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  1. The worst time to have a big fat mortgage is when inflation is negative.
  2. The problem is not private sector house building, the problem is the government enforced planning laws.
  3. Surely any extra tax collected will go towards old peoples pensions and medical care.
  4. So they are asking 8830 pounds per square meter. That is insane. So the average UK worker can only buy 3 square meters of this house with a year's worth of wages. That can't be right.
  5. Generally don't do stupid things financially. 1. Stay away from credit 2. Pay off your house early. 3. Don't take out a mortgage that costs more than 25% of your take home pay on a 15 year fixed. 4. Only buy a house if you are going to live in it for at least 5 years. 5. Don't buy investments (shares/property, etc) because the price has recently gone up. 6. Don't buy cars on credit, cash only. 7. Don't buy timeshares 8. Don't buy gold or other commodities. 9 Don't do day trading. 10. Don't buy single stocks, much better to buy index trackers, for example FTSE 100 index tracker. 11.
  6. Democracy is life having to pick random strangers to do grocery shopping for you without being allowed to tell them what to get. In this case all three (Libby, Labrador and Conny) buys sour milk (government house planning monopoly) and you cannot do anything about it. They will promise to get broccoli, but instead gets you dog food. And quite frequently they will "forget" half of the groceries in their cars.
  7. If this was an actual democracy, we could have voted out the party that endorses the state planning monopoly.
  8. Housing is definitely not a human right. If you say you have a right to housing, you are violating the right of the person owning the house. So which one is correct? The right of ownership of property or the right to housing? Houses are too expensive, but that does not give you the right to one.
  9. I said England, not UK!!! Scotland is, em, part of the UK and is basically empty...
  10. Indeed, governments should NEVER run a deficit. There is no reason to borrow today and repay tomorrow. Spending should be nice and stable.
  11. Why is he selling, I thought his strategy was based on cash flow. Is he just getting rid of his bad apples?
  12. Very few people are actually on the minimum wage and almost no-one stays on it for very long. For example in the USA, only 2.6% of the workforce is on the minimum wage: http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2014/09/08/who-makes-minimum-wage/ It is mostly young people who are on the minimum wage. Minimum wage restricts people from getting into the labor force by making it illegal for businesses to hire people with low skills on low wages. Very sad. Another way to look at the minimum wage: If you want to reduce the amount of cheap alcohol people buy, put a minimum price on alcohol. If you want
  13. The purpose of the tenant is not to make any money for the landlord, it is to take care of the property. That is why they have inspections every 6 months, it is to make sure the tenant is doing their job properly.
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