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  1. Oh dear, that's no good. What browser are you using? Anyone else finding the same?
  2. Thanks @mrtickle. The yellow rows are the Land Registry's "additional price paid transactions", a category of sales which were previously excluded from the Land Registry's prices paid data, but began to be captured in October 2013. The Land Registry defines this category as: property transfers carried out under a power of sale repossessions buy-to-lets where they can be identified by a mortgage transfers to non-private individuals @Kosmin, if you're browsing on mobile you have to click on the "Details..." link in each row to jump to the full details which shows the real and nominal percentage changes. On desktop those details appear on the right as you hover over each row, and if you hover over a percentage change it should also show the change per annum.
  3. Green is an increase (versus the previous sale, where available), red is a decrease in both real and nominal terms, and amber indicates a fall in real terms only. Red and green is used in line with the near universal convention in trading systems and the like, which I'm not about to reverse just to try and make a point. You'll just have to get used to seeing red as a good thing like anyone shorting a stock, or short of a house. The amber is an exclusive houseprices.io invention. Or it might have been suggested by someone on here, I can't remember.
  4. I've imported this into houseprices.io if anyone wants a look.
  5. Latest data from the Land Registry is available now at houseprices.io if anyone's interested.
  6. evictee

    June house price index -Rightmove first?

    Oh, what's crashing? Not seeing anything wrong in Chrome myself. Anyone else? Do you mean the little inline maps? Or the full screen one at https://houseprices.io/maps ?
  7. evictee

    June house price index -Rightmove first?

    Also off topic, but if anyone is interested, the May Land Registry data can be viewed now on https://houseprices.io You won't find it on Rightmove yet!
  8. "they intend to begin deducting instalments from bank accounts in the new financial year" Errr... what!?
  9. Technologists giveth, rentiers taketh away.
  10. evictee


    We can inflate away the debt, but you can't inflate away a deficit.
  11. Latest Land Registry data now available to explore on https://houseprices.io/ if anyone's interested.
  12. evictee

    Poll - Should Carney be sacked?

    Over supply of money.
  13. evictee

    Poll - Should Carney be sacked?

    Anyone who made dire predictions about the consequences of Brexit and is now in a position to make those come true should certainly be sacked, on the grounds of a most dangerous conflict of interest.

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