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  1. I assume most will want to stay in London. Apparently they are looking at converting unused office space into city centre appartments...
  2. Yes, thank God the Tories got into power a decade ago and solved the problem of rampant house price inflation for the benefit of society as a whole.
  3. It would be quite an accomplishment for Murdoch to actually have his own man as Prime Minister, literally. It feels like decades in the making. Gove can put his feet up and let Murdoch run the country directly.
  4. As a millennial I really wish I didn't spaff tens of thousands of £££ on avocado toast instead of saving for a deposit. But it's just so tasty! Now all I have too look forward to is the Boomers dying off and hoping they can't take bricks and mortar with them to the afterlife....
  5. So is Sunak out of the question as successor?
  6. Where else is all that cheap money going to go other than property?
  7. Funny how the argument for the European Super League was based on the idea that we need these big clubs to rake in huge amounts of money in order to save those struggling. After 40 years demonstrating the fallacy of trickle-down economics, people are still flogging this dead horse.
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