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  1. I wouldn’t go to the extent of searching your posting history. I enjoy your posts, I often browse this website but I wish when I posted it didn’t always revert to how much I earn. I still can’t figure out how you could ascertain that our income is ‘£700k’, I am not prepared to state our annual income but I will say it fluctuates accordingly to personal need. I do not exaggerate or lie, not the personality of an accountant. And if we are talking about company income as opposed to personal income the figure you quote is actually too low. Anyway I’m getting a little fed up, I enjoy watching the housing market as I do other investment vehicles and I believe information is power. The point of this thread is to discuss a particular house in a particular street. Personally I like 47 Ravenhill park, it is wider than my house, if I hadn’t bought already I would bid on it.
  2. You would not be able to ascertain that information in full from abridged accounts at companies house. Having said that it would appear you have not identified our company in your search and Obviously if you do manage to I would prefer you didn’t release the information here. I am an accountant so having chatted to myself I can assure you we remunerate ourselves in a very tax efficient manner.
  3. I suspect the purchaser will renovate straight after purchasing as we did without living in it first. I think you’re incorrect saying the houses are run down, there were two such houses on the road and one was renovated last year and the other is currently being renovated.
  4. Thankfully I was brought up watching rugby and enjoy the atmosphere on rugby nights, we have season tickets. Don’t get me wrong of course there are some nice houses in BT9 but it is quieter around BT6/BT7and I personally find the people more down to earth. One of my neighbours houses (semi) on this street was valued over £1m in 2007 so putting that into context £505k for a detached is reasonable. If you want to live in this area for the schools there are very few detached houses.
  5. At huge risk of being absolutely slated here but I think many of you underestimate how much money people have and who can afford to buy on Ravenhill Park. I live on this street, I bought a house in 2013 just as the market turned and was fortunate (or financially astute). Renovations and an extension cost circa £300k and the garden is still large post extension. Buyers on this street can afford to buy these houses requiring renovation with cash and renovate with very little hardship. I genuinely don’t care how much my home is worth, I have renovated it to a standard I want to live in for the rest of my life. This area for me is much nicer than any street in BT9. I don’t know everyone’s financial circumstances but I am certain there are people on this street who could afford to buy these houses 2/3/4 times over with no mortgage. The frontage on this house is really beautiful, I’m sure it will be a wonderful family home and I would imagine the potential purchaser will be delighted to secure it, it’s hard to get a house on this street, it took us four years to secure one.
  6. I would recommend looking in BT7/6 area off the ormeau or Ravenhill road. As with the Lisburn road, the nicer side is on the left of ormeau road as you come out of the city, beyond ormeau park (over the bridge). Some of the nicest Victorian townhouses in Belfast in my opinion with a mix of professional people. Streets like Park Road, North Parade, South Parade, St Jude's Avenue. This is an example of a nice house on a good street which needs work and is priced accordingly https://www.propertypal.com/6-fitzwilliam-avenue-ormeau-road-belfast/424090
  7. I should add Ravenhill is a very nice place to live. Young professionals, families, vibrant, a real community feel. People are also down to earth. You will find a mixture of professional people here, barristers, solicitors, film directors, chief execs, actors, doctors. It's an interesting place to live.
  8. Re Ravenhill (BT6/BT7) the best roads are Ravenhill Park and Ardenlee Avenue (generally to half way down this street, ie Ravenhill road end rather than creagh road end). With your friends budget and age taken into consideration I would also look at North Parade, South Parade, Ravensdene, St Jude's Avenue, Rosetta Park, St Johns. I probably wouldn't be looking at downshire, it's ok but not as nice in my view.
  9. We fully renovated a three storey Victorian house about 8 years ago, mid terrace in a slightly better condition. Had a small extension added to fill in the side return. Replastered, rewired, dampproofed, new windows, new plumbing, decorating, mid range kitchen and bathroom. Total cost was approx £85k. That didn't include reroofing as that had been done before we bought it. Hope that helps! These houses can be money pits. Also consider the 3 storey aspect, it's a lot of stairs up to the top, I wouldn't recommend it for someone in retirement.
  10. All our focus is on our business which means we can control our financial position. With regards to Malone my view is why spend £200-500k more on a house that I would want to live in when this area is rather pleasant. With regards to the ravenhill property I cannot comment on the people who bought it and why they offered £350k. Perhaps it is because they couldn't afford a detached off the main road completed to a similar standard. I know that a house round the corner on Rosetta park was on at £365k (from memory I could be slightly out on that figure) and was sale agreed at £500k. This house needed modernising. I think this shows how desirable this area is.
  11. I didn't really want to focus on my own personal status. However briefly to answer the question we have our own private management consultancy business with work derived internationally. We don't tend to have clients here as the rates are lower and the credit terms too long. I don't really want to say anymore than that. We do lead a modest lifestyle. My children wear clothes from primark, h&m etc with the odd nice piece as a treat. We have one car admittedly nice but not excessive. We don't feel a need to be excessive as we are more down to earth than that. We come from very modest backgrounds and have worked hard. We don't own any other houses. Many I know round here have holiday homes and several houses rented out. We would rather go on holiday to different places each year and I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of renting out houses. We are financially astute and tend to be risk adverse. Hopefully that explains our position, can we refocus now on the original point of the thread? Thanks
  12. Just going by the lifestyles they lead.
  13. We don't need a mortgage. We had a mortgage on our previous property simply because it was a tracker at 0.45% above base and therefore spare cash was placed in a savings account paying a higher rate than the mortgage rate.
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