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  1. Let me ask you a question. A rich person places a long shot bet, a "foolish" bet if you will. And at the same time a poor person does the same. Who between the rich or poor person suffer the consequences more seriously? The rich are placing thier bets right now. Are you playing? They can lose, but does it matter? Good luck.
  2. If...you think capitalism is a zero sum game. Can I ask...who is this interest paid to?
  3. Why do you think we suddenly have a massive MAGIC MONEY TREE to pay for all those furloughed employees, small businesses that are closed? We are borrowing from the future, the productivity of our workforce. They will work and pay the price for what we borrow today. It's the boomer template, get with the program.
  4. Desire is irrelevant. I might NOT want people to take out 4x mortgages. I'd love everyone to live within thier means. But as long as banks are willing to do so, my desire is irrelevant. As long as some institution out there (even a loan shark) is willing to take on the bet for a high price in return, no matter how crippling, for an individual to pay, it will always be there. No one cares what you want or don't want.
  5. Of course. That price is related to risk. Rich people can risk more. Poor people can't risk at all. Guess who owns the banks and creditors? Rich people.
  6. She doesn't care. She will borrow as long as you can pay. Once you are dead. Declare bankruptcy. No loss..
  7. Doesn't change the fact: as long as people need to borrow, there will always be a lender. Big risk = big reward. Change my mind. Low risk = near zero return. Always a lender there will be.
  8. Then you don't understand modern capitalism. Nevermind, you are not alone. Those examples you cite are examples of people/governments taking higher risks than they should, losing bets and betting more than they can afford and losing it all. Risk and reward are the basis of profit. We can't all win. There will always be someone to lend.
  9. We can theoretically borrow an infinite amount. There's no zero sum game here. There isn't a fixed pile of money to borrow and lend. Those who lend the most to the most riskiest bets stand to gain the most. Those who bet safe don't lend at all. As long as we live in a society of haves & have-nots, there will always be lenders
  10. You seem to be under the illusion that we borrow from some unknown lender. Lenders are you, me banks and pensions providers. They will always be someone willing to risk lending...as long as the rewards match the risk. More risk, higher rewards. Welcome to capitalism. Still want to play?
  11. You can't run out of money that doesn't exist yet
  12. By borrowing money (and therefore work) from the future. We do it all the time, it's the entire basis of our economy. Pay for it now. Work to pay for it later....
  13. Indeed That's so much harder than having angry Germans shooting bullets at your skull on a muddy beach.
  14. Shïtting with a straight colon or curved makes no difference. Either way, the human body will expel feaces one way or the other. Just wash your hands properly afterwards, with soap. The real risk is that you transfer fecal matter to your body after being expelled. If your body rejects pïss and shït best to assume you should avoid re-ingesting it.
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