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  1. Labour are in between a rock and a hard place with the woke stuff. They need to appeal to people in cities, your cosmopolitan types and then they need to appeal to the classic red wall voters. The problem is, these people are totally different. I think Corbyn's biggest legacy will not just how he turned off so many of these voters, but the MP's he parachuted in throughout the country. You can look at a few of them and see they're utterly awful and only got the job through the most dodgy of connections. I'm not just talking the likes of Claudia Webbe, but look at who he put in, in Warrington North. Some young girl, who had never been to the town, has no interest in the sort of problems people face in a northern town. She took a 10k majority down to 1k. One look at her twitter page and you can see her key interests are LGBT stuff, specifically trans. It's good for her but people don't care.. You can see that in the people he placed all over the country and it's basically left Starmer with an impossible task
  2. I think this falls down quite quickly with these assumptions So if for speed we take the 'average' (6.38+0.10[/2]) that gives 3.24% then lets assume a high street lending rate of 2% above base or 3.24+2% equaling 5.24% So using a interest rate of 5.24% over a mortgage term of 25 years means, according to the Martin Lewis calc total interest of £163,217 to service the mortgage. And Would the interest payments [total of £163,217] divided by 25 years gives £6528 per annum, be enough for you to rent somewhere? If no stop reading. Then you could 'save/invest' what you were going to pay for the capital repayments on the mortgage and buy for cash 25 years down the line. 1. No one is paying 5.24% on a 20% mortgage. If rates hit anything close to that in the next 25 years we'll see the house price crash we've all been dreaming of. 2. Renting somewhere for £500 is not going to get you a place remotely comparable to something that cost £300k.
  3. This story has it all, extortionate price, daily mail sad face, the lot https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9465205/Coleshill-house-Grandmother-58-complains-lorries-A466-shake-350-000-dream-home.html
  4. 3 weeks to stop the spread, 6 months until the crash. as a member since 2014, still haven't seen either unfortunately..
  5. I guess all this depends on how long of a time period we're looking at. Does even the staunchest HPCer believer that prices will drop 30% and not eventually catch backup?
  6. It is absolutely, tottaly bonkers that a new build is seem as a bad thing in this country! What other product is like that? Its mad, and something needs to be done.. Obviously it won't be but ******, this isn't even a HPC thing, no one wants a new build, people get them because they have to
  7. £600k and it gets you what looks like a £5k kitchen from the wren budget isle
  8. How does ONS work out house prices? Could it not just be a case of the good stock is selling high, and the chaffe is just sat on the market making it look like sales are booming?
  9. No surprise is it, and I'm sure it won't be that different here. Before the pandemic it was hard enough, now peoples jobs are under threat, houses cost a bomb, childcare costs a bomb, oh well as long as the 60+ crowd are okay, I'm sure there will be no long term problems
  10. Who wants to recruit junior staff when everyone is working at home? How do you actually teach them anything fully remote? Far more hassle than its worth. High mid level / seniors or nothing at my place atm.
  11. That has been the premise here for going on 20 years now. I think prices should crash, but I don't think they will.
  12. I always just assumed in places like this, everyone drove drunk
  13. "3 Bed" The rise of the live-in kitchen-diner-lounge really is a gift to these shoebox developers isn't it? I think it works well if you also have a lounge/snug room, but who wants to be sat in the kitchen 24/7 when the washing/drying/cooking is on?
  14. I enjoy not being entitled to child benefit because I earn just over the margin. My wife working 3 days a week pulls in a mighty 15k per year.. Meanwhile next door, you can have two people pulling in £45k each and they get the full amount. Top logic. Nothing that helps families will ever change though, if anything we'll all end up paying more
  15. It probably should be reformed, but how happy are people (voters) going to be who currently live in an area with low council tax to see their rates sky rocket to pay for another area? We already pay comical tax in this country, and I'd say it stands to reason that if you're in a low council tax area you're probably more than making up for it in the forms of other taxes.
  16. The rent question is what basically ******s us all over. I agree house prices need to crash, but as the saying goes the markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent You can get your 40 year mortgage on a 400k property and probably pay £1k per month. Or you can rent the same place for £1.5k per month. How much is the market going to have to crash to make renting more appealable? It's a bigger gamble than the 40 year mortgage imo!
  17. Whilst there is plenty of scene in the city centre, there is no infrastructure for families. It's nothing like London in that regard
  18. Anyone keeping eyes on the Manchester market? Is it cooling at all now? I know it went totally insane when it opened back up after covid..
  19. Councils are taking the absolute piss as well. They can't provide any services due to corona (unprecedented times! we can't offer you this service for YOUR protection) yet they're still able to up the price massively each year.. what!
  20. I thought the whole point of living in London was great access to amenities like that. Whats the point paying all that money for a flat that you never leave??
  21. I think it's quite harsh to have a go at people for wanting their kids go to school. Looking after kids when you're legally not allowed to leave home is really very difficult, and to be fair not something most people will have anticipated when deciding to have them.
  22. My missus was on furlough for 4 months, she never had more money due to saving on commuting, childcare, etc. Financially as a family coronavirus was the best thing thats ever happened to us.
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