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  1. This is utterly ridiculous. Whats the justification? I feel bad for the people thinking they're getting 6 months off payments with no harm to their credit Good luck at the remortgage.
  2. You won't be happy until we're all locked in, with state sanctioned drops off will you?
  3. You really do wonder don't you? Why do they even need 900 office staff? never mind the ability to make that many redundant
  4. The backers of ubi, never seem to explain why we need it, or how it would work or be paid for. Most of the backers seem to say automation is making jobs not exist anymore, thats not happening, unemployment was at its lowest ever, when companies automate a process they generally repurpose staff It seems to be pushed exclusively by single millennial men. If was so such a good idea and would look to so much innovation, I'm sure we'll see similar from the 7m people currently furloughed.
  5. The UK and US haven't been overwhelmed by cases. In the US they're furloughing nurses because there isn't enough work!
  6. An increase of 1 per million? It's nothing. We could save more lives by reducing every road to a 20mph limit. We could save 100 * more lives by banning sugar and transfats. We don't though. Why is Covid so special?
  7. Interesting tidbit from the article. This is the highest in the world, above the UK, Belgium and the US, which have 5.57, 4.28 and 4.11 respectively. So Sweden who didn't do a lockdown, didn't shut everything and didn't destroy their economy (although the world has tried to do that for them) have .5 higher deaths than us per million people? Surely this is compelling evidence against our measures (and the rest of the worlds!)
  8. I was posting in the South Manchester thread, but I tend to agree with your missus. Stock is in such short supply in the few desirable areas that I don't think we'll see prices go down in areas where people want to live. If you're close to a tram / village in Didders, Chorlton, Sale, Alty, etc you might see a nominal drop of a few %, but nothing proper. Too many coiled springs. Drops will probably happen further afield, and in places that have been increasing because these areas have become so unaffordable, maybe Urmstons surge will revert for example
  9. Yep, sorry I didn't mean to be offensive. In reality I know plenty of lovely people who live there, and want to stay. I was being flippant to the extreme that internet anonymity allows you to be. These places are obviously going to get nicer as the majority of working people can't afford to live in South Manc anymore, the prices are just utterly stupid. I do think you run the risk of living on a nice street, then having a god awful street the next one over, but you get that in Chorlton.. so hey ho
  10. Yep. They'll feel much more smug when the furloughed people don't come back
  11. I'm sure you'll be able to produce a source for that claim
  12. This post is full of typical doomer BS. best stay in forever. If you're under a certain age (45ish) and medically fit, it will be news if you die of covid19. We've had 30k deaths, and yet it would still be front page news if a fit 30 year old died of it. NZ have not eradicated the virus, they've stopped it for now and will have to end tourism indefinitely as a result. One big difference between us and them, you can't get there on a rubber dingy.
  13. Well to generalise These are the only areas a decent commute into Manchester where people feel comfortable putting their kids in schools. They have a few bars and restaurants and of course, the grammars. That's it. You can get a 4 bed in Salford for £130k, but I wouldn't let my kid look out the window, nevermind go to one of the local schools. It's classic Partridge, you don't muck around when it comes to your own kids. If I wasn't so tied to the city for work, I'd move to South Warrington in a heart beat. Just the commute is too shit. By the way, as a Sale resident I totally agree. It's boring suburbia.
  14. I'm curious to see what happens to south manchester house prices post COVID19. The prices seemed to be rising in an unstoppable, utterly ridiculous way. Will you still get £450k for a 3 bed in alty? £350k for a 3 bed in sale.. you'd hope not but who knows
  15. I believe you're screwed. Until my missus was furloughed we were both working from home looking after a 20 month old. It was awful. You'll have to do something similar or pray she (or you) gets furloughed.
  16. Business furloughs the project manager. Hang on, nothing changed other than some reports no one ever reads and our delivery sped up. Hmmm, maybe we can do without Business furloughs 50 year old "Karen" (sorry to stereotype), hang on, everything has sped up and people aren't moaning about an individual anymore. Maybe we can do without Rinse repeat all over business.
  17. What she wants to do is pop out a few kids, and tell the council shes homeless. That'll get things sorted.
  18. I get the impression a lot of people here work in areas not too badly affected. Software / IT people, retired people, etc
  19. These topics always crop up. There is a lot of people in the UK. If you live in an affluent area, chances are the people around you will earn good money. Go to a rougher area and you'll see the reality that most face..
  20. Our whole PMO function is in the process of being dismantled. Manual testers, trillions of BA's.. companies are slowly realising these people actually hinder rather than help
  21. Agree. Why on earth did they make it 80%? People are literally pissed off that they didn't get offered furlough
  22. It really baffles me that weeks ago we didn't change tact. It makes sense to have a strict lockdown for vulnerable people. For people under 40 it makes no sense what so ever. The political fallout of this is going to be massive, especially if the try to make under 40s pay for it all.
  23. The science for this pandemic is all over the place. The science behind 2m makes no sense, nor does wearing masks. A full china style lockdown makes sense, if you're willing to close borders until a vaccine exists. At this point, hospitals are nowhere near capacity, nightingales are empty, so why the ****** are we all locked in still? why are we destroying the economy and young peoples lives? It makes no sense.
  24. The same people saying we need to continue lockdown indefinitely are the same people talking about 'UBI' and other such nonsense. Don't worry, we can just take all the money from Bezos, and we'll all be living in mansions before we know it.
  25. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1105061/coronavirus-deaths-by-region-in-italy/?fbclid=IwAR1v1-alSv4gt6J6QaP4A8hY9tShAX5jlV_qLzmtn0jjf0QGfONahL8BSEc These figures to me suggest locking down anyone under 60 is ridiculous. Destroying the economy and young peoples lives for something thats no risk to them, just wait till the government asks them to pay for it all! Of course accessing such figures for the UK is impossible.
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