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  1. Of course that'll be a factor but I think there's other things weighing down on it. From what I can remember credit growth plummeted as well as retail sales this month, add also all the stories about job losses etc. If a threat of interest rate rises was on the cards and people wanted to keep being mental then they would all be rushing to lock in those credit cards with lower rates. I think people are pretty tapped out by now. Add Brexit uncertainty and the news of retail/dining closures and the picture looks pretty dodgy. Why would anyone prudent go and take on a 400k mortgage when the e
  2. Indeed a great start to the morning. It's not exactly news to me as I've been watching my local area (Acton) for about a year now and some properties have had reductions of up to 15%. I have a feeling that this won't quite spur Landlords into action just yet but if May is another bad month for price action then Landlords looking to sell up due to S24 will probably start to feel some worry.
  3. House prices predicted to keep falling. London’s worst month since 2009 This story was staring me right in the face as I walked out of the tube this morning. Hopefully injects an added bit of realism to sellers in London when they go to work.
  4. I wish I could believe what comes out of BoE's mouths. How many times have we heard this kind of statement being made only then for nothing to happen. I seem to also remember someone (mightve been Carnage) saying that they would tolerate higher than normal inflation. I do hope they do raise rates faster than anticipated but my money would be on no rate rises at all. There's always an excuse.
  5. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of moaners “I wasn’t told I had to pay the balance back at the end” blah blah blah
  6. Just been listening to LBC yesterday and today. There's tons of complaining from both Landlords and OO's, amazing that these people seem to think that IR's should be set to suit them, not anything to do with being overleveraged so obviously the natural solution is to raise the rents for these clowns rather than sell up.
  7. Im seeing a similar thing in Acton (Zone 2/3). Lots of price drops and noticed a few 20-30% drops. Wondering if this is BTL running for the exit as looking at the history they aren't waiting for 2-3 months but a matter of weeks before reducing each time. Hoping this will be a self re-enforcing trend over the next year or two so I can have a chance of living near work again!
  8. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-3437927/Is-London-s-luxury-housing-market-crash-hedge-funds-shorting-stock-housebuilder-amid-fears-global-meltdown.html I hope this time Odey has got it right
  9. I've been watching fairly closely. In my price bracket I get the feeling that property numbers on sale have doubled. Would be interesting to see what happens post April if most of that stock is left unsold.
  10. 0 days. Old tenants left the day before we moved in. Clearly there must not be a single day of rent not being paid as far as the landlord is concerned. Muppets the lot of them
  11. Hi Guys Thanks for all the replies, finally got online yesterday here. As it turns out the reason for all this BS was that the estate agent totally messed up the contracts. It wouldn't be believable typically but I thought I would follow up just for a laugh as what happened was pretty shocking stuff. 1. There was a gas leak when we arrived putting my baby, wife and myself at risk! Thankfully my friendly removal guy pointed it out to me 2. We were asked to do check in at 2pm so they could do a professional clean. I got a call at 12pm on the move in day saying they couldn't do it until after
  12. Thanks for all the helpful responses guys. Had a chat with the agent this morning, although I was careful to not give him too much crap as he's a young prices out guy himself. He claims that there is no intention to sell at all and that its "standard" in all his contracts (so why the last minute revision). So in that case my demand for a refund shouldn't bother him if I'm being given a truthful reason for this immense **** up on his part. Seriously though screw these guys, one of my previous landlords took almost my entire deposit with overpriced charges and repair costs (broken sink that sh
  13. Hi guys im a long time lurker on these boards, I disliked landlords immensely before this moment but its turned to rage after tonight. I need some ideas about how to deal with this situation from likeminded people. Basically I found a flat to rent for my family back in November, and promptly handed in documentation and signed contracts to take it from tomorrow (5th of Jan 2016). After having to push the landlord to sign the contract as he was stalling for weeks on end he finally signed about 2 or 3 weeks back. I had my suspicions but now I get a mail from the agent today wanting to make a las
  14. I've been doing the same thing as other people monitoring the amount of properties coming online. Ive seen zoopla has an API that you can get all the data off so I may build some software to create some kind of graphs etc. obviously zoopla isn't as popular these days but would be a good start to get some good approximation of what's going on. Anyone else interested in this? I've got money ready to buy a place and almost bought last month as I got tired of waiting until it fell through. Perhaps a blessing in disguise.
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