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  1. From the article: Why don't they just buy shares in British Land, Landsec or Segro? all FTSE 100 companies. Perhaps they feel the need to do something clever to brag about at dinner parties.
  2. Hmmmm, if only there was some way to peacefully mitigate conflict between neighboring and competing groups? Oh wait! How about national borders?
  3. According to www.listentotaxman.com, even if he earns £20k he is only paying £2863.36 a year in income tax and national insurance. I think its absurd to question whether or not an immigrant on £20k with a kid in school and rent paid by tax payers could possibly be a net contributor. Never the less I did the calculation for you regardless. Maybe your paying to much attention to the Eddie Izzards of this world.
  4. Yes, but at what cost? A housing unit is occupied that would otherwise be free. A school place is being taken that would otherwise be free.
  5. He would make more money for far less no work by buying a million quid worth of shares in Royal Dutch Shell.
  6. Yes, I think this is the biggest cost to high house prices, very hard to settle down and have a family if you don't have a house. Sometimes I think it is a conspiracy to undermine the family and so strengthen the power of the state over our lives.
  7. Me and my wife are unable to conceive children and we are both devastated by this. The only consolation is that when we are old we will still care about each other. Imagine being in your forties and not having a family of your own. Hell on earth if you ask me. Your fancy pants management consultancy, investment banking job won't give a flying f about you when you are old.
  8. If the socialists want to help the environment, then they would be opposed to immigration.
  9. Some human activity can cause the climate to cool, other human activity can cause the climate to warm up. The earlier references to global cooling (1970's) are real. Aerosols released into the atmosphere do have a cooling affect, therefore, humans do have a cooling affect on the atmosphere. The first quote about an ice age I believe is taken from Time magazine, it's not a scientific statement. http://content.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,944914,00.html This brings us on to another point, newspapers, websites, youtube videos and so on are not science, however high brow they ar
  10. Carbon dioxide emissions are way down in the United Kingdom from their highs but of course globally they increase all the time. https://cdiac.ess-dive.lbl.gov/trends/emis/tre_uki.html No one is prepared to change their lifestyles. One of the protest leaders who was interviewed on Sky was exposed by Guido Fawkes as traveling to Pisa, Italy, taking a skiing trip and walking along palm tree lined beaches, yet he proposes that air travel only be used in emergencies. I suspect the protestors view majority non white countries like the ones you listed as victims and so they will not cr
  11. It's just made up nonsense. All these forecasts are, like that oil will rise by 6.2% or the economy will grow by 1.4% The predictions are always wrong, yet they keep churning out more.
  12. Inequality is not uniquely a feature of capitalism. Stone age tombs also show a similar distribution of wealth as we see today. Some contain millions of pounds worth of gold (in today's money), most contained just a few trinkets, just as today the median persons wealth is nothing more than a car and a few trinkets, furniture a couple of grand in the bank and so on. Nothing has changed. Millionaires still existed in the stone age. Inequality is mathematical. Just as a small minority of stars accumulate most of the hydrogen and the vast majority of stars share the remainder. Once a star acc
  13. If you don't pay taxes you will go to jail, resist and they will kill you. Yes, you are threatened.
  14. No, the primary economic unit is the family, not the individual. People work and save so their children can have a better life. Paradox of thrift, but it isn't a paradox at all. Money saved is not simply gone from the economy. It is likely invested into the economy via the financial system. People save to spend their money later on in life. The money will be spent eventually, and when it is, it will be worth more.
  15. Do you understand that people save money in order to spend it later? All income is eventually spent, saving just defers it.
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