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  1. This was the website encouraging people to sell to rent in 2000. even in Newcastle your house would have doubled in value since then. Then you have Manchester 20% increase in 2013. You say government will allow repossessions. But governments just want to get reolected they will but the same safeguards in as Brown with handouts to cover your mortage if you loose your job etc.
  2. Friend asks me the other day where to put his money? Isa1% interests rate, stocks? He's decided property, is this the only game in town? He sees leveraged 10% gains vs near zero. But I agree it will all come crash down eventually but will again run for longer than anyone can imagine now. Maybe 5 years with 50 gains? Under labour we had 200% increase followed by a 20% drop which quickly rebounded. So in 5 tears maybe a short term 20% drop again? But the long term trend is up. As in will almost all assets. Is fuel going to crash 50% ? Cost of food? The value of fiat currency will always erode.
  3. The new rules can be played by brokers who are already saying they maybe able to get higher income multiples if you game the process. Barclays were lending up to 3.5 times income multiples a year ago and now the mortgage calculator on the website shows a potential 5.5x income with Leeds giving 5.75.
  4. Cheers the advice. The people above us our nice too but they are Italian and always in so it's just constant walking and talking noise, not really there fault. We could ask them to go out during a viewing and slip them £20 but worried about come back if we did that. Why did you discount the property if he went out during the viewings? We were unlucky when viewing as neighbours were away for the week, viewed 3 times. Estate agent lied said they had never heard a thing.
  5. I'm sure it would be some other factors, credit rating, the bank at the time (try a broker). I earn 35k and borrowed 160 last year with ing no problem.
  6. I wondered if anyone has managed to sell a flat with poor soundproofing? How do estate agents deal with this? Do they tell buyers older properties have poor sound proofing and you may well hear walking and talking? or do they pretend there is no issue and try and get veiwings in the day when they know the people above will be out? I know a lot of London flats are conversions and have awful noise problems from everyday living sounds. (two of my friends own flats like this) but they seem to sell at very high prices and at the moment many are going above asking price. So has anyone managed to sell a flat with noise issues without knocking money off? does it just come down to viewings happening when the neighbours are out?
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