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  1. I hate the We're following the data mantra. Let us see the bloody data! Why are these things a secret?
  2. I'm loving seeing all the project managers, recruiters and other annoying people posting these long stories about how they add so much value to firms. It's amazing its taken so long for so many of these people to get found out.
  3. Bang on People who think UBI could work are far too optimistic. We've had 10 milliion people plus on a form of UBI for the previous 6 months, we've just done the experiment and it didn't work. It cratered the economy. If you give someone a house and a grand a month, they'll get pissed up every night and piss about on the internet/xbox/tv all day. It's very easy to do nothing as it is.
  4. So true, one of my friends justifies living in a horrific place (3 bed flat on a council estate that backs on to a basketball court) because they can get to the tate easily. I'd guess we'd been there more often and we live in Manchester!
  5. It does feel like we're doing a maintained yearly slow trickle of deaths as thats more acceptable than doing it over the course of a month for some reason.
  6. People here will think I'm insane but we're currently buying and selling a property. We sold ours for more than we'd ever thought we would get and are buying one at more than we'd ever thought we'd need to spend tbh. I've been a member here for years, and believe houses are extremely overpriced. However I also think at this point the government will do anything to protect prices and at most you'll see a short term wobble of 5-10% in crappy areas, and maybe 15-20% on new build estates thanks to help to buy. These wobbles won't be more than a year or two, as the gov would rather pump money into the housing market over literally anything else it seems.
  7. London funding other parts of the country is akin to reparations. It had all the investment for years and grew on the back of it, now its time for it to give back.
  8. The median age of death in Ireland for covid19 is 84 years old. When you consider that, the measures taken seem utterly ridiculous. The effects of these lockdowns, to essentially save people who have lived longer than average anyway is crazy.
  9. Travel shops must survive from old people and people booking their honeymoons, and other big holidays that you really don't want to get wrong.
  10. Lets be honest, you'd be clinically insane to buy a flat right now - unless you know something the rest of the world doesn't know. The reason all these people are selling is the same reason no one is buying
  11. Could just be my northern ways, but I expect more than cheap looking laminate if I'm dropping 950k!!
  12. Always makes me laugh when the guardian and the like complains about the lack of affordable housing/flats in these city centre mega towers. No one with a family would ever live in one of these places, there isn't even any bloody schools. It's annoying what it's like in London just gets applied to every city That women didn't half piss me off. Offered tons of accommodation, but refused anything other than Eccles. Okay Eccles is a shit tip, but still, get what you're given - christ. Anyway, I'll be popping down to Picadilly East later, got some business to attend to. Can I lend a fiver?
  13. Depends on the jobs that are going, if its just people with crap jobs on crap money, then its not going to mean squat.
  14. Honestly you would have to be insane to live in London. That is an embarrassment. Does no one ever stop and think how much money that is?
  15. The whole kids can't go back to school because they might live with vulnerable people isn't washing with most. Teachers aren't going to look great, happy to go out for meals on Rishi whilst refusing to work. I think it gets to the point where if teachers don't want to go back, thats fine but they don't get paid. If teachers are as valuable and skilled as they insist they are, i'm sure they'll all be swooped up in other jobs right away. When nurseries opened back up, all the parents round us were saying they weren't sure about sending them back, it wasn't safe etc. Nursery opened and what do you know? There was a grand total of 1 kid not returning at ours. It's easy to grandstand and save granny on the internet, a lot different in real life.
  16. Aberdeen basically in full lockdown again. Supposedly all stems from one guy with it going to a pub. If its that contagious what hope do we have? Why are we even bothering with this pretence of opening things back up. The second we get anywhere this will happen again.
  17. We're doing this now in nurseries around the country. Do you think they socially distance toddlers?
  18. I think most people would agree schools reopening needs to be priority over pretty much everything else. It'll be political suicide to keep schools shut when we've got a government subsidised eat out scheme running. Sayin that, Nicola Sturgeon was on TV blaming under 30s for spreading covid, you'd think some of these politicians in their ivory towers might understand under 30s are sat there skint, in shared/shit accommodation having their lives destroyed for a virus that is no threat to them.. Maybe its time for our government to wake up and tackle this virus in a sensible way rather than ******ing over the younger generations again.
  19. The cynic says this is entirely motivated by Eid, its got to be a peak super spreading event. The thing is, do they honestly believe people are going to cancel their plans because Hancock blasts out a tweet at 10pm? Most people won't even know about these restrictions
  20. Now that we know the mortality is low, and the NHS at no point was close to getting overwhelmed, the conversation seems to have shifted to Some people have long term after effects And I'm sure when thats proven to be a tiny minority, or no different to any other disease, they'll come up with something else. Furlough needs stopping, this security theatre needs stopping and its time to get on with things.
  21. I think a lot of people in this thread don't realise that you can have a 30 year old couple on £40k each per year, struggling to buy a 2 bed house thats not in a shit hole. They buy it, and their neighbour will be Dorris who is a single woman, who was a receptionist for 30 years who seemingly has a very nice lifestyle compared to them. But yes, they've got an iPhone so it's their fault.
  22. Gotta say, I am enjoying all the PM hate in this thread. How these guys have been pulling 100k per year when they literally know how to make a spreadsheet, slow progress and cause problem after problem is an absolute mystery to me. I did a stint at the BBC and every 'agile' team has a PM, and these were the most useless, do nothing people you'll ever see. Lucky theyre at the BBC so they'll never leave.
  23. Its our culture. The mayor of London was quite happy to ban ads encouraging people to get into shape as they were seen as body shaming (https://www.theguardian.com/media/2016/jun/13/sadiq-khan-moves-to-ban-body-shaming-ads-from-london-transport) Do you think in Japan they celebrate fat people like we're forced to? Every other advert has a big fat bird prancing around now, otherwise the company isn't seen as progressive and must be cancelled. This is a case of chickens coming home to roost.
  24. I can understand people being reluctant to wear masks over here. We've had the PM, CMO and CSO all tell us they're dangerous. At no point have they really addressed this either. The message has just changed. Like you, I'll wear one, but I get people feeling pissed about it.
  25. I agree. Whilst I'd like to move more rural I am not convinced at all this WFH revolution will last.
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