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  1. Our cases being higher than Europe when we're doing much the same as them, with higher vaccine rates can be explained with testing. Take Germany, they no longer offer free testing. We test everyone under 18 twice a week. 

    As with the variants, we're being targeted because we don't fudge the numbers. As has been the case throughout the pandemic, Europe is either not far behind, or not far ahead of us. The virus is the same wherever you are, it's not more transmissible in the UK vs France for example. 

    The calls from certain sections of the media to return to home working, no household mixing etc, is ultimately pointless. Furlough won't be coming back, and how do you get compliance in people who have been double jabbed and were already under little threat?

    Winter will be tough for the NHS, but it always is. If we go back to restrictions we're ******ed forever, as what changes next winter or the winter after that? 

  2. 13 hours ago, Insane said:

    " They have no choice " I think is a figure of speech.

    Yes of course they have a choice there are a whole host of people standing in a General Election but they know like anyone else we get either a Labour or Tory Government and they don't want Labour. 

    Many older x Labour Voters did not see Labour looking after the common working man during their last 13 years in power in fact the saw the exact opposite. They don't see anything different happening if the current people representing Labour were to form the next Government.

    Some of the Red Wall Seats in the north have quite low house prices , so I don't think housing was that big of an issue at the last election. 

    Although this web site is house price crash not everyone puts their x next to the box with only house prices in mind. Housing and its cost is not the only issue.    

    On house prices, this is true. Bolsover went from Labour to Tory. House prices are realistically not a problem in Bolsover, two people can buy a house there on minimum. 

    However, Corbyn and now Starmer needlessly wading into topics like "James Bond should be a woman" will have an impact in those areas, thus Boris comes out waving a flag and he gets the votes. 

  3. 1 hour ago, spyguy said:

    I dont know.

    Maybe they are using the same border access router.

    Or its just a coincidence.

    Or ... they offer the cheapest data deal, so have loads of people are trying to use EE network for data only, which , when they try and contact FB etc, is timing out sessions, so they try again, and going into overload.

    IP is a terrible protocol for when bits start failing. The protocol backs off and trys later. You can soon have millions of clients all retrying and retrying.


    Correct. It took numerous carriers down, and had effect on other websites. Everyones facebook apps, tvs and god know what else effectively ddos their dns servers! Amazing.. these companies have far too much power

  4. 13 hours ago, MARTINX9 said:

    Ireland has a much more generous contributory welfare system. And a much less generous one for those who don't.

    And unless you are over 75, under 7 or have a household income less than 15k euro you also have to pay 50 euro to see a GP and 100 euro to visit A&E unless pre approved by your GP plus 80 euro a night for hotel costs while in hospital. Oddly my elderly relatives there have no difficulties in getting to see a GP - as the malingerers and hypochondriacs are disincentivised. The Irish system is one reason why NI might be reluctant to join a united Ireland though - the loss of the NHS. The Irish government wanted to introduce a similar system to the UK - but the Roman Catholic church who ran almost all the hospitals blocked it!

    Realistically something like this is the only real way of saving the NHS, however it will be unpopular so we'll just pretend we can give them more money and that'll solve it.

  5. Fairly interesting read on the future of work from home https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20210810-why-the-great-remote-work-experiment-may-have-been-flawed

    Basically summed up as 

    - It was more efficient because everyone was crapping their pants about losing jobs

    - There was nothing else to do but work

    - Everyone was remote so we were all in the same boat, there was no missed conversations as there was no one in the office

    Moving forward, these things are changing. You can now pop out for lunch at the local cafe, some people will be in the office and they'll be chatting and making decisions. 

    It's certainly interesting to think about and not just as straight forward as "I'm more efficient from home" as is so often said. 

  6. Not surprised to read the above. I mean our bins still aren't getting emptied 20 months on due to the need for them all to self isolate. If you can get away with it like the above, why wouldn't you?

    The fact these guys can't even make it in 1 day per week shows how hard they're working. Doesn't someone need to look after the money printer? 

  7. On 29/06/2021 at 07:37, Will! said:

    I can’t work out DevOps.  In the 1990s anymore who worked in IT could make >£40k a year for installing Windows NT.  Now IT is plugging in printers with self-configuring drivers and it’s effectively unskilled labour.  Will devops go the same way?

    DevOps where you manage accounts, and give users admin permission for half an hour is probably a job that pays you 20k per year.

