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  1. Dr. Hilary is already getting in blaming them for the coming higher than last winter's deaths this winter, as well everyone who doesn't take experimental genetic engineering injections under trial until 2023 with undisclosed proprietary ingredients and couldn't get approved under normal circumstances.
  2. Active 60-yr-old woman blames Pfizer vaccine for sudden heart, lung ailments ‘I had the vaccine and two days later I was hospitalized.’
  3. Correct, but they want to vaccinate the entire population and give ongoing booster shots linked to a digital Vaccine ID passport system just to find out. .....and if the vaccine doesn't work, they want to give a vaccine for it. Vaccine-derived polio spreads in Africa after defeat of wild virus "health workers need to vaccinate more than 90% of children in their efforts to eradicate the paralytic disease."
  4. Get your second J&J dose ASAP say health experts after FDA advisory committee recommended approval of booster: Protection fell from 88% to just 3% in six months, study finds Things are going to get worse for much of the world. It seems that this has to happen.
  5. Saurashtra’s Avi Barot passes away at 29 "Saurashtra wicketkeeper-batsman Avi Barot, also a former India U-19 captain, died on Friday after suffering a cardiac arrest. He was 29...............He was down with Covid (last year), and got vaccinated. This comes as a huge shock for all of us,” Shah added." Fully vaccinated Florida father, 58 - whose family said he had NO pre-existing conditions - dies of COVID-19 after spending a month in the hospital
  6. If you are corralled into the digital vaccine passport system you won't have any choice. People in Germany are being refused food. People in Italy are not allowed to work. People in France are barred from any kind of social life. It may take years but it will eventually lead to a cashless technocracy. You will either start to understand this by March or later, or you will be part of it. Facial recognition cameras arrive in UK school canteens "On Monday, nine schools in North Ayrshire will start taking payments for school lunches by scanning the faces of pupils, claiming that the new system speeds up queues and is more Covid-secure than the card payments and fingerprint scanners they used previously."
  7. The recent increase in C19 deaths for Russia is on the same trajectory as Booster shot uptake since Sept 24th. In 2020 Russia had the lowest death rate in 20 years. https://www.indexmundi.com/g/g.aspx?v=26&c=rs&l=en AZ has now been stopped in Iceland for all ages, while in Finland, Norway and Sweden stopped for people under 30.
  8. Shame it just happened to be an MP who is against the vaccine passport.
  9. Yes. It's supposed to phuck up your engine quicker over time. They want people out of petrol cars. Biofuels are heavily sprayed with glyphosate. Biofuels can be 20 - 30% more inflammatory to the lungs than standard fuels. https://pubs.acs.org/doi/full/10.1021/es403146c ....experiments were conducted in two human cell lines representing bronchial epithelial cells and macrophages and female mice using identical particle suspensions of raw exhaust generated by a Volkswagen light-duty diesel engine using petrodiesel (B0) and a biodiesel blend (B20: 20% soy biodiesel/80% B0 by volume) Concentrations of inflammatory mediators (Interleukin-6, IL-6; Interferon-gamma-induced Protein 10, IP-10; Granulocyte-stimulating factor, G-CSF) in the medium of B20-treated cells and in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid of mice exposed to B20 were ∼20–30% higher than control or B0 PM, suggesting that addition of biodiesel to diesel fuels will reduce PM emissions but not necessarily adverse health outcomes." https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0041008X13003098?via%3Dihub "Exposure of mice to BDPM caused higher pulmonary toxicity compared to DPM." "The NOM-016 updates also permit E10 to have higher volatility (RVP) than previously allowed. Results show an increase in total motor vehicle VOC emissions of 13–18 percent in metropolitan areas and a 23 percent increase in other areas of the country for NOM-016 compliant E10 fuel, relative to fuel sold in Mexico prior to the NOM-016 update." Good stead for a respiratory virus then.
  10. Surprised? A "vaccine" doesn't feed or maintain your immune system, it irks a reaction from it. That is true whether you think the vaccine is the cause of that or it's due to something else. Which virus do you think is giving myocarditis to people who've had jabs for a virus? Both use adenoviral vector, although AZ uses Chimpanzee adenoviral vector while Sputnik V uses Human adenoviral vector.
  11. Which part of my post? the first line or the second?
  12. What does this mean? If he was on a watch list but still does what suspicions were aroused for, we are safe? If he wasn't on a watch list and does what it is that would get him onto a watchlist that he wasn't on, no one is safe?
