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  1. People are obsessing about what might happen to them and their close friends and relatives. The BBC is reporting the frankly astonishing vaccination rate, then immediately covering the handful missing out. Well boo hoo, this is a global public health response whose focus is restoring whole populations and economies to a functioning state. A tiny % missing out is completely acceptable when set against achieving rapid immunity of billions of people. Where is this avalanche of severe reactions and deaths there was so much speculation about on here? All that's been reported so far are
  2. Hpc'ers neighbour holding keys to their new PCP Fiesta: "I never thought I'd get to drive a £22k car!" Hpc'er: "Blimey, upgrading it already?!" 😄
  3. Can we develop a vaccine that protects new threads against Remoaner-21?
  4. Yes there is a certain type paranoid about government & media, & aggressively pro 'freedom' - anti-mask, anti-vaccine. Fact checked responses such as quoting peer reviewed medical papers is "fake news" in their peculiar minds. They also don't understand that the ending of, or pause in, responses in an exchange with a sane person is because, unlike them, the other person has, you know, a life😄 If we see a further uplift in infections & deaths in the spring because unvaccinated morons prance around maskless, those who are now blaming the numbers on 'normal' winter will just ch
  5. BBC News - Covid: Morrisons and Sainsbury's ban maskless shoppers https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55618408 Good. Cue funny videos of angry idiots whose pointless acts of selfish 'rebellion' are finally no longer tolerated.
  6. They won't be. The software will go out of support, then out of extended support, the manufacturer might maintain support for an expensive extra fee for some years, then eventually won't be able to do even that. The IT hardware will also get more difficult & expensive to repair & replace. Maybe there's a niche for some smart mechanics to 'dumb down' tech laden ICE cars so they become viable classics..? Rolls Royce might be a good call though as they expect to service classics as part of their BAU. I read once that 50% of all examples ever made are still at least runners i
  7. Proof please. Pro riders are much quicker on circuits but not much quicker in straight line acceleration. An experienced rider will easily get near 3 on a gsxr1000. Your friends are either inexperienced, cautious or simply lack belief in what their bike can do when caned. What's the achievement in sitting in a box awash with tech that facilitates faultless launch? Anyone can press a button. It takes skill to finesse acceleration on a bike. A mint, run in GSXR1000, ZX10 etc. is £10k. How much is a good used model S again..?
  8. I can't help noticing that the general tone on this thread is hostility to a wealth tax / levy. A lot of reasons why it won't work. Little effort to find a workable and equitable approach. The money has to be found somehow and surely this could be a strong contributor.
  9. Oh c'mon. I've worked in finance for 35 years including 1 year offshore. Of course the money isn't in pots of bullion, jewellery and notes, but it is easily found. All wealth management firms now offer online tools to view, and optionally manage, client funds. They could very easily provide read access to any government with a legitimate reason, and expose the use of shell companies and other wrappers to reveal the ultimate beneficial owners. Actually why not start removing a levy without even bothering to locate the ultimate beneficial owners? They'll either immediately go running
  10. Have you found 'ignored users' yet? It makes threads more concise and informative and protects your precious time from reading, and perhaps responding to, posters who have nothing to offer.
  11. Won't watch the cowardly ambush, but I will watch replays of those racist covidiot sheep being rounded up by the military later on. In many countries they'd be systematically beaten for their trouble. Then tried. He's going to be escorted out by the secret service on the 20th isn't he? This will never be surpassed as the most pathetic & embarrassing end to a presidency.
  12. Just 4 years to wait then: https://www.encycarpedia.com/de-tomaso/85-pantera-gt5-s-coupe
  13. No. Put a charge on the property & extract the tax on sale. Indexed for inflation. The equity that now is now nationalised can be borrowed against so it can effectively release money immediately. Its equity withdrawal to repay government debt instead of a new car or cruise or whatever. I didn't say they'd like it. Just that it was doable.
  14. Why? If you have £5M in assets paying £50,000 pa for five years is hardly a life changing disaster. People with that much wealth do understand that they are hugely better off than having much less & paying no tax, right? Putting a charge on properties will deal with the nut jobs with multi million houses & no savings or pension. There's far fewer of those than the media would have you believe. Most of our clients in the £2M+ range have less than 50% in property. Their I/Ms ensure risk diversification.
  15. Didn't take long to benefit from not having to listen to the clowns in Brussels any more: https://www.politico.eu/article/the-vaccination-blame-game-is-it-all-the-eus-fault/ The Netherlands won’t begin vaccinating until this week, with Health Minister Hugo De Jonge saying this was because they thought Oxford/AstraZeneca would be the first vaccine approved. “Perhaps this could and should have been done differently," he wrote in a letter to parliament Monday. Many others have just been incredibly slow, notably France, which had only vaccinated 138 people as of December 30.
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