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  1. South Manchester - Sale specifically. Low amounts of stock, houses are on for absolutely stupid money - obviously aren't shifting. Anything that comes on reflecting a 'realistic' price is snapped up instantly..but very few do
  2. Too revive this badboy.. Specifically in Sale.. has the market finally reached it's limit? There doesn't seem to be much coming on, and those that do seem to be so stupidly priced they're sitting for a while. I for one with the price of childcare am now totally priced out of even a 3 bed anywhere remotely walkable to any of the trams. Just not sure where the money is coming from to support the prices, walking around its not that nice.. and a ropey 3 bed for £350-£400k just seems nuts.
  3. Free child care from 2 if you don't work, wait until your kid is 3 if you do work! Not to mention lose your child benefit over £50k.. system is rigged against the people who pay for it.
  4. Pensioners typically aren't paying for child care, mortgage/rent, commuting costs. Cut those 3 things out and I could live on £12k a year quite happily.
  5. Richard Burgon was on R4 this morning defending this insanity. When asked why on earth would you make a policy that would give someone as wealthy as Theresa May £22k, he said that was a distraction and the labour party are "doing the right thing"
  6. Saw this on the beeb this morning and thought it was relevant. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/50546923 £25k+ for the hardship of retiring at the same age of men.
  7. The thought of my mother in law living in my house is enough to to send me insane. I'd rather pay £1000 p/w for her to live in a home.
  8. I know. We're supposed to feel sorry for pensioners when we'll not get state until 75 and likely won't be able to access our private pensions that we're forced to pay into until 65. Jog on. Release some equity from your house that has 10 * in value.
  9. Had a boomer knocking on my door last night asking me to sign https://www.backto60.com/ without irony. Me being a 32 year old, giving up 6% of my salary to get a paltry pension (plus 9% to a student loan) for the chance to maybe retire was not amused. She was fairly pissed off when I suggested she release some equity from the house that has gone up 1000% in value since she bought it 40 years ago.. A bit of a tangent yes, but boomers are ******ing out of their minds. Would it kill them to have a single bit of self awareness?
  10. They're all still up, no STC. I think the affordability checks are killing people now. If you want a house like above, you probably - have young kids - both adults working and hence - be paying £600+ pcm in nursery fees. I just don't think the wages exist in manchester. I'm on £55k+, but my partner works 3 days for next to nothing and we can't touch properties at this price once we have nursery fees, student loan deductions, pension deductions, not to mention loss of child benefit. Starting to see more and more houses get reduced down to the 330-350 area in Sale that would have been 400+ a year or so ago. Maybe there are only so many teacher + admin assistant couples, with 300k gifted deposits; and not the unlimited supply EA's were hoping for!
  11. Technology can take the hardwork out of car sharing. In this futuristic world, you just say on your app I need to be at X by 8:50. Not car sharing will come at a premium.
  12. When you making having kids a hugely profitable business, this is what happens. Bad people have them, and don't give a ******!
  13. Not surprised. I always wonder if these companies do any price testing at all. It used to cost £7 for a potato with two toppings from the one near me. You have to think they'd sell a whole lot more doing them at £3.50, yeah the margins wouldn't be as high but people might actually go!
  14. If I was foolish enough to be buying a house from Persimmon, after last nights dispatches I would be cancelling. Then again I'm not that foolish to begin with.
  15. Has Labour's policy actually changed? It seems to be the same as before. Maybe even murkier.
  16. 100% mortgage where you own 80% of the house, ******ing genius!
  17. Joint household income of £60K+ with £100k down and you can't afford a 3 bed semi in sale anymore. The system is definitely working! Urmston has just become the latest place were its semi affordable and semi nice, so of course it has now just become unaffordable.
  18. If anyone believes Boris will actually run, they're foolish. He'll want nothing to do with sorting this mess out, likewise Farage. Its a lot easier to shout from the back, without ever having to do anything.
  19. I wonder if anyone involved in the running and ownership of Debenhams actually shops there. The stores are just tat, and brands that you associate with outlet malls; that no one in the right mind would pay full price for. The one at the trafford centre is enormous, and empty. It's a strange experience to even go.
  20. 50k off to buy next door! (Both still massively overpriced!) https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-77523767.html https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-64993009.html
  21. Looks like this one has been on the market for a while, and will do for a while longer I expect https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-77523767.html Doesn't exactly help when your neighbour has been on the market for 9 months and already knocked £40k off the asking price! https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-64993009.html WTF are these people thinking, even in Sale these prices are utter madness. These are on a main road, next to a loony bin and Northern Moor!
  22. Do these social houses maintain themselves now? How many people in social houses truly look after them? In a row of terraces you can normally spot the social tenant before even stepping inside.
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