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  1. I included gardens too. If we exclude gardens, then the total actually "concreted over" for Britain as a whole, including not only dwellings but also workplaces, roads, everything, should be around 37% lower than England's 4.2%, so around = 2.7% of Britain's land. Really surprising, isn't it?! Thanks for working in this direction by the way, i had not thought of it. Really interesting.
  2. Much less than that. For England it is 4.2% actually "concreted over" + 4.26% of gardens = 8.42%. But for Britain as a whole it should be around 37% lower, so 8.42 x 0.63 = 5.33%? If i got the maths right?
  3. In England domestic buildings cover only 1.1 percent of land. For Britain as a whole this number must be even lower, probably around 0.7 percent, since Britain's population density is 37% lower than England's (662/sq mi as opposed to 1054 according to Wikipedia). Land use in England: rural and urban combined (Total): Buildings and Roads: Domestic buildings % = 1.1 Non-domestic buildings % = 0.65 Roads % = 2.22 Paths % = 0.1 Rail % = 0.13 Total "concreted over" = 4.2 percent Green spaces: Domestic gardens % = 4.26 Greenspace % = 87.46 Water % = 2.59 Other land % = 1.39 Total green spaces = 95.7 percent I've posted the tables on your Charts thread. Post # 1110. The bottom line of that table has the info I've copied above. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/117772-post-your-favourite-charts-here/?p=1102536668 If all homes in England, some 20 million homes, cover only 1.1 percent of its land, then of course we have plenty of space to allow the building of more homes for the younger generations. Two million more homes would use only 0.1 percent of England's land! Even if we also allowed 2 million gardens they would need less than 0.4 percent of England's land. The NIMBYs are wrong, on facts. It is oficial, since this report. My 1st post about it: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/198883-domestic-buildings-cover-only-11-percent-of-land-in-england/
  4. It's actually only 0.7% of UK land. I'll post the numbers and sources again, replying to the OP.
  5. Yes they are. Actually you are being too generous.
  6. We had the same problem years ago after moving into a rental. We lost our best clothes. And it was not easy to get rid of the problem permanently. We had to Google about it, and buy some specialist product.
  7. But why is she in such a hurry? Can't she wait a week or 2? Worst case scenario, you can hire a moving company with storage facilities, and stay a week or 2 in a hotel? It'll be a hasle, for sure, but it is a roof over your head...
  8. That's a very good advice. I must remember that myself, i tend to get upset when people are bastards. It doesn't hlep.
  9. Good point. A good bargain chip to get the deposit back?
  10. Did the landlord signed that postcard? You also have the old lady gardner as a witness of the original arrangement. And maybe you could also use all that on a small claims court?
  11. So there are empty council houses? How much are the rents for these maisonettes?
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