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  1. PS we just posted Q2 profits 118% up on Q2 2020 which was itself a strong result, both achieved with about 95% staff WFH. We're having consistent strong performance WFH & but most senior managers are still champing at the bit to sit in the same building, as if we are really hampered by remote working. Odd lot.
  2. I have emailed & raise the question time & again with my people pleasing, conflict avoiding boss - what specifically does my employer see as the benefit of the office? No reply, blank looks from office fans, resigned looks from colleagues who realise the futility of pressing on this matter. As far as I can tell in this vacuum - The top bosses want us back in the office part time, see this as too obviously beneficial to explain & don't feel they are answerable to the workforce. And yet our core values include "respect" & "teamwork"🤔
  3. As far as I can ascertain after visiting many Wetherspoon pubs, there's a marked difference between Wetherspoon in Central London / smarter London suburbs & pretty much everywhere else. Crosse Keys (City), The Rocket (Putney), The Oyster rooms (Fulham), Sir John Hawkshaw (Cannon St station), The Montagu Pyke (West End). I could go on. All have quick food service, capable staff and a wide selection of well kept ales. I have no idea why Wetherspoon outside London is relatively inferior, but it explains the disdain the chain is generally held in.
  4. And here are the fatality results so far: Covid-19: Millions Vaccines: Thousands Nothing to see here.
  5. Sorry I've lost track. What has your argument with simon99 got to do with J D Wetherspoon..?
  6. Sorry I've lost track. What has your argument got to do with J D Wetherspoon..?
  7. 🤣 People who have nothing to go home to - should be sympathetic, but they are horrific if you are staying late on Friday to get something finished.. Luckily I don't work Fridays any more😎
  8. Almost as thick as remainers dumb enough to believe this. Protectionist tendencies, rather venal, callous, prepared to turn our backs on the European people if the project slides into bankruptcy, chaos & conflict. Sure, its a fair cop. But many of us have above average to high IQs. You are building a false correlation between things you disapprove of and intelligence. Thick?
  9. So is it suggested that ambitious types who believe that they have an edge by working in other people's sight are buying off exiting Londoners? Hell of a gamble to buy a peak London prices less 20% on that theory, isn't it? I've no idea who is buying in London. Asking would need to be 50% off peak before I'd look there.
  10. Its going to cost a fortune to sort this out and there's probably issues with planning, services. Ridiculous, you could easily buy a lovely large house, finished beautifully with no issues to worry about for £1M in this area and just enjoy it and get on with your life.
  11. So there's Nothing new about the wealthy feeling entitled to be effectively paid to live in large houses via low property taxes & HPI, rather than, you know, spending money never to be seen again? How the rich must laugh at how rest of the population toil to stuff their pockets with more gold. In a democracy🤔
  12. Wealth tax - damned if you sell, damned if you don't. I've said it over and over, the Revenue should poach the best Tax Accountants from Finance and pay them to design robust taxes that anticipate likely avoidance and mitigation. If they are clever enough to exploit obscure loop holes, they are clever enough to include easily over looked stealth avoidance counter measures that bite people in the a**e. So hard they remain averse to aggressive tax avoidance for the rest of their lives.
  13. The retried with pension incomes in addition to the state pension, and those still working with access to tax free PCLS are incredibly lightly taxed to the point of scandal. It was unfair before the pandemic and now its completely obvious that NI should be applied to pension income over the annual tax allowance. It is outrageous to even contemplate a scenario where well off pensioners are having to think of what to spend their money on and/or transferring wealth into tax avoiding inheritance schemes, while the government is heavily increasing the tax on younger adults. I would personally have an annual NI bill of c. £3,000 and rising for the rest of my life if this change is brought in. It is the moral thing to do. Its mostly been older people have been protected from Covid-19 and now its time to pay the piper. Actually NI should be levied on all forms of income. No BS about 'stifling innovation' and 'risk premiums' please! It disingenuous clap trap trotted out by 'investors'. No one is forced to invest excess wealth and income. Having gained wealth it is rational to try to grow it or at least maintain its value, but we are living in a society, there is no right to maintain wealth at other people's expense.
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