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  1. Lol. So the general consensus is that we stand our ground and get her to fix the roof? I've a friend who does roofs so I've asked if he can go around to give us/them a quote so we'll see from there.
  2. So I asked for the quotes from the vendor. Looks like the work will cost 10k to fix and it's removing and placing the guttering, downspouts, felt, laths, and tiles with new. I'm tempted to go 50/50 on the costs and up my offer to 5k... or do you think I should I hold firm and say 'no, I'm sticking to my original 295k offer and you need to fix the roof'. The house has been on the market since October last year, we love the house but just don't want to pay too much... obviously.
  3. Hi, We recently put an offer for £295k on a house on the market at £310k, the vendor then came back to us saying the roof needed work (tiles I think) and the guttering and fascia needed replacing and that they'd fix all the problems without going through a survey if we paid them £305k. Sounded a bit weird so we politely said no. Agent then got back to us and said they'd accept the original price of £295k but we would have to fix the roof etc ourselves. More or less putting us in the same boat, albeit we will definitely have a roof to fix (that could be less than 10k) where initially it was just hearsay. Not really sure what to do. I don't think the property is worth any more than £300k and don't want to have an offer accepted which, when a home survey has been done, reveals more work they aren't prepared to pay to get fixed or allow for a lower price. Is this normal in the house selling world where sellers aren't prepared to fix problems with the house? Thanks for any advise and help you can give me everyone.
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