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  1. There have always been those who take advantage of the system, any system, always will be. So what? Their existence is noted. But it doesn't need to be trumpeted over and over and over and over as it if proved any kind of point about anything else. It is what is is. the fact remains it is still difficult for genuinely disabled people to go through the hoops required for DLA and increasingly PIP claims. Funding is already under attack and the disabled have suffered disproportionatley during the recent recession and "austerity" climate. I'm a tax-payer and I consider the price of a civilised s
  2. And you have made no point. Coo coo. Why are you strutting?
  3. The vast majority of those claiming disability benefits are genuninely disabled. Do you have any idea how strict the tests are these days? Sure, there may be a few cases which fall into a "grey" area, for example, certain disabilities are socially induced or maintained, perhaps some types of obesity, addiction, perhaps even some mental illnesses. If someone has been given such a shitty ride through life that they've become partly broken by it, my first question would be "where is the help for that person to enable them to participate more fully in society?" We don't even have enough jobs for
  4. I am an unashamed sock puppet, though I was a regular reader of this forum for years before I saw your sleazy moniker appear. My point about sock puppets was well made. You were accusing anyone who disagreed with you of having mulitple posting identities so you could shrink your opposition into a series of clones of a poster or two whose opinions you find disagreeable. Well, I may be a sock puppet, but I'm not "operated" by any of the other posters on this thread. I've read the posts of those who you were attacking and they all have pretty unique styles and voices. I'd be very surprised ind
  5. Right, cybernoid, so everyone who disagrees with you is just a sock-puppet? Wow, with your methods we could really reduce the global overpopulation problem, huh? Just stick your fingers in your ears, go "la la la la la la" and anyone dissenting from your viewpoint disappears. No wonder you agree with yourself so much: all the dissenting voices in your head - those with a bit of compassion, perhaps, or some common sense, enlightened self-interest, and so on - just don't get a look in. You're like a man dug into a trench of himself. It's a shame for you.
  6. I'm going to correct myself for using the phrase "unwanted" prgenancy, because its far too black and white, and it doesn't do justice to the complexities of the situation. I'm sure there are lots of pregnancies which are neither simply "wanted" nor "unwanted", especially if unplanned. People are understandably ambivalent about a life-changing situation.
  7. Ireland is a special case in some ways. Termination of pregnancy in Eire is illegal unless it is performed to save the life of the mother. It is also forbidden by the Catholic church, so culturally as well as legally there are a lot of reasosn why an unwanted pregnancy in Ireland is more liekly to go to term. It is not surprising then that the proportion of lone parent families is above the EU average. You link the figures to benefits without thinking about other possible explanations. Correlation does not prove causation, so even if your association between high benefits and high rates of
  8. Wow. You are completely immune to the statistics and determined to stick to your personal anecdotes, aren't you? HALF of single parents had children within marriage. Of the remaining half I don't have a statistic for how many were in stable relationships when the kids were born, but it is definitely more than zero, which indicates that A MAJORITY OF SINGLE PARENTS WERE NOT SINGLE PARENTS WHEN THEY HAD THEIR CHILDREN. 60% of all single parents are in work, rising to 71% when their children are 11-15 years old. No apologies for the caps lock. You seem to require it.
  9. I still don't get this refrain about "career prospects". I had a period of single parenthood, and as you tend to meet people in similar situations as yourself, I got to know other single parents (as well as married parents), mainly through our kids doing activities together. Of the single parents I met, not one of them was given a free house. You could put your name on the waiting list, but contrary to popular opinion, being a single mum or dad doesn't get you a council house. Your kid is going to be grown up before you have half enough points to be a serious applicant. I can accept that may
  10. I agree that the statistic is uninformative with respect to the age that people become single parents, but considering that 49% of single parents had their children within marriage, and given statistics on average age at marriage, it seems unlikely that a majority were teenagers. According to ONS stats for 2012, "irths to mothers aged under 25 were most likely to be jointly registered by cohabiting parents", although there are more joint registrants at different addresses or sole registrants in thsi age group. http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/vsob1/characteristics-of-Mother-1--england-and-wales/
  11. Hmmm... it's apparent from your sig that you have a problem with single mums, it seems because you met one who had a nicer house than you. But putting aside anecdote and personal sense of grievance, what do you know about single parents? Since this is a thread about statistics, here are a few about single parent families. Stereotypes are just that. The reality is that half of single parents had their children inside marriage. More than half of them work, Many others, not reflected in the stats, will have had children in a relationship which was stable at the time. Relationships, sadly, bre
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