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  1. I've read about a few people in the software engineering game taking this to the next level. Remote onboarding is a joke, and you're in such demand a 1hr interview can easily land you a 60k+ job. So apply for them all, get them, Do as little cursory work as possible, fail probation.. Oh well.. you've still earnt a few months wages so its not all bad!
  2. It's definitely noticeable, and things are missing. It just doesn't seem to be that bad though, there are plenty of alternatives, it really doesn't feel as bad as being reported in the press to me.
  3. 94% but with kids in nursery and a big mortgage I feel poor. Funny eh?
  4. Probably the only way forward for it long term. However any party which suggests this is dead in the water. I don't know how the NHS can survive with the cost of new treatments and lets face it, our terrible lifestyles.
  5. I personally think the NHS does need changing to secure its long term future. However it's politically impossible to say that, so I doubt it will ever happen. I have no idea how it needs changing but it's clearly not sustainable as a fix every disease / illness / mental health one stop shop as it is. You could double the NHS budget and it wouldn't be enough
  6. Is Biden the best example of, meet the new boss, same as the old boss in recent memory? Of all the things Trump was criticised for, what has he actually changed? Is the only different between him and Trump he'll wear a rainbow badge? He even has the same amount of verbal gaffes!
  7. I don't know the market in London but christ, you'd think prior to knocking off £85k from the price you might think about tidying the place up a bit? Not to be all mumsnet, but get a cleaner in and get in a photographer who won't make the place look a grotty shithole. Seriously.. just buy some storage and put all your crap in there for a bit.
  8. It's such an unfair benefit as well. Married couple on 40k each get the full benefit, married couple on 60k and 15k.. no benefit at all. Everyone should get it up to school age certainly. Childcare costs are obscene.. but thats a whole other thread.
  9. I feel like what these lads did was bad, but the retribution is not going to fit the crime. It's basically life over for these two at this point
  10. I think a lot of the people in this thread and in general who love the WFH and want to see it continue are probably going to struggle longer term when WFH goes from an emergency situation, to the norm. What I mean by that is, over the past 18 months, if you're internet has been crap, you've disappeared for an hour in the day, you've worked exactly the hours you needed to; it's all been okay because we were all just mucking through. As offices reopen and people start going back in, I really think a lot of the benefits of working from home will disappear.. i.e Your internet is acting up? Tough shit, get proper internet or get into the office Video off and mic on mute in meetings? Tough, get that video on Need to mute the mic because of background noise? Tough.. get a suitable home working space or get in to the office where you can work properly Need to disappear for an hour to post something / collect something / blah ? Tough, office based workers aren't doing that so its unfair for you to. Not to mention, all of a sudden the home worker is ALWAYS there, whilst the office worker isn't. Disaster at 6pm? Well X has their laptop they can logon.. we let you wfh so you can dig in right? It's like how do people not see how this will go long term.. and how does anyone think businesses will be happy to pay what they do for the level of output from your standard home worker atm..
  11. I agree with almost all of this. I think if anything you're under exaggerating. All the juniors / grads at our place are off the pace and are far too comfortable with the WFH lifestyle. The amount of them that are "shielding" when asked to come in to the office is sky high.. it's like they think their social media is invisible. Another one to add is, people claiming efficiency has stayed the same or improved.. prove it. Seriously, people just say it and it's accepted. I work as a line manager at a big org so have to play the game, but if I was at a small business everyone would be back in the majority of the week the second it was politically feasible.
  12. To veer away from the conspiracy theories So what is Boris going to do with Euro semis and finals? Is he going to give them up to countries with far lower vaccination rates than us or is he going to exempt 2500 people from rules (maybe they can get on the same trial as Gove?) Either way, it's getting to the point where we're a global embarrassment imo. Another world leading scheme, offering us no benefits at extreme cost. Add that to the best in the world testing that also allows for no freedom at all.
  13. To be honest I agree. I actually quite like popping in a few times a week even now. Something about the thought of sitting alone in my back room for the next 30 years fills me with dread.
  14. I think thats what everyone wants really. Pop into the office as and when. However, how could that possibly ever work? Offices are expensive and keeping them open for the odd person popping in when they fancy a few drinks out in the city after, surely won't work
  15. Come to the office for 50k per year, or get a remote only job for 30k per year. Welcome to capitalism mother******er
  16. Summer 2022 would be a best case scenario at this point. What is the chance we don't need some form of lockdown this winter? We're already been prepped for it with the NHS is struggling due to the backlog stuff.
  17. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-57328208 Anything but work for teachers it seems
  18. Both women, late 40s early 50s. I agree with universal income. The idea everyone will go off and be creative, and not just sit about watching TV / playing mindlessly addictive games doesn't sit well with me
  19. They don't, they've been told to get back in or they're out on their arses. It's just a mess though, they've been using holidays so been on 90% pay for nothing for 15 months. No wonder they're not eager to get back in. He thinks at least one of them has another job (so will be on double money), and the other bought a caravan at the start and has been touring around. Not bad if you can get it
  20. Look how small it is as well. Where are you supposed to keep your things!?
  21. Funny anecdote, my friend runs a small travel agency. Just him and 2 employees, the shop has been shuttered since March 2020, with the 2 employees on furlough whilst he runs it from home. He looked to open back up last week, both said they don't want to come back and want to stay on furlough. One said it's totally impossible for her to come back for a few weeks due to her dog being sick. Yes dog. Whoever could have anticipated such actions?
  22. My work 1 month ago: "Work from where ever, whenever, be fully flexible, the office is just here as an option!" After literally no one goes in for the entire month "3 line whip on line managers being back in the office, make it clear if people aren't in a few days a week they won't progress" FAANG all bringing people back to the office, writing is on the wall.
  23. Scottish independence is even less defined than brexit was. No idea on currency, tax, NHS, defence, law, regulations, etc. If Scottish get independence, I suspect you'll be able to pick up properties cheaper as businesses move south of the border just for the convenience. Likewise with people running away from the huge increases in tax, etc. However, do you want to live somewhere where you give up 60%+ of your salary?
  24. 500k and it looks like the flooring and decor cost about £100 total. How old is that laminate to look that bad?
  25. Fullstack web engineers. MERN/MEAN stack, something similar. Moonpig pay senior frontend devs 85++
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