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  1. I'm OK with clever or super exclusive plates - saw TOO 510W on a Porsche, & D1 on a stretched MB S. But generally, yeah, waste of time & money. Would consider putting a dateless on a classy recent motor, but only if it was inexpensive.
  2. We bought on low lying land a good walk from the beach, 6 months ago. I'm not worried though, there's no shortage of morons to sell to if sea level rises & the coast moves to a short walk away. We'll probably be able to sell for a big profit due the the sea being handy🤣
  3. Quite happy to work with Elbonians who can do the job and command a salary/rate that doesn't make me look expensive & means they live in decent conditions & eat properly. It might bugger things up for Brits who won't move away from support network for work & blame everyone else for their situation. Don't know, don't care. Hotblack42, ex council house class traitor.
  4. Simple majority win of taking a seat from the opposition. Hats off, that must be rare in mid term by elections.
  5. Long enough not to matter to him. Maybe older than you, but I try not to waste energy now on why the majority have a superficial, short term outlook. They just have. Plan your life for what is likely, not what ought to be.
  6. Thanks. Is it fair to say then that both the French administration and French fishermen put their desires and livelihoods ahead of adherence to the law? Large firms have the scale to keep across legislation and regulation. Small businesses don't, but I don't think throwing petrol bombs and halting the flow of supplies into a vulnerable island is the correct way to compensate. Sometimes a market and the jobs that go with it just end.
  7. Anyone care to set aside their Brexiter/Remainer/Neutral opinions and summarise the legal position re the French fishermen's actions? I'm unclear whether Jersey/UK is at fault. And surely its important that we understand what the reality is and debate on that basis than how we would like things to be. Regardless of this the legal position, how a can port blockade, preventing people who have nothing to do with fishing from going about their lawful business, be anything but criminal?
  8. Has it not occurred to anyone that the Tories might win because they are fielding the best candidate? I'm generally centre left but only conceding that the Tories win if Labour "fail" is dumb as a stick.
  9. Not as far as I am aware, although I have not researched UK or international law to try to verify. Anyone else know?
  10. OK I'll ask my family down there if they have some harder evidence of people moving in as their sole residence. You seem very certain, what's your source? There will be some people doing this obviously - remote working is a game changer. Is there antagonism on here towards incomers using huge equity gains to outbid locals regardless of circumstances?
  11. Hopefully this is the start of a long period of prop removal. A sort of bear market in govt tinkering.
  12. A) certainly happened a lot in the past all over the peninsula. What a waste of time. That b) is a fiction will come as news to people who can't get a builder in Cornwall due to incomers. Have relatives in St Austell, Truro & Redruth seeing this play out. I'm confused by hostility towards London/SE money if its used to fix & extend property local residents have neglected for decades.
  13. Even though we temporarily own 2 homes due to buying a fixxer Upper elsewhere, I agree with the 2nd home sentiment on here. However, which of these is better?: A. Dilipated Cornish home occupied by enthusiastic, but clueless locals who are perpetually doing it up, having crises, & taking so long that the early work has deteriorated before they finish. I.e. they never finish. B. Dilipated Cornish home bought well within the means of SE couple as sole home, who then proceed to sympathetically extend & renovate in 6 months flat, then maintain it immaculately.
  14. I'd be surprised to be refused £5k cash I'd that was the sticker price. £5k cash for £6k sticker though, no chance. I managed to get a £8500 Suzuki GSXR750 for £8k 2 years ago, but I had to sweeten it a bit by buying a few accessories.
  15. 30" age 57. Good for age club runner. Hope to resume 5k / 10k / HMs soon. Greatly looking forward to 2nd Jab in 5 weeks with zero misgivings. One in a million chance of adverse reaction & I'd still think I'd done the right thing even I'd that happened.
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