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  1. More angry and negative Bitcoin only exists today because of the pizza With bitcoin the plan is now to put it in a wallet and do nothing with it for 5 years, until you dump on someone else
  2. 215k unconfirmed transactions. These channels are never going to exist. Everything you posted in this thread is comes across as angry and spiteful. It's over
  3. The 10000 BTC pizza kick started bitcoin but now the plan is to just HODL BTC for the next 10 years and do literally nothing with it? No one who actually sends crypto currency bothers to use BTC. Unless you use a proper wallet it’s just going to get ‘hacked’ well before the devs implement their store of value vision or whatever it is.
  4. I think there needs to be some kind of system that allows wallets to vote for who has the right to be a miner. Then the users can actually control the network. If one of these forks allowed me to vote for my miner from my wallet, I might consider buying it. But probably miners have all the BTC anyway and will just vote themselves in.
  5. I don't think any of this helps Bitcoin at all. Clearly the coin doesn't work, which is why there is all this drama and it's really looking scammy. It just seems to be mining cartels having wars with eachother. It's probably going to rocket to the moon but it feels like this could be the beginning of the end. Kind of like when the Sex Pistols went on Bill Grundy. The next day they became the biggest band in the world, but barely played another show after and imploded into a farce.
  6. This is the consequence of Bitcoin being completely unusable Bitcoin is finished and Bitcoin Cash will take over However to be honest I think both Bitcoins might be dead at this point. Alts will probably tank in the short term if BCH takes over since we will see the FOMO to end all FOMO. But after that who knows
  7. https://medium.com/@bitfinexed/are-fraudulent-tethers-being-used-for-margin-lending-on-bitfinex-5de9dd80f330 If that is true that crypto is going to crash hard
  8. That pizza, bought with bitcoin, would take 3 hours to buy and you pay 5% extra in transaction fees. Cryptocurrency is unstoppable but bitcoin in its current form might not be. Maybe it's fine just to have bitcoin as digital gold just storing value, but it's hard to see it being preferred for everyday use over 10+ other coins that are usable and not held to ransom by mining cartels.
  9. The inherent problem with bitcoin is that it is completely unusable. Try to send one. It will sometimes take days and the fees are crazy. That's why BCH happened To be honest I dont have much bitcoin but those who did were probably shitting themselves that it goes to zero. Unless the fees and transaction times are fixed, another coin will eventually take over. I can't see it getting adoption when you pay 10% transaction fees and your money is lost and unusable for days.
  10. My university is not in the UK, but it is in Northern Europe And yes I voted for brexit
  11. Yep They are so thick it's unreal. The top 5% of China is larger than the ENTIRE population of the UK/Germany/Scandinavia etc It's so obvious that the ones that actually do real work will just take that experience and skills straight back to China. In fact I've seen it happen. And in most of these funding organisations you will see some line about how the funds are also supposed to contribute to jobs, advancing of skills in the nation, enhancing the competitiveness of our companies etc etc This same Professor gave an interview in a newspaper article about how they now have to compete against China for funding. And I thought to myself, 80% of the funding you got in this country is already spent on giving jobs to China. What the hell did you think would happen eventually?
  12. A Professor who I work for put 6 random chinese in my office. 6 to a room that is supposed to hold 2. They were sharing desks and laptops, I would sometimes come into work and find random chinese people sitting on my desk working. They would be there from 8 in the morning until midnight. Eating there, watching films there etc. They all share rooms with eachother for probably £100 a month I spoke to the professor who was 'employing' them and saying how it was a joke. His response was 'they earn less money than you so they have more right to work here'. So I asked 'how much do you earn then?', since he was probably on over 100k a year and I know he has a million pound house. Needless to say I am now unemployed. He was my Professors 'boss' and overruled him when my contract ran out. Why employ me when you can employ 3 chinese for the same price who will each publish 10 papers a year to enhance his own career, compared to my 1 paper and 2 patents.
  13. I think you are wrong When push comes to shove, 'white brits' who actually live, grow up, and have families in high immigrant areas overwhelmingly support hardline immigration policies. Its only because they are so outnumbered that you dont see it
  14. Are you that much of a dumb **** that you dont realise that almost all those things happened in the rest of Western Europe?
  15. I just bought an apartment in a town in northern Europe Everywhere where there is any chance of work is going up. Copenhagen prices are like London. Denmark is rising, Germany is rising, Sweden is rising (see my other thread) Yeah if you go 25km outside the town I bought in, there are houses there are for sale for 2+ years and wont shift. But in my opinion, in any town 200k+ people where there is chance of getting a job, the prices will go up Everyone is clambering to get into these places. There is no work anywhere else It might go down in the short term, but in say 15-20years, everyone will want to live here. Thats what I see in my town in Northern Europe Look at the shit people live in in megacities in China. That is what we are competing with and our governments have no intention is changing it
  16. House prices are up all over every town in Northern Europe Probably also in any part of the world that isn't a shithole There is too much demand, and in 10 years there won't be anyone around that can properly remember when you could buy a 1bed flat for your 1x your salary
  17. It amazes me that these articles on the BBC always are written with a feel good factor Almost as if this situation is somehow 'cool' This is our future
  18. http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20160517-this-is-one-city-where-youll-never-find-a-home sounds VIBRANT, sounds DIVERSE
  19. From visiting it I reckon: All floors need to be refinished All walls need replastering Bathroom needs renovating completely That's probably 15k extra and the hassle of organising it all. Also if any buyer reads the owners association documents, the building will be replacing the windows and renovating the roof and facade in the next 2-3 years. WHich unless they sell the attic to convert to an apartment will probably add 100k of common debt split between the 15 owners. The apartment gives off the aura of neglect. It is in my opinion the best location, the whole area in front is being renovated with new builds and its 1minute walk to the train station and the main bus stop where EVERY bus goes through in the whole of the north In this price range the market is either parents buying for their kids while at university (and using the student loan to pay the rent for the 'mortgage'), or young professionals buying as a stop gap until they move on. Neither of which really want to spend time doing the apartment up. Property (particularly apartments) is going up here. Two years ago everything was probably 15-20% cheaper. I don't know why anybody wouldn't want to live in small northern european towns. I decided to just wait a few days, if it gets old it gets sold. There are larger apartments 3km outside the city centre for similar price. Seeing as I cycle absolutely everywhere, I don't really give a shit about that 3km. It's pure vanity and worrying if I have to sell it quickly that leads me to want one in the centre.
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