    "Modern" DevOps is more about automation, build pipelines, monitoring, developer tooling. Google have a few free ebooks on it. https://sre.google/books/

  8. I've read about a few people in the software engineering game taking this to the next level. Remote onboarding is a joke, and you're in such demand a 1hr interview can easily land you a 60k+ job. 

    So apply for them all, get them, Do as little cursory work as possible, fail probation.. 

    Oh well.. you've still earnt a few months wages so its not all bad!

  9. 2 hours ago, Bruce Banner said:

    Or make it a basic minimum service with optional additional cover at additional cost?

    Probably the only way forward for it long term. 

    However any party which suggests this is dead in the water.

    I don't know how the NHS can survive with the cost of new treatments and lets face it, our terrible lifestyles. 

  10. I personally think the NHS does need changing to secure its long term future. However it's politically impossible to say that, so I doubt it will ever happen.

    I have no idea how it needs changing but it's clearly not sustainable as a fix every disease / illness / mental health one stop shop as it is. 

    You could double the NHS budget and it wouldn't be enough

  11. 17 hours ago, simon2 said:

    £150k off a flat in London:


    I think it's been on before but the last price drop gives the impression of throwing in the towel, clearly there were no bids.


    I don't know the market in London but christ, you'd think prior to knocking off £85k from the price you might think about tidying the place up a bit? Not to be all mumsnet, but get a cleaner in and get in a photographer who won't make the place look a grotty shithole. Seriously.. just buy some storage and put all your crap in there for a bit.

  12. 34 minutes ago, Save me from the madness! said:

    It's interesting though how means testing is allowed on Child Benefit though. I agree it shouldn't be on that either, the money is meant to be for the child, not the adult.

    It's such an unfair benefit as well. Married couple on 40k each get the full benefit, married couple on 60k and 15k.. no benefit at all. 

    Everyone should get it up to school age certainly. Childcare costs are obscene.. but thats a whole other thread. 

  13. I think a lot of the people in this thread and in general who love the WFH and want to see it continue are probably going to struggle longer term when WFH goes from an emergency situation, to the norm.

    What I mean by that is, over the past 18 months, if you're internet has been crap, you've disappeared for an hour in the day, you've worked exactly the hours you needed to; it's all been okay because we were all just mucking through.

    As offices reopen and people start going back in, I really think a lot of the benefits of working from home will disappear.. i.e 

    Your internet is acting up? Tough shit, get proper internet or get into the office

    Video off and mic on mute in meetings? Tough, get that video on

    Need to mute the mic because of background noise? Tough.. get a suitable home working space or get in to the office where you can work properly

    Need to disappear for an hour to post something / collect something / blah ? Tough, office based workers aren't doing that so its unfair for you to.


    Not to mention, all of a sudden the home worker is ALWAYS there, whilst the office worker isn't. Disaster at 6pm? Well X has their laptop they can logon.. we let you wfh so you can dig in right?

    It's like how do people not see how this will go long term.. and how does anyone think businesses will be happy to pay what they do for the level of output from your standard home worker atm..

  14. 17 hours ago, Casual-observer said:

    This is predominantly why I can't see WFH lasting but much like the outsourcing wave it'll be a while before the hype blows over.

    Mass WFH worked when it's off the back of people who have worked closely already, the teams are established, there's no huge restructuring going on and they are professions where they know their shit already from working at the coal face.

    That structure will inevitably wane though through retirement, death, switching jobs, etc. 

    I'm not sure a generation of junior staff new to a business working from home will have the necessary experience to replace the old. 





    I agree with almost all of this. I think if anything you're under exaggerating. All the juniors / grads at our place are off the pace and are far too comfortable with the WFH lifestyle. The amount of them that are "shielding" when asked to come in to the office is sky high.. it's like they think their social media is invisible.

    Another one to add is, people claiming efficiency has stayed the same or improved.. prove it. Seriously, people just say it and it's accepted. I work as a line manager at a big org so have to play the game, but if I was at a small business everyone would be back in the majority of the week the second it was politically feasible. 

  15. To veer away from the conspiracy theories

    So what is Boris going to do with Euro semis and finals? Is he going to give them up to countries with far lower vaccination rates than us or is he going to exempt 2500 people from rules (maybe they can get on the same trial as Gove?)

    Either way, it's getting to the point where we're a global embarrassment imo. Another world leading scheme, offering us no benefits at extreme cost. Add that to the best in the world testing that also allows for no freedom at all.

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