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  1. So my wife is American, does that mean that if my great grand daughter happened to go through a challenging time and broke a law (perhaps political protest lets say), she would be deported to the USA? Actually on second thoughts why am i asking a fruit loop wanna be Hitler a question?
  2. 40 grand I mean. Mods, why don't you enable the ability to edit you're own posts?
  3. Same is happening in Surrey. I had my eye on this place just before Christmas and its dropped 30 grand in price since then. A lot of people who want to buy are now thinking, why rush, prices are going down
  4. So Microsoft have just announced they are accepting bitcoin. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/11286998/Tech-giant-Microsoft-accepts-Bitcoin-payments.html As a parent I like this, it means my credit card is not fixed to my kids xbox live account. Instead I can just send some bitcoin to his MS account and he can use that for buying games.
  5. Funny how he has some of them listed as 'holiday flats', how on earth would want to holiday in this hell hole http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-48298835.html He sounds like a typical BTL leach, good that he is going down. I hope more join him.
  6. Quite a few gems in here http://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/2l5klq/portugal_sees_chinese_do_90_of_bids_at_property/
  7. Some people are in cloud cukoo land. I see this often, people come on the market and stay there for months, so decide that as its not selling ,they should put the price up..like this one. They raise the price to the exact amount which puts it into the higher stamp duty bracket (250k)
  8. I live in Surrey (questioning getting out now as I am well priced out). I have been in a rented place for a few years. Last year there was a open council commitee to discuss proposals for building on a patch of land, just off an A road that is an unused field that backs onto somewood. A lot of the locals (who already own houses of course) were deeply against it. They were their first and its where their labradors took a dump each morning before galvating into the woodland. I stood up and mentioned that as someone local with a young family, the housing would be very helpful to those of us yet to have our own property within the local area... I kid you not, they all turned round and looked at me like scum with a look of total disdain.
  9. http://www.theguardian.com/money/2014/oct/04/-sp-british-homes-marketed-hong-kong-first-time-buyers-galliard Not just luxury flats as well, but 200k entry level flats for london.
  10. You're not wrong there. I am just over 40, but married and settled late and now have two kids. Trying to somehow find a place to call home and get us out of rented. Surely this is discrimination against me because of my age?
  11. Chinas cities suffers the same self inflicted pain points as London. Thousands of luxury developments, that no one can afford to live in, so they sit there as empty assets to stash someones cash into. The problem with this is that asset can drop much the same as any other, as it only has a percieved value. When a house is a home its a different story, the place has far more value and so its inhabitants will not be so easily swayed by price flucations, as its not an asset in a portfolio, but is instead someone that becomes a central aspect of a families entire life...it's a home.
  12. Another Hampshire has been some dropping prices and a lot coming on the market, but its still to overpriced. I hope to buy next year, but that depends on how the market is. At the moment a entry level 3 bed costs anywhere between 215k to 300k The thing is this is not exactly anything special. The kind of house that maybe someone in a low to mid-tier job would go for. I earn pretty good money (senior enterprise IT bod) and this is out of my reach. That's crazy.
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