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  1. https://www.uss.co.uk/news-and-views/latest-news/2021/03/03032021_uss-pension-contributions-will-need-to-rise-sharply
  2. I like the technology https://dailyhodl.com/2021/01/11/what-is-xrps-use-case-ripple-executive-and-venture-coinist-founder-tackle-utility-of-fourth-largest-cryptocurrency/
  3. me too, hoping the SEC nonsense will be sorted, I think 2-3 years from now XRP would be a good investment. Technology wise I think ripples transaction speed are going to make a big difference...
  4. What do people here think about GSX Gold Secured Currency and Apollo Fintech https://gsxcde.com/ Is this worth a punt or a ponzi scheme?
  5. So bought around 2k of XRP, Etherium and bitcoin last week, and almost lost 40% overnight! over the last week, its recovered. Going to stick with it for the next 3 years and see what happens... been following this guy on youtube:
  6. I saw them on Seedrs https://www.seedrs.com/ziglu They've built a new platform for trading crypto. I think by the same guy who set up starling card... Im just wondering if its worth investing in XRP at the moment... https://www.coindesk.com/price/xrp
  7. Hi all, Just wondering does anyone here use Ziglu? And if yes, what are your thoughts? thanks in advance
  8. This house in Cambridge has been on the market on and off for 6 years! https://www.zoopla.co.uk/property/19-whitehill-road/cambridge/cb5-8lu/3910547 Aug 2019 Listed for saleMarketed by Abbotts - Cambridge Sales£400,000View listing Apr 2018 Listed for saleMarketed by Abbotts - Cambridge Sales£400,000View listing Sep 2017 Listed for saleMarketed by William H Brown - Newmarket£400,000View listing view less Jan 2017 Listed for saleMarketed by Cooke Curtis & Co£400,000View listing Jul 2016 Listed for sale£425,000View listing Ju
  9. Monzo shares have increased in value by a huge 25x since the first round
  10. A building society is offering 100% mortgages to 18-year-olds while at university. Spoiler: you’ll need wealthy parents. article here...
  11. still overpriced, but encouraging to see it heading in the right direction. does anyone know how the houses are selling on the new university site at Eddington (North West Cambridge Development)??
  12. Has anyone signed up to this? Interesting idea, but not sure if it'll work.. This is a new currency and payment network built by ex-PayPal guys, called Initiative Q. The Q currency is currently being allocated for free if you are invited by an existing member. The idea is that if millions of people join, Q could become a leading payment network, and, according to well-known economic models, that means the value of the reward would