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    I think the wait is over

    Inequality is not uniquely a feature of capitalism. Stone age tombs also show a similar distribution of wealth as we see today. Some contain millions of pounds worth of gold (in today's money), most contained just a few trinkets, just as today the median persons wealth is nothing more than a car and a few trinkets, furniture a couple of grand in the bank and so on. Nothing has changed. Millionaires still existed in the stone age. Inequality is mathematical. Just as a small minority of stars accumulate most of the hydrogen and the vast majority of stars share the remainder. Once a star accumulates hydrogen, it's gravity attracts more, just as is the case with human beings and money. The distribution of star size is the same as the distribution of wealth. The board game monopoly illustrates this quite well. One person ends up with all the money, or rather the distribution of wealth in the game becomes so skewed that the other players drop out as it is hopeless/pointless to continue. What happens in the real world, is that a similar dynamic unfolds as we are seeing now. Wealth becomes more and more concentrated and people stop playing the game, see the yellow vests, brexit, trump, french revolution, peasants revolt, communist revolutions, Jeremy Corbyn and so on. The current surge in violent crime is often analysed in the media as a policing problem, I see it more as a wealth distribution and house price problem. I once suggested that affordable house prices would likely see many fewer British passport holders become Jihadi terrorists. I was smacked down immediately and accused of undermining the forum in the eyes of the outside world. I think they were afraid my comment would be picked up by other forums and main stream media. If left unchecked for to long, some cataclysmic social upheaval may be required to restart the game.
  2. If you don't pay taxes you will go to jail, resist and they will kill you. Yes, you are threatened.
  3. No, the primary economic unit is the family, not the individual. People work and save so their children can have a better life. Paradox of thrift, but it isn't a paradox at all. Money saved is not simply gone from the economy. It is likely invested into the economy via the financial system. People save to spend their money later on in life. The money will be spent eventually, and when it is, it will be worth more.
  4. Uncle_Kenny

    Instead of houses

    Do you understand that people save money in order to spend it later? All income is eventually spent, saving just defers it.
  5. Uncle_Kenny

    FED BASE RATE 2.25%

    Because an investor can get a higher rate of return on USD than they can on GBP. Also, the sovereign ceiling, all American companies and businesses will now have to pay higher interest rates, (a private company is a bigger risk than the government so they have to pay higher rates). Frustratingly yes, but the BoE are not all powerful. At some point they will lose control of the situation. Why anyone would invest in the UK at these rates is beyond me. The big oil majors Shell and BP pay dividends in US dollars. Also the shares are very liquid. Good place to put your cash whilst we toil under this current monetary regime, assuming your not living on the bread line of course.
  6. I've seen "experts" forecast commodity prices one year out with three significant figures of precision. (5.45% for example) The same experts repeatedly fail to forecast major moves of 50%. Nevertheless, the next year they come out with yet more predictions.
  7. Uncle_Kenny

    Interest Rates

  8. Uncle_Kenny

    Interest Rates

    Wrong, wrong and wrong. Cameron and Osbourne "warned" that house prices would fall, but they also warned that due to higher interest rates, houses would be less affordable due to higher mortgage payments. The whole campaign taught me a lot about the British establishment. A few years before, they might have warned of falling houses prices only. In 2016 they warned of falling house prices but also threw in the warning that houses would be less affordable. At least they understand that people are ticked of about not being able to afford a house.
  9. I think that reducing government spending will make our lives better, not worse. Where does the government get it's money from? A government spending cut is a citizen's spending increase. As I said, the French government is killing it's citizens in the street. Using the state's monopoly on violence. The NHS will never have enough money because it is free at the point of use. If I opened a restaurant giving away free food, the restaurant will never have enough money either. No specific Brexit was ever promised. The vote was do we leave the European Union, yes or no? It said nothing about anything else. By not having the pay our annual contribution, we could indeed spend on the NHS instead. (It would still not have enough money though by definition). There is no legal obligation to pay the EU anything. A clean brexit can be delivered, in fact it is the default position for March 29th 2019. A clean brexit is what was advertised in the leaflet that the government sent to every household. The leave campaign won by 52%. Support for a clean brexit is much higher than 25%.
  10. Not leaving the EU will be catastrophic for Britain and it's people. It means that British democracy will die. It would mean that the people have no control over their lives. Are you aware that French people are being killed right now by the state? One guy had his entire hand blown clean off. The French police are using tear gas and grenades to keep their people's aspirations in check. When Scotland had it's independence vote, no one was killed, there was no violence of any kind. The same for the Brexit referendum too. This is because people know that they are taking part in a democratic process and their vote is counted. The decision is enacted. Without this democracy, there is only violence. The EU is an anti-democratic self interested and now increasingly violent organisation. It is a tyranny and it has no place in the lives of decent people. I think that a future dark age of tyranny is possible, Britain has had peace for a long time. People forget.
  11. Germany is very good at poncing of other countries for their defense. Trump is right. Germany's military budget is only 1.2% of GDP even though they agreed to pay 2% as members of NATO. Putin could roll them over in a week. Germany has never built nuclear weapons, they rely on the US, France and Britain to develop and maintain them instead. Britain should leave NATO as well as the EU. We should replace trident with a more up to date strategic nuclear weapon, and at the same time develop tactical nukes to keep the Spanish out of Gibraltar and the Argentinians out of the Falklands. We have enough threats to deal with without looking after the Europeans.
  12. Uncle_Kenny

    Fertility rates

    I've heard these sentiments before, we all know where this train of thought leads.
  13. Uncle_Kenny

    Fertility rates

    I understand that there are always more women than men on the planet because young men have a far higher death rate than young women. When a war breaks out, it's men that do all the fighting. Men are far more likely to take their own life, men are natural risk takers so they are more likely to die in a car accident. Men are more likely to consume alcohol and drugs to excess. Men dominate dangerous jobs in industry and do almost all of the outside work, construction, fishing and so on. These jobs also tend to be the most dangerous.
  14. Uncle_Kenny

    Fertility rates

    Each women has to have at least 2.33 on average because some children will be naturally infertile, some won't survive to reproductive age and some will chose to remain childless.
  15. Every BTL'er I have had the misfortune to speak too tells me that they charge "below market rate" rent.

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