to be big boys and girls now".
  7. This is what I used to cover long distances a few years back. 13 years old when photo taken. Had it for 7 years. TCO c. £10k. I'd shed a little sad, private tear whenever a neighbour proudly took delivery of a rented nu-reg Korean SUV. But I knew I'd make it through the hard times in the end 😄 People have no idea what is coming and are spending money they will desperately wish they had at year's end. Houses are going get cheaper, but there are powerful forces at play which will probably delay the inevitable true snap back until at least 2021. Luxury cars, hifi, watches, pro photography gear etc. will all be cheap a chips after the redundancies kick in this Autumn and Ebay etc. is swamped with supply. It will be fill yer boots time👍 I do feel a tiny bit sorry for the great unwashed. I don't believe many of them can think critically and strategically, or have the self discipline needed to navigate life well. A tiny bit.
  8. Yes that's a macro indicator to watch. At the micro level however, people need to talk to their bosses if taking holidays is mentioned. It could just be that they are worried that with lockdown too many staff will be using up hols simultaneously Nov/Dec. We've just been asked to take 40% of our entitlement by end Aug. Nothing to do with financial strength, firm has had record March & April. May well ahead too. Things are stressful enough now without jumping at shadows. One thing I noticed during 11 rounds of redundancies at Zurich insurance 1991-2007 is that generally speaking they became more dependent on the staff that remained. Also it's all very sad about job losses, but haven't we been moaning on here for years about debt laden zombie companies not being allowed to die? It's good news for prudent competitors.
  9. Yes. I can't help noticing that his personality type always try to brazen it out rather than going quietly (and later return quietly). He thinks he's right about everything, or at least that he's right more often than everyone else. A peculiarly repellent kind of "confidence". If he fights it in the courts & wins it will age him horribly & shorten his life. Every cloud etc..
  10. The money is yours. If they tried this people would go without or even commit suicide to get it into their inheritiors hands. Confiscation without blame is up there with murder
  11. Good. I'm centre left so have time for some Tory policies. Nothing political, this cv^t is easily replaced. Bye bye.
  12. I miss the 80s & 90s when economy fares were higher, service levels higher (especially on economy long haul) & there were usually empty seats so people could spread themselves out a bit after the seatbelt lights went off. Got a right dressing down once from a bloke with lots of kids who had found Florida newly affordable after the airlines worked out how to pack every flight - apparently I have an 'elitist' attitude. Regarding quarantine for passengers incoming to the UK - not 'impossible' to police at all. All we need to do is confiscate their passport & forward it to the police station nearest their chosen quarantine address. They can have it back after 2 weeks at the same time as having their ankle tag removed. Honestly, sometimes politicians just can't see the most obvious solutions...
  13. Yes. Then keep AST at 6 months then get another cut in situ. Each time Insist on a clause blocking a rise in next 2 years. That will give some protection when the short term deflation swings to inflation. I'm just having a punt at bagging 1 of 2 rentals listed at £1200 & £1300 for under £1000. They've been on the market & empty 60 & 100 days.
  14. I was hesitant to mention (legal) pension recycling. In previous discussions people have initially argued that its illegal, which it can be. When you set out how to do it legally, the same people often get cross and call it immoral. I can't help noticing that it tends to be the people not positioned to take advantage who are most likely to cry foul. I'm guessing this wrinkle is on borrowed time with the government running up so much debt so fast, but AFAIK its still OK for 20/21. I'm going to slap some in early this year instead of waiting until the end of March though.
  15. Yes we can see how ludicrous and gameable the system is, but living in the UK means that if your life starts or goes badly, financially or medically, you are protected. The way your particular life turned out, you would have been much better off in the USA or a similar jurisdiction. Those places are much harsher on the bottom 1/3 of their population than the UK though, to pay for that wealth protection (plus that US deficit, OMG!) My take on this is to use the tweaks that work the other way such as: Entrepreneur's relief (used it twice); paying earned income into pension 2 to nab even more tax relief while using commencement lump sum from pension 1 to subsidise income (yes this is fine and sanctioned by my IFA); standing ready to retire/semi retire to avoid/mitigate NI increased in the future to pay for pension triple lock, the lockdown Furlough etc. Most of this only works / becomes possible in 45-60 age range, but living more frugally 20-45 will tee you up (I know, its a long game). I think you protest too much, there's still a lot people with a few quid can do to offset means testing of UK benefits. Also I have historically taken the view that terrible decisions have been made, like propping up house prices, and no way would I pay extra taxes to enable persistence with such nonsense. However, I may think again about tax avoidance if it seems like the money is being spent wisely helping innocent victims of the virus. We can bicker over the details of the response, but the virus itself isn't anyone's fault.
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