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  1. "The first time buyer managed to save the cash for the property after she opened a help to buy account when she turned 16 and saved for three years" She got a 40 year mortgage? Didn't know those were available.
  2. I wouldn't say "valued" as that implies people realize how important those jobs were, where as they usually don't until the SHTF. How many people cared about crappy HGV jobs before Brexit...
  3. Bit of a circular loop. No-one wants a flat....flats go down in price. But Landlords do like flats...flats go up in price. But no-one wanted flats in the first place...flats go....what?
  4. I enjoyed watching BBC Learning Zone when I was younger too. Didn't have a video recorder so watched most of it v. late.
  5. Nah just raise taxes on the younger working population instead....maybe do something with NI or something....
  6. Indeed, actually I've seen pictures on Rightmove where the sky has been photoshopped to make the place look more attractive....
  7. That's interesting, I did A-level maths 20 years ago and PDE were not part of it. Calculus was, definitely.
  8. I thought he wanted 50% of school leavers to go to university.
  9. Instability would be a disaster for China, doesn't make sense for them to suddenly want to take over the world by force.
  10. Wanting a standard of living isnt the same as being able to afford it. America still has the money (or willingness to borrow) to fill Wallmart with all its stuff. Seems odd that it would seek to destroy its largest trading partner which has till now led to it's economic rise.
  11. Isn't America it's biggest customer? If America is toppled who would buy all its tat?
  12. YouTube have just gone ban crazy and blocked all anti-vaxx videos (not just the Covid ones). https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-58743252
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