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  1. House prices have been out of kilter Vs earnings for 20 years. Running out of scapegoats, I see, hasn't. Tory Landslide again. And around we go.
  2. I would like to address your point. The scientific method does not "claim" that an event always leads to conclusion. It proposes the most likely outcome for a given set of conditions based on real, rational experiences, will most likely lead to some conclusion (i.e. Covid infection) Therefore the scientific method is self-correcting, and any assertion is always based on what we know to the best of our ability to recognise it. So you have a choice. When you learn something new, do you ignore it and stick to dogma? Or do you adjust your world-view based on real-world experiences?
  3. Because unless you have a reliable test proving you are not infected, you don't actually know if you are "healthy". People who carry the virus and show no obvious symptoms can still spread it to vulnerable people (most likely older people or those who are immune compromised). Like I said, mask wearing is largely a communal responsibility to others. You are either responsible, or reckless. Recklessness leads to deaths. It's not political, it's a fact. That's why China has so few deaths and are nearly back to normal, while the USA is grappling with hundreds of thousands of deaths Meh
  4. I was in South China in January when the outbreak started. Everybody and I mean EVERYBODY had to to wear a mask indoors. I took a 3hr train to Guangzhou at the peak and everybody was masked. Nobody protested, they just complied. While it may be cultural, it was very very effective. Now there is no worry, people are relaxed and the economy is back to normal. Masks are not an invincible shield, they significantly reduce the rate of infection. They are not perfect, it's all about probability. But perhaps more tellingly, a mask does not protect YOU. A mask protects those around you from
  5. Take it how you wish. Until you have any valid arguments you can troll me all you want.
  6. Do you always turn to ad hominems when you have no argument to put forward?
  7. Who decides the house has fallen in value? I see this house and am willing to borrow and pay for it.
  8. If I had 20/23k a year I wouldn't think £15 a week was insignificant.
  9. Be fair. Flip-flopping is a great strategy for always being right.
  10. Immigration has some effect, buts it's tiny. When you plot credit availability and the cost of borrowing Vs house prices it far exceeds anything else. Face it, even immigrants wouldn't be able to buy such overpriced homes if banks weren't willing to lend the money, all for a nice easy low monthly payment. Cheap money, cheap borrowing = higher prices people are willing to pay. Take away easy credit and guess what even with very high immigration, house prices can't exceed the ability for someone to borrow and pay for it
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