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  1. I imagine we'll see a class war / riots when its all said and done. If young people and paye workers have to pay for this all again, whilst pensioners, and property entrepreneurs sit with their feet up there will be trouble
  2. You're on HPC so you're only going to get one answer. If you're on the fence, follow shlomo's advice and be prepared to walk away
  3. The prospect of increasing housing benefit further, will surely go down really well with a stretched to the max taxpayer. How do they not realise housing benefit determines what the rent is? Khan is off his rocker.
  4. I reckon there is a good chance people taking advantage of this will get bent over and given a good showing too once things calm down
  5. It's based on the assumption that your current unskilled lorry driver becomes the next barista (whatever that might be)
  6. Until covid-19 happened, employment was at the highest it's ever been. As is the case throughout all human history, the second jobs get automated, new jobs get created. There is a reason universal basic income didn't come in after the invention of the plough, the same reason it won't come in now.
  7. Foodbank usage is no evidence of anything. A lot of posters here wouldn't dream of using one, probably due to embarrassment, feeling like a failure, etc. If you've been on benefits you're whole life, why would you not use one? Queue up for an hour a week and now you've got more money for fags, booze, whatever. I live in an affluent suburb of Manchester (yes they exist) and ours is rammed every week. It's madness that you have a foodbank in an area where people working at the shops next door can't afford to live.. but its money for nothing who can say no?
  8. Most gov.uk stuff is running on AWS, aslong as you've done a bit of config it should be nigh on impossible to DDOS / takedown.
  9. The amount of public spending, I wouldn't be too comfortable about the prospect of being 'outside IR35'. When all this is said and done, I don't think the government can take much more from PAYE, your £500 a day contractor with their missus doing admin.. well maybe
  10. I think you'll be surprised. The second any of these places open they'll be absolutely hammered
  11. We’re all in lockdown, and you can be fined for buying easter eggs that is of course unless you’re going out for your mandatory applause in which case, no rules apply at all https://mobile.twitter.com/d_rafi1/status/1250864574984867856
  12. Was on a zoom chat with a few friends last night (all in our 30s). Two couples proudly announced they'd already had their mortgage holidays sorted. One of which, no kids, and only one of them furloughed. Should be still be getting the majority of their normal income and they've done that! I think people really have seen it as free money, and if that guardian article is correct, have totally ******ed themselves for no reason
  13. Yeah, never going to happen. I'm pretty sure 99.9% of people under 60 would rather roll the dice
  14. Sorry boomers, time to start paying. Pensioners having more money than working people is utterly ridiculous
  15. Its a hard one because you'd be daft not to pay yourself dividends. The government created this stupid situation, expecting people to do otherwise is ridiculous.
  16. I'm surprised it's not higher. If they expected many companies to do the 'honourable' thing, they've got another thing coming. They set the money way too high. Staff shouldn't want it, but right now some are seeing it as a lottery win
  17. You'd have said no chance a few weeks ago, but now Starmer has cleared out lots of the looneys - there is a good chance
  18. Going to work is a bit of a break for the wife as much as anything. If she stopped working till school, she'd be starting from nothing. I think a lot of women work part time during the early years so they still have a place in the world once they child is grown up. That said I know you're a troll, sooo.
  19. Crazy industry. Ok we'll get you a software engineer who might be gash. He wants £40k per year, and we want £10k for sitting him infront of you. In 12 months i'll be belling him up selling him on a job thats £45k per year, and you can then give me another £10k Nuts that people pay for it. Once the belt tightens these guys are the first in trouble
  20. Sat at home on full salary, wife on 80%. No nursery fees, no travel, no entertainment. Weekly shop being done at M + S, still got more money than I've ever had in my life. I won't be the only one in this situation
  21. Normally I would agree, but I don't think PAYE have much more to give. Especially people under 35~ who are paying student loans. Higher rate tax earners paying into their pensions are on for 43p for each £ they earn? How much more can you take
  22. I fail to see why you wouldn't just close up shop. A member of my family runs a travel agent, his options are close up or furlough. Either way, its not like his staff are going to have any other options, landlord isn't getting rent from elsewhere. May as well just fold and start again once the dust settles; if it's worth it to do so.
  23. Outsourcing to India has probably created more onshore UK jobs than they shifted out to begin with anyway. The problem is who wants to work unpicking awful projects written by Indian's who don't care, managed by PMO who struggle to even turn a computer on. I wouldn't work at the likes of Capita for £150k per year.
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