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  1. Okay, don't defend yourself. Are you a BOE recognised contray indicator?
  2. Prospect of mansion tax, I guess. Which means Labour is a shoe in in May.
  3. Careful - if WTC etc are included in benefits we may have to recognise the new feudal system. Since 1979, but really kicked in 1999.
  4. Depressing that they confidently expect people to react the same way after all these years.
  5. Wikipedia is the most reliable source. In a busy article everything has to be referred to a reliable source, and the talk page discusses disputes. Better than the media, and probably a better process than academic debate. Other articles not so much, but substantial contributions will probably come from people with an interest in facts rather than opinion.
  6. Weird, isn't it. Goldbugs can turn and turn and yet go on.
  7. Take Milliband as the mediator between big capital and labour. It's contradictory, but that's the role of a centralised state bureaucracy. Cameron does the same, but he has to keep one eye on the shopkeeper element of his party. But UKIP aren't just a shopkeeper element, judging by their supporters' wish for nationalisation. I don't know their view on wages - does the party have a relevant policy? Seems like they want free trade with the ROW, thus equalising wages even further, but with no mention of the consequences for pensions. What a mess.
  8. Even more, when the frenzy stops does Milliband get out the long knives for the liberals in Labour? Merry bloody xmas to the Blairites.
  9. I don't understand. There will be a net deficit from shale, so I guess the North will have to keep subsidising the Square Mile.
  10. Interesting, thanks. Something I didn't know about this forum. I wonder what's the point of the RPI scale - seems confusing as HPI/rent isn't a factor, although it hits net and disposable income. Aside from that the nominal losses are severe. It may be a unique case, but I've been there and can't see how these places are getting slaughtered. Porca's suggestion of builder incentives is a good explanation, but then there wouldn't be an accelerating liquidation - unless decreased job security of local investors is forcing it. Be happy to own 88 Valley Park Drive for my next appearance on Come Dine With Me - but minus 80 thou: http://www.zoopla.co.uk/property-history/88-valley-park-drive/horndean/waterlooville/po8-0ps/31712250
  11. So when the subject's not ebola or Putin or immigration, HPC people can do useful stuff. Any idea how real price changes are calculated? It's not covered in their FAQ (although interesting info on the IO domain).
  12. You sure it wasn't, Statins To Save Everyone Forever? I agree with the earlier poster - the Express is all about the headline as commercial advertising. They don't churn out their nonsense for free.
  13. Thanks, all good points. But apartment prices lower than 2004? Back in 2011/12, sure. Out of 109 units 6 shifted this year, all but one at a nominal loss.
  14. Haven't been there for years, but it seemed good. Juvenal replied on the other thread that they were way overpriced originally, the street level retail stuff didn't work out, and similar local developments have done OK on price gains.
  15. Cheers. The original link calculates real changes as well as nominal.
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