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  1. To be fair, I always assumed those signs were aimed at large vehicles where bad cambers, chicanes etc are present that would not hinder a modern car. On a recent Speed Awareness Course it was drummed into us that there is always a trigger for their installation, directly attributed to real accidents. Mind you, they also insisted that each one of the yellow stripey lines on a fast approach to a roundabout cost £200 to install, which I found dubious. My bugbear is those cornering front lights (a relatively recent invention). Driving a slow vehicle on a narrow country lane at night, being followed by one of these cars, it feels like you're constantly being flashed at; and having driven one myself they offer no spectacular improvement in vision IMO.
  2. 'Twas ever thus though, right from the days when Sir Terry of the Christians was awarded status as the twit Laureate. Back OT: Mercedes satnavs, which will cheerfully tell you to "go straight on for 100 metres, therefore turn left" and inform you that "your time of arrival is fourteen o'clock.' FFS, you'd think a premium product manufacturer would have bunged an RP actor £500 to get jt right for the anglophone market ...
  3. Or - worse than "inboard" - "disguised within" the other lights. Most notably on VW Passats of five or so years ago, where the indicators were a narrow ring around the brake lights. Impossible to see in bright sunlight: 1920s trafficator lollipops would be safer!
  4. The way all supermarket Italian ready meals seem to be described as containing 'a hint of chilli' - as if that is an artisanal touch rather than some powder lobbed in in a factory. My SatNav, which is impossible to turn on whilst on the move, to just display the map, without having to take your eyes off the road to press a small fiddly button, acknowledging that you agree not use the device on the move ... The plethora of shonky takeaways which are all described as being 'famous' - Mrs Miggins' Famous Pie Shop, Sam And Ella's Famous Fish and Chips, etc - even though no one I know has ever heard of the product they serve and it turns out to be bogstandard freezer food anyway. Most noticeable in dreary seaside resorts.
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