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  1. "Greek government rejects proposed bailout extension" "The Greek government has rejected a proposed five-month extension of the country’s bailout accord, Helena Smith reports from Athens. Greek officials have turned down the deal. “The text that was given to the Greek side is worse than the memorandum,” one was quoted as saying by the Athens news agency. Government sources have lashed out at the “unacceptable” tactics employed by interlocutors representing foreign lenders at the EU, ECB and IMF. There are reports, says Helena, that prime minister Alexis Tsipras is making a
  2. Pretty funny seeing the EU (and even occasionally the US) pooping their pants in frustration and trying to bully Greece into doing exactly what they want, while at the same time also trying to pretend they're not bothered. "Have to be realistic, patience is running out, ball is in their court, time is almost up, much worst for them, last chance, etc." Hey, if it's really no big deal guys, then just let them go.
  3. ...and the Sheepsqueezers of Splatican Five? Have they been suckcreamed as a Qvarnbeast's nobbo?
  4. For all this "we've finally made a deal" talk, they seem to just be in the same place as before, now pushing it all back until Monday... Right from the start the EU wanted to give the Greeks money, but with austerity conditions, while the Greeks wanted the money without conditions... Now it seems the "more money needed" bit is agreed, as it always was, but now the list of conditions magically arrives on a piece of paper on Monday...
  5. LenP: You don't need to follow anybody! You've got to think for yourselves! You're all individuals! Crowd: Yes, we're all individuals! LenP: You're all different! Crowd: Yes, we are all different! Homogenous Man: I'm not.
  6. Reuters: Canadian home sales fall again, seller 'sense of panic' "What is interesting to note about the housing measures is that there is a clear sense of panic... The regional breakdown reveals a rush of homeowners looking to obtain top dollar before their respective regional housing market nosedives on the price." http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/02/17/canada-economy-housing-idINL1N0VR0SI20150217
  7. Maybe their plan all along has been to default... - Get voted in by saying you will both stay in the Euro and stop austerity - Then pretend to have real talks with rest of Europe - Come back saying the mean countries won't let you have any more money so you'll have to default - Then default, but now with the blame nicely laid on the Germans
  8. I'm pretty sure New_Paradigm is being sarcastic/ironic... This line is phrased totally tongue-in-cheek: "I can spend £10k in some new IKEA cabinets for the kitchen, a new shower with Hansgrohe mixers and some fancy new wood flooring for the living and bedroom"
  9. I did not know that Geriatrix and also Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers were part of that party...
  10. If I understand this chart correctly, it would appear that the green squiggly line is on a collision course with the orange squiggly line.
  11. The actual amount in pounds is a much bigger fall though, because it's 3.3% of a bigger number.
  12. When's the next house price index due out? Is it the Halifax, and is that tomorrow?
  13. The headlines for this story in the media can be divided into "missed peak", "off the boil", and "falling": City A.M: "Could this be the end of London's housing boom?" Evening Standard: "London property prices: sellers ‘may have missed the peak’ as asking prices fall" Huffington Post: "UK Property Prices May Have Just Peaked, Says Rightmove" Nottingham Post: "Asking prices in UK may have just peaked, say property experts Rightmove" Yahoo Finance: "London’s falling as house prices ‘peak’" Daily Mail: "Has property boom peaked? Asking prices 'come off the boil' with values up just 0.1%
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