  13. Did you know if you post 'anti-vax' 3 times, one appears and spouts facebook memes at you? The meme could say something like: "Makes a point about ingredients of food subject to first pass metabolism in a post about vaccines for which proprietary ingredients are undisclosed that bypass first pass metabolism"
  14. .....and the vaccine manufacturers are immune from liability. mRNA vaccines could not get approved under normal circumstances (and still aren't, only EMA) Adverse event reports are many, many times higher than all other vaccines collectively over a much longer period. Trials either used a different vaccine rather than placebo for control group (AZ) or eliminated the placebo control group, etc. etc.... Since over a year ago I've been telling THEM that these things were coming.
  15. Where do you follow him? She was largely bored in ICU and one of his best mates is senior in Moderna according to himself.
  16. Sometimes it's hard making sense of your posts when you seem to be trying to say something rather than just throwing insults on their own. The inventor of mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone, is not a "YouTube expert" neither are his concerns over the vaccine.
  17. It is ? Week 40 Average life expectancy in 2020 was 81.7. Taking middle of age ranges for rough idea * 0-14 years 314 (2021) - 152 (2020) = 162 more excess deaths than 2020 (81.7 - 7*) x 162 = 12,101.4 years of life lost 15-44 years 4,180 (2021) - 2,210 (2020) = 1970 more excess deaths than 2020 (81.7 - 29.5) x 1970 = 102,834 years of life lost 45-64 years 28,969 (2021) - 16,838 (2020) = 12,131 more excess deaths than 2020 (81.7 - 54.5) x 12,131 = 329,963.2 years of life lost 65-74 years 46,850 (2021) - 30,165 (2020) = 16,685 more excess deaths than 2020 (81.7 - 69.5) x 16,685 = 203,557 years of life lost 30,948 more excess deaths than 2020 ~ 648,455.6 years of life lost compared to 2020 75-84 years 65,063 (2020) - 62,646 (2021) = 2,417 less excess deaths than 2020 85+ years 112,193 (2020) - 64,969 (2021) = 47,224 less excess deaths than 2020 49,641 less excess deaths than 2020 Nowhere near 648,455.6 years of life gained since 2020 Bonus track The grey line for excess deaths for 0 - 14 years in 2019 = 813 COVID-19 pandemic leads to major backsliding on childhood vaccinations, new WHO, UNICEF data shows Routine vaccinations for U.S. children have plummeted during the Covid-19 pandemic
  18. Why have you mentioned flat earth? Did you want to talk about the loonies at NASA and their flat earth conspiracy theories? Page 13: https://ntrs.nasa.gov/api/citations/19650015408/downloads/19650015408.pdf Head Rocket Scientist for NASA;
  19. UGA student dies of COVID-19 complications Shawn Kuhn, a senior majoring in exercise and sports science at the University of Georgia, passed away on Oct. 11 after battling COVID-19-based pneumonia for about six weeks. Kuhn worked as a certified personal trainer at the UGA Ramsey Student Center and also worked at Chick-Fil-A on Atlanta Hwy, where he began as a server and quickly rose to a Team Leader. His aim was to become a certified physical therapist. Sharla Brook Kuhn, Shawn Kuhn’s older sister, said he was fully vaccinated. A 21 year old personal trainer, not obese.
  20. Along the same lines the MSM is now saying regarding excess deaths of 60,000. March 22nd: "Winter 2021 is going to make 2020 look like a health spa weekend retreat." Notice where I said regarding the unvaccinated: "in the future we will be blamed for the deaths of those who are vaccinated." https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/kay-ivey-blame-unvaccinated_n_60fa39a1e4b0e92dfec18d12 https://www.thecollegefix.com/my-university-ignores-covid-natural-immunity-and-wants-to-blame-people-like-me-for-outbreaks/ https://apnews.com/article/health-coronavirus-pandemic-iowa-5afd2572d5a282c499a9a2de7ac0fe3d etc.
  21. Parents sue Disney Cruise Line for $20M, claim daughter was sexually assaulted at ship’s daycare Report: Disney ‘Magical Kingdom’ Cruise Line Offered Excursion Trips to Epstein’s ‘Pedophile Island’
  22. Winter 2021 is going to be as I have said it will be since March 2021. Stop putting sun cream on your fingers.
  23. Increase in male mortality in 15-19 year olds should be investigated John Francis Foley: 21-year-old University of Cincinnati student Dead 24 Hours After Johnson and Johnson Shot Bit more detail on that for Singapore here, as well as for others.
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