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  1. I'm still laughing at this one: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gropecunt_Lane
  2. Yeah, well if you keep needing to raise the threshold, it kind of answers the question of whether the policy is increasing prices doesn't it?
  3. So has she never had it surveyed before? Odd, if I were buying a new build, the way I would expect it to work is that I don't hand any money over until I'm happy with what's being delivered. If people aren't being given the opportunity to have the house surveyed and demanding the problems are sorted before buying it then something must be done. If the opportunity is there but such people aren't taking it to save themselves a couple of hundred quid then it's their own stupid fault. I don't understand how a mortgage lender would even lend on an unfinished or (independently) unins
  4. Are you certain about that? Transactions may be carried out in any currency you like, and HMRC say that any tax due is due at the rate of exchange at the time of the transaction at the rate either published by a national newspaper or the rates published by themselves. What if the rate is not published by either, and, us Bitcoin a currency? It was designed as a currency, it can be used like one, but it is not backed by anything like a central bank. I think it would not be inaccurate to say it is an asset with currency-like properties. What if I am a retailer and I decide to accept col
  5. Oh, I voted September. In March, either the recent increase will need to be reversed or it will be too soon to know. The bank will not rush this and only make a change if it goes pear shaped.
  6. The only computer game inflation I'm seeing is shrinkflation, where you pay £20 for a game with 5 hours gameplay rather than £40 for one with 20. Mind you that could be because I'm looking at PSVR games at the moment which are inevitably short and involve more work to produce. Loving RE7 at the moment. But yeah the recent inflation report actually pinned much of the rise down to computer games. How anyone can say "the rate of inflation increased to x%, this was mainly due to rising prices of computer games an y" with a straight face is beyond me, but that's what I read. What freakin
  7. Come off it, even the Guardian failed to manage any Brexit related negative spin on that. Employment was down, and so was unemployment, with real wages picking up, and vacancies at an all time high. Probably down to the retirement rate, pure demographics which is going to hit all time highs over the next 5 years or so as the baby boom passes through.
  8. As Wayward says, Portillo has been fiercely critical and calling for lower prices for a while, at least 5 if not for 10 years now.
  9. It's lovely. It's about 15 years old I think. I've had it for 8 and looked after it. 57ft long, 10.5ft wide. Single berth (double bed), designed for spacious living for single person or couple. Much of the space is given over for a large lounge area, lounge and galley together account for around half the length of the boat, with cassette toilet and bath with shower over in the middle. Traditional layout (meaning bedroom at the stern). Lined in oak faced ply, with lots of solid oak features. 5kw multifuel stove, plus 5kw diesel central heating and hot water. Four radiators, one in bedroom,
  10. Heh, ta. It's not that bad, but being in a position to enjoy some of life's simpler pleasures is a luxury and I feel kinda privileged to be able to look forward to in a strange sense. The edge of potentially buying at the top of the market is offset somewhat by the prospect of not having to empty my effluent down a drain after wheelbarrowing it through two inches of mud twice a week. Summers are great though, honestly!
  11. Thank you, it means something to me. Could you tell I was I bit drunk? I've been avoiding your reply expecting to get slated a bit. It does all depend on personal circumstances and requirements. I need to buy now, for my own sanity as much as anything else but for so many other reasons too, and I've found they add up to a greater consideration than the question of whether I'm buying at or near the top, and I'm surprisingly calm and excited about it. Mine is not a typical situation though, it's not a simple bear capitulation. I've lived (and worked, as a home worker) on a boat for e
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