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  1. Its our culture. The mayor of London was quite happy to ban ads encouraging people to get into shape as they were seen as body shaming (https://www.theguardian.com/media/2016/jun/13/sadiq-khan-moves-to-ban-body-shaming-ads-from-london-transport) Do you think in Japan they celebrate fat people like we're forced to? Every other advert has a big fat bird prancing around now, otherwise the company isn't seen as progressive and must be cancelled. This is a case of chickens coming home to roost.
  2. I can understand people being reluctant to wear masks over here. We've had the PM, CMO and CSO all tell us they're dangerous. At no point have they really addressed this either. The message has just changed. Like you, I'll wear one, but I get people feeling pissed about it.
  3. I agree. Whilst I'd like to move more rural I am not convinced at all this WFH revolution will last.
  4. Sorry, but how shit is that house? 550k to live in that claustrophobic nightmare
  5. You go first. Partridge wasn't wrong when he said "You can't muck about with your own kids"
  6. It's not just the schools is it, its the kids in them. Equality is great until you're stood at the school gates with parents in their dressing gowns at 3pm, with a fag on
  7. Interest only perhaps? After 13 years that house should be worth at least £280k!
  8. It's probably somewhere in the middle isn't it. Government over egged how bad it was, now they need to go to the opposite extreme to get people back out again
  9. It's of no consequence. They're still going to get 2.5% year on year whilst the people paying for it sit in our tiny houses/flats, with the prospect of retiring at 75.
  10. Even better, Amazon now host all of their competitors infrastructure and software. Genius when you think about it
  11. LOL I know loads who did it for the "yay free money". Oh well..
  12. Jesus. They should just make the official policy ****** young people if this comes in
  13. Stop describing my life. Only I can afford a 2 bed, and 12 year old kia c'eed.
  14. I agree, however if I have to pay tax for an obese person to get treatment that they wouldn't otherwise need, they should at least be encouraged, or pushed to get fit
  15. Your language is a bit OTT, but I do agree its been a total disgrace there hasn't been huge pressure for people to lose weight and get in shape. The gov seem to be happy to tell people to sit at home watching netflix and getting pissed every night. But what else do you expect from this bunch of idiots
  16. Outside of big cities, who is going to pay any notice to these distancing rules after a few pints? Do the gov even believe their own messaging at this point?
  17. Just a few choice properties from searching today, both of which are enough to make me say FML, I'm moving to wythenshawe. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-80420866.html https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-77012380.html
  18. Pensioners have paid into the system for decades at a much lower rate than everyone else is expected to. Pensioners are being paid for by the workers who aren't afforded any of the same luxuries.
  19. Joe Public realised the risk to them is very low, and whilst grandstanding on social media about the need to save they're 85 year old grand parent, the threat of losing their house, job and iPhone probably pushed them into IDGAF territory.
  20. I hope one of the fall outs of all this is looking at our relationship with the NHS. I feel like for it to continue, people need to start being held responsible for being too fat, drinking too much, smoking, etc. It can't go on being the NHS sole responsibility to deal with totally irresponsible people.
  21. Do people really believe we'll go into lockdown again? I think it'll be avoided at all costs. Supposedly when Boris heard 3 million hospitality jobs were lost, his only response was "SHIT". Another lockdown guarantees they're gone.
  22. Paid for with our record low tax receipts? Citizens income isn't happening, it benefits people the most who need it the least.
  23. Sack the useless workers who are posting on HPC at 11:30 on a monday. Just keep your good staff. ahem..
  24. Boris must be rubbing his mits at these protests. After totally screwing up his coronavirus response these idiots are giving him a free pass. What do these people even want? How about some tangible goals and lets start from there. Right now it looks like a load of woke kids from twitter (mainly white) causing trouble and being vandals.
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