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  1. Sunak is giving away nothing....he's handing out our money to pay for the government's disastrous green tugging venture! In a nutshell....get lost Sunak you socialist dressed in blue....you have given far too much of our money away....now pay it all back out of your families billions or get lost outta our government! He wants to be PM....fook that, the most inept financial brain ever!
  2. What comes next....Sunak for PM....the totally useless person who couldn't even keep the finances on track through some troubled months! He panicked gave away cash to fraudsters and has left us to pick up the tab! He fired up a burning housing market for self gain as far as I see! No way do I want this useless person as PM.....no way!!!
  3. Utter nonsense.....I couldn't care less where people are from or what skin colour they are....the reason Sunak is not PM material is pretty much like the rest of the elites, they have no common sense or understanding of what a hard day's work is! Sunak gas destroyed the economy for what I see as self gains! He would be a disaster as PM but not on skin or religious grounds!!
  4. The next one will be Sunak....just imagine... hes the one that has caused hyper HPI and inflation within a short period of time due to stupid dumb socialist ideas and handouts! Now imagine what damage he could do as PM.....well you are gonna find out very soon! My prediction is Sunak will go down in history as the worst PM this country will ever see.....kinda like the socialist mess in the USA!
  5. As our attempts to get back onto the market continue, I can 100% say its getting worse! Down here in Devon supply continues to drop, all new instructions are coming on at 10% higher than October 2020 and most property is awful! I lined up 4 houses to view at start of week for viewing on Monday, with the hope I maybe able to nudge the price downwards, 3 out the 4 sold today without me actually viewing them and the other deciding to scrap my Monday viewing for open day on Saturday as they now have 9 viewings booked in with 1 offer on the table without a viewing! I'm totally deflated, I'm living out of serviced accommodation and running outta money! I made one error and looks like it's gonna cost me my 20 years of hard graft! Estate agents are loving it at the moment, one smug git today was lapping it up, I reminded him that the low stock levels must mean lack of property to sell leading to a lack of commission....stone silence when I said that! He then said I will ring you if I have anything for you....have you considered dropping to a house or flat that would suit your budget as I think your expectations are too high for the money you have....prices are rising and if your budget isn't then you will need to drop your expectations!! I laughed at him and said il ring you if I see something!
  6. 40k is a bargain.....trying buying one round Bournemouth, they reckon there is a waiting list! This one is a mere 350k ....... https://www.dorset.live/news/property/dorset-beach-hut-sale-astonishing-5867385 Not sure why anyone would wanna buy one, my experience of walking up and down the undercliffe is noisy beach hut parties and beach bbqs...especially after 6pm! Not exactly a nice glass of wine and sun setting over the sea scenario!
  7. The real figure as I know I spent 2 days counting everyone, honestly, is....... 89,678,543 and one quarter! 12,000,005 are illegal but who cares and 22,004,765 shouldn't be here because they voted brexit, don't look right with patriotic tattoos, or they wear England t shirts! We want to live in a tolerant society that does not care about population numbers, even if people can't get housing, schooling, doctors appointments or a traffic free journey to work! We should only care about champagne, houses owned, cars owned, obviously electric cars and how many friends are vegan!
  8. How can someone who should be in jail become a sir! It's kinda like giving Henry 8th the husband of the year award! People in high places really do like money from what I can see....they would sell their granny for a fiver!
  9. I wouldn't go that far but it certainly will be hard for buyers over the next 6 months! Tug of war is on the cards as estate agents prop up expectations beyond ridiculous and buyers budgets are totalling stretched! I think even with the new bad cold variant there will be a half decent quarter of new instructions, 70% will be pure sh1t and will sit there as agents try and convince desperate people to buy them, the other 30% is where it gets interesting, this is where the "my credit rating beats your"....or "I've lived in this inbred town all my life and you are new to the area" will come into play! But to be honest I'm in finance and deal with alot of people, I can tell you that some potential homebuyers are now in a bad place financially and at their limits and if that not so smart man in charge of UK plc financials don't pull out the taxpayers wallet and start giving more free stuff out soon, then this will have a knock on to the housing market!! Who would of thought it....a pandemic and people not earning could lead to house prices dropping....no never!! I think if Sunak stats outta it, then the knock on will be less demand and more chance for us to buy something decent at a slightly over inflated price....which I'd take right now! If Sunak puts his nose into it....then watch the house prices and lack of stock crisis get worst! If that happens I buy my motorhome immediately!
  10. After recently trying to negotiate with Rinden homes or something sounds similar.....they scoffed and laughed at me when I suggested a contribution towards extras! 3 days later the plot sold! They are uninterested in buyers in good positions and I'm confident that you would get zero reduction off price, no free extras, no stamp duty paid and major delays in completion! On top of this most new build houses are built terribly, alot of new build sites you get 1 car park space and potential neighbourhood problems! Do yourself a favour....buy established area and 2nd hand....there has never been a worse time to buy new build!
  11. 100% agree with the last point! Whilst there is a fine balance on the nations health and the issues with this virus, I'm afraid the government have gone too far and its time people stopped looking for the government to take their hand and start being responsible for themselves! I'm sick of all this and these people that think WFH, lockdowns and handouts are and should be the new normal!
  12. Blooming ell if its that high then with the spread rate, we could be looking at 250k dead within months!! That's serious stuff and if they can prove that death rate then let's lock ourselves indoors and hide under the bed!
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