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  1. Kashkati wants banks to hold more cash reserves. Kashkari sounds like "cash carry." Hha
  2. Also if a developer says to a Tory in power "That's too many affordable houses for us to build, we wont make enough money out of that" the Tory can say "OK we will reduce the amount of affordable homes you are obliged to build". This way the building company makes more money and the Tories gets more Tory voting spivs living in the area. I think spivs might be a fair description knowing that many Doctors / Lawyers and the Maths teacher at a top school (mentioned in the program) can't afford to buy a house and neither could most spivs if they had to buy with actual real money earned. I guarantee it happens. We need proportional representation and I suspect the results of the next GE will illustrate this even more strongly than the last.
  3. I agree that it was an interesting read. The chart comparing house prices rising significantly more than art goes to explain why they have been seen as an investment asset class for those looking for somewhere to park their millions, rather than as places for people to live. Also, I'm glad that at the end of the program, the presenter mentioned that the building industry gives money to the government, and its lobbying. So no surprise politicians being as much a crooked part of it as anyone and making money out of this too.
  4. By the time she's old enough to buy a house most of the baby boomers will have gone to hell where they get whipped with their own beige cruise ship trousers and made to put socks on while their feet are damp and the song "Wonderful Life" by JWJ plays in the background.
  5. Too True. It puts it into perspective though and makes you realize it is best avoided, DON'T BOTHER. There was another epic place I saw in Germany for £170k, better than the one I linked but it sold and is offline now. Similar in the US I think. From what I've seen of the series "My Dream Home" you can get a lot more for your money there.
  6. I wonder if these attempts to stop Brexit will change some of the minds of people who voted remain on the principal of democracy...and if they actually did manage to reverse it, even more to that effect. I wouldn't care if I vote for something that doesn't get in if democracy is killed there are much bigger problems. Same reason I vote for smaller parties due to how we have FPTP and not Proportional Representation. Whether I totally agree or not with a smaller party is less significant compared to the importance of a proper democratic voting system, when compared to larger parties that wont have this leeway from me. At its core a vote for democracy.
  7. Yes. If prices were in line with the real world and it was worth buying a house then I don't think they would need to ask random people at the counter if they're interested in a mortgage. I laughed when they asked me. HTB & HB to private sector (my own tax bidding against me), BTL have others pay their mortgage, overseas investment for asset inflation, money laundering from proceeds of corruption & crime and swapping houses with HPI levels while I would have to pay with money, lowest Interest rates for 300 years, Bail outs and QE. Taking out a mortgage is using my real earned money to buy something (in the end) and that's all I have, so can't compete. Also given that the average first time buyer is pushing 40 http://www.independent.co.uk/money/mortgages/first-time-buyers-life-begins-at-40-6265083.html While 40 somethings are too old to get a mortgage http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/borrowing/mortgages/10959516/Forty-somethings-too-old-to-get-a-mortgage.htm
  8. While in the bank today they asked me if I was interested in taking out a mortgage. The first time they have asked me this in years.
  9. Don't think that would pass the "Kid test" (Kids doing / saying things adults do / say to see if it looks right) If two kids were playing with LEGO and one hoarded it all because they were there first, didn't actually build anything with it (e.g. like Land or sh***y BTL) called it "property", and said the other kid (who would have done something impressive with the lego) could have it in exchange for a lot of their sweets (money), then Mum or Dad (the economy), or at least others may see the kid as an obnoxious little s*** and fear they may grow up to be a greasy creep. Adults being in a relative position of responsibility can normalize this however. If everyone's doing it / saying it then who's "judging the judges" ? where's the barometer? Long gone, and some, just like the kid would, while sitting on their fat **** would probably think I'm saying this because I'm just not successful / am jealous and don't earn above average from actually "doing something with Lego", and playing a part of the UK export industry.
  10. Some people make a career out of this. Take lots of money for services you never deliver, syphon assets / cash off elsewhere (accomplice / family member) then go into liquidation. Set up again under another name then repeat etc.
  11. That would be interesting to know. Sure this wouldn't happen as much if houses were bought more with earned wealth instead of inflated capital sinks and bailed out debt.
  12. Except instead of sacrificing firstborn at full moon on a concrete slab, it will be intergenerational debt for those not yet born.
  13. Pardon my ignorance but what is S24 and why is it going to mess up Landlords? I keep seeing the term used like its bad for them. I'm part of the productive economy running a growing business which has overseas sales, so naturally I'm prone to disliking economic rent seekers so am interested to know!
  14. https://techcrunch.com/2016/07/02/technology-will-change-where-we-live/ Self employed I can work anywhere. Some others in my field don't do 1-1 and use only Skype. The online aspect of my business needs an internet connection regardless of location. Google may not be able to create land but if they can reduce the locational aspect of work (which seems more likely for the relatively well paid and growing tech sector) then all the better.
  15. About shortage of council houses. Quote councillor Darren Rodwell Leader of Barking & Dagenham Council: "As the leader of this Council, I cannot, on the allowance I get.....I cannot buy a house in this borough now....that is ridiculous".
  16. I see. I suppose the only thing that could make the median less reliable is by how much lower or higher wages are on either half?Aside that though, the UK works longer hours per week average than EU to put the average wage in context and that wages under a certain amount aren't counted i noticed. This interests me as I entered the jobs market in 2008 / 2009 with no work history since 2001 due to iatrogenic illness. At moment I make good money per hour which I won't say out of modesty, but am holding out much of the rest of my time working on something that is scalable, ergo not limited to one version of me being in a certain place at a certain time.
  17. Technology moves so fast as soon as you buy something its doesn't take too long before it is out of date. All of my webhosts rent their servers.
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