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  1. I fail to see why you wouldn't just close up shop. A member of my family runs a travel agent, his options are close up or furlough. Either way, its not like his staff are going to have any other options, landlord isn't getting rent from elsewhere. May as well just fold and start again once the dust settles; if it's worth it to do so.
  2. Outsourcing to India has probably created more onshore UK jobs than they shifted out to begin with anyway. The problem is who wants to work unpicking awful projects written by Indian's who don't care, managed by PMO who struggle to even turn a computer on. I wouldn't work at the likes of Capita for £150k per year.
  3. Top trolling this one! Mortgage up to your eyeballs I say
  4. How do you think you can go about your business without endangering others exactly? You can have the disease with no symptoms. Wondering around with you '****** you' attitude can be seriously damaging to lots of the population
  5. It means they say things like "I survived rationing" "Nothing is stopping me getting out" and other such nonsense. See Stanley Johnson on breakfast TV the other day
  6. Every person over 70 I've spoken to about it has had a text book definition response of "Ok Boomer".
  7. France is shut down. Yesterday we had a St Patrick day parade through Manchester. You can still go to a rave.
  8. This is my issue. I would have more confidence in our approach if any other country in the world was taking it. But they aren't. So either we have the best scientists in the world, or someone is taking an almighty gamble.
  9. As always, how many people do you think are coordinated to achieve this conspiracy? I'm no fan of Boris, but I don't think he's hitler
  10. If you think government are turning on the taps to keep house prices high now, just wait for a few more months. Boomers can't see their houses go down in price, they worked hard for that. I imagine we'll see a series of obscene measures to prop them up
  11. Average pensioner has more money to spend than the average worker. Its an absolute disgrace. Pensioners will probably get away with it, which is the worst of it all
  12. I think the UK's approach is just going to be delay as much as possible, but accept its going to spread. Italy will have to quarantine for months, with no guarantee it does anything. You lock the country down for 2 months, destroy your economy; then some migrant / holiday maker arrives from literally anywhere in the world and you're back to square 1. I reckon we're accepting its going to cause a lot of damage, and a lot of people will die, but that will happen regardless; so just let it
  13. If you're contracting it's very hard to take holiday when its essentially costing you your day rate. If you're on £500 per day, that weeks holiday is mentally costing you the price of the holiday + £2500.
  14. You have to wonder how many people Direct Line are employing, and what those people are doing that they can lay off 800. You can only imagine the amount of waste.
  15. Well I hope this https://www.zoopla.co.uk/discover/property-news/pledges-on-stamp-duty/ doesn't mean stamp duty will be removed totally for second + homes from £500k, otherwise those young people may as well leave the ******ing country
  16. You're probably under estimating how many people have absolutley everything on tic, mortgaged up to their eyeballs. I'm sure a lot of people like to underreport the help they get from their parents. It doesn't look cool to your peers when you're cruising in your new A5, if its only possible because your parents sorted you £100k for a deposit for your house. £50k salaries are hard earned, especially north of watford.
  17. How do CW lose money? They have the estate agents, they practically force people to use CW solicitors that charge a fortune and have case loads of 80+ transactions. Are they that over expanded?
  18. We have a two party system. We have one party offering 'more of the same' which isn't great but manageable, and one party offering bizarre policies and fascination with trans people and Israel. Is it any wonder the tories win>?
  19. Contributing to a pension pot feels a lot safer than housing.. but then again we've all been waiting for house prices to crash for a while now
  20. Thats the house that made me decide to convert the loft xD
  21. Interesting you say 3 bed semis are at £275! Not seen one that you could feasilby walk to a tram stop / sale moor / sale for under £300k for a while. Even the ones at 300k will be absolutely minging as well.
  22. Would you move atm? We're facing the dilema of build up vs move. I just can't justify the move
  23. Cath Kidston looks like its circling the drain to me. Definitely hits the expensive but low quality that people have been talking about
  24. You also need money to do that. With a new build you can have your tiny deposit htb, get a brand new kitted out house on a massive mortgage. Problem solved.. until you come to sell it.
  25. South Manchester - Sale specifically. Low amounts of stock, houses are on for absolutely stupid money - obviously aren't shifting. Anything that comes on reflecting a 'realistic' price is snapped up instantly..but very few do
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