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  1. How about this one http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-31040730.html ............hahahahaha thats the best example of overpriced crap ive seen so far!!
  2. Hi All, back from the english riveria, now that is a place where house prices are ridiculas. Theres no jobs down there, so how can it be so high! Nice down there though. Right i have made an offer for this one, http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-28978719.html?backListLink=%2Fproperty-for-sale%2Fmap.html%3FlocationIdentifier%3DREGION%255E1014%26minPrice%3D175000%26maxPrice%3D270000%26minBedrooms%3D3%26displayPropertyType%3Dhouses%26oldDisplayPropertyType%3Dhouses%26radius%3D3.0%23_includeSSTC%3Don%26auction%3Dfalse%26displayPropertyType%3Dhouses%26locationIdentifier%3DREGION%255E1014%26maxPrice%3D270000%26minBedrooms%3D3%26minPrice%3D175000%26oldDisplayPropertyType%3Dhouses%26previousSearchLocation%3DNorthampton%26radius%3D3.0%26searchLocation%3DNorthampton%26searchType%3DSALE%26useLocationIdentifier%3Dfalse%26box%3D-0.94212%2C-0.82608%2C52.16971%2C52.22789%26popupPropertyId%3D28978719&fromMap=true ................£230k but the estate agent said "come on i cant take that to the vendor, its an insult"! I told him he had too! He rang me back 2 mins later saying no chance, you are nowhere near the answer! I dont reckon he even asked the vendor!!!
  3. Im on holiday for a few days, sunny torquay!!!, but on my return i will let you know the current developments.
  4. Correct, but i would only lose that £30k if i have to sell in a years time, but surely if i stay put (wont have to sell as parents are rich and if i lose job or misses does or whatever then they would bail me out), then i wont make the loss! My game plan is to take advantage of the low prices in a years time when investing in property becomes a possibility again and hopefully buy up a couple of BTL's. In the meantime i will pay the extra £40k as a long term plan, this is going to be my home not an investment plan. Problem i got though, is getting an offer accepted, which in this current climate does not appear to be happening!
  5. Yes agree, i can see drops of at least 20-30% within the next 12 months, i will be looking to build my BTL empire when that 2 bed on NN4 goes from £145k to £100k. In the meantime i continue to makes offers on our house with full knowledge i will lose out short term. Just done one yesterday £220k asking price, offered £200k and estate agent laughed his head off (im mean laughed loudly very loudly), said i was way out, now noticed this morning it is under offer!! Oh deary me, i was way out hahaha
  6. Hi All Im looking too, in NN4 (Northampton) mainly. I agree with Demo, all i see is SSTC and then a similar property up 2 weeks later for 2% more, then that sells and its off again. I seem to be chasing my tail on it, and the only properties i have seen stick around is crap, pure crap but even some of this is selling!! Ggggrrrrrrrr..........madness and all thanks to the Tories and there silly little schemes of helping people that should not have debt/home ownership onto the housing ladder!
  7. Nowhere - Thanks for this i have install as advised, i cant see any price drops on the properties i have been looking at. Not trying to be difficult as i am frustrated too with house prices, its a disgrace! Here are the properties i will view tomorrow, also is Zoopla current values very accurate? ;- http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-44773465.html?premiumA=true http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-30890385.html http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-44490181.html
  8. Hi The count of nowhere, I can re-assure you i am not an estate agent, im am quite offended to be called one of them. There are horrible people, the worst kind of sales person that could be out there. I hate dealing with these greedy horrible people and i will enjoy it when the tide turns again and i see them begging for a sale and then there slimy little greedy hands wont be so full! I however do feel sad that i have missed the boat of getting a nice house at a slightly overpriced level, but now im going to have to jump in and buy very overpriced crap and fully know it too. Simple because i feel that all the indicators are pointing to house price rises and a new era of "home owners" and "renter" like what you get in France, Germany and many other countries. Its just a case that here we have created an obession with home ownership, so its frowned upon if you do not own your own house! I think with the governments immigration policy and the policy of foreign ownership of property, it can only get worse, as the supply and demand issue comes into play. I do understand affordability issues for people like ourselves, but when home owners are remortgaging 1st, 2nd and 3rd properties in order to get deposits for more property and the rental market sky high, i cant see how the crash will occur.........hope im wrong though as i think houses are just bricks and morter!!!!
  9. Hi All, im a newbie in Northampton and after making the mistake of selling and then renting due to imminent relocation, i have now found myself out of pocket and living at my sisters annex desperately trying to save a larger deposit for a smaller property!! I see it like this, the new level of madness will continue and probably for a very long time, for the following reasons, Cheap credit, Mortgage avaliability (this is tightening up again though), foreign investment, lack of supply and population growth. There maybe a correction in London but other parts of the UK are set for rising house prices for a few years. Its a case of landlords will buy a property and rent out, as in most cases if you put 20-30% down then the tenant will pay the mortgage off! My answer is to buy asap, it started with 3/4 bed detached for £200k now its 3 bed detached/semi for £210-£235k, soon a 3 bed semi in Northampton will set you back a cool 1/4 of a million! I say that again, a 3 bed semi in Northampton will be 1/4 of a million, Northampton is ok as a town but its blooming Northampton!! I have developed a new dislike for estate agents, they are more cockey than ever and totally rude, i am begging them to show me houses first, and they love having my valuable body parts in a vice! I can confirm.......I AM BEAT BY THE ESTATE AGENT!! :angry:
  10. Estate Agents are loving it......at last!!!

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