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  1. Sorry for late reply. The letter last week said they would serve notice. The actual agent has not replied to her email she sent at the weekend explaining she had verbal permission. Only the viewing agent who is not involved in the contract. First they said pets were banned from the building. Now they are saying they are not banned but contract was broken and admitting they did not ever say they were banned from the building. But not admitting the viewing agent said was it ok. Have to wait and see now if they actually serve notice. There is three months left on a six month contr
  2. Thanks for advise. She is 3 months into a 6 months fixed term. The dog is a toy breed dog. Tiny. No damage done there at all. I guess they could try a section 8 to get her out or just let her do the 6 months and then move. She would need time to find a new place anyway and has spent £500+ on moving costs/agency fees so would be a waste to just quit considering they said verbally it was ok. That clause is just unenforceable as far as I could tell it would be illegal for the LL to try and enforce it.
  3. Thanks for the replies. She moved into her flat a couple of months ago with her tiny dog. On moving in she discussed with the agent having a dog and they said it would be no problem as an unfurnished flat with no carpets. She signed up and moved in. LL now saying get rid of the dog. Now found out the tenancy has this clause and another saying no pets without written permission. Because of this clause she now fearing this eviction with the landlord coming in immediately. Found her today in the flat with the door double locked. Amazed how much LL and agents try to scare young tenants even i
  4. I was checking the AST my daughter was given by an agent and a clause says: Ending the agreement immediately I may enter the property and end this agreement, without affecting my rights by law or under this agreement, if you do any of the following. a. You do not pay the rent in full within 14 days of it becoming due. b. You break any condition of this agreement. c. You become bankrupt. Is this legal? She is scared the landlord could just come and take the property off her for playing music or not clearing the gutters.
  5. 'housing expert Lord Best – have tabled amendments stipulating that social housing tenants spend no more than a third of their earnings on rent.' And everyone else has to pay market rent even if that means 50% plus of after tax earnings goes on rent. Is this government ever going to actually do anything to make the system fairer? So many U-turns. Truely pathetic.
  6. We end with a system where the middle classes and the 'poor' all have the same income because the middle classes are taxed more and more to pay benefits. With more and more middle class jobs going to AI we will end up with just the rich and the rest. The reality is the 'rich' are never going to fund this level of welfare. There is a very simple solution. The government needs to build cheap housing to rent out at affordable prices and crowd out the BTL sector. It is madness for billions to be spent on housing benefit when the government can turn worthless land into a valuable asset simply by g
  7. When the state pension first came in back in 1912 it was set at the current life expectancy for men. It was never supposed to be a handout that everyone gets for 30 years to do nothing. Most people in there late 60s are capable of working. Why should today's young payout for 30 years of pensions to finance holidays and BTL properties for people able to work?
  8. The stuff that Deepmind has shown us so far (Atari and Go) is not really AI. The work is almost the same as Tresuro did in the 1990s to play backgammon to masters level. They have simply added deep convolution nets to use on images for feature extraction rather than handcrafted them. The power in the modern GPUs just means the agents can play millions and millions of games to learn the best moves. Humans learn in much fewer moves. There is a massive hole in transfering learning for on environment to another and learning with less experience as humans do. Having said that with GPUs and special
  9. I wouldn't want to hijack a Brexit thread to talk about the Betfair pricing structure. My view is that the commission structure always favoured traders over gamblers which was good for initial liquidity growth but wrong to maintain interest for punters. From an EU perspective it is interesting that despite all the talk of the single market how a new innovative product that would benefit consumers was effectively shut out of doing business in Europe even when It was based and paying taxes in the UK.
  10. The 'stay' camp have a major advantage in that they choose when the vote will take place. My greatest fear is that the leave campaign peaks too soon because they do not control the date of the vote. In all the debates I have seen the leave argument has smashed the stay argument. In fact, the stay argument is very very weak. It is basically defeatist saying we have to except the EU has flaws but we need it or we are economically in trouble. What they really mean is big business will be affected if we leave. Voters need to carefully look at those who are pushing for us to stay. Big business of
  11. The two examples given by the OP were Baxter and Deepmind's Learning to play Atari games. Baxter can be taught to do tasks like screwing on caps on bottles and then can be taught to do something completely different. It has been around for several years and I do not see it being used in a widespread manner. It is a neat piece of kit but I think robots will be sticking to specific tasks rather than learning to adapt to new ones for a while yet. In a factory that kind of learning flexibility is not really needed. Deepmind's Atari player is slightly different. It used reinforcement learning co
  12. Isn't there a danger that people that work cannot afford to have children (or many children) whereas single parent families on tax credits can afford to have (and benefit from) having more kids. This could lead to more and more of the population being brought up in households that rely on benefits. This, in turn, could lead to a society where the majority of people see tax credits as an entitlement and work not paying. Surely we want to install in our children from a very early age that hard work does lead to a better lifestyle. Otherwise ultimately no one will end up working and then who pays
  13. It is debatable whether this is really artificial intelligence or just machine learning. If you look at the changes they have made to include deep learning into the search process it is clear that there is no 'secret source'. The process takes highly skilled scientists and a lot of fine turning to get the algorithms to learn well. What will be interesting is when the combination of deep learning (or wide learning) combined with reinforcement learning brings in the years to come. It is the reinforcement learning element that will provide the 'magic'. The half billion dollar purchase of the de
  14. I thought many HAs got their housing stock through transfers from Councils and development grants. Any landlord could charge less if the properties were initially free.
  15. The whole social housing policy needs to be radically changed. People earning anywhere near the average wage should be no where near social housing. People who can afford to buy a home should be no where near it either. Surely it should just be for people that have no where else to turn. Right to buy and right to live for generations is deeply unfair on the rest of the population. Why are people who's parents managed to get a social house decades ago be allowed to pass on the right to cheap rent to their kids? Their kids go to the same schools and have the same opportunities as the rest of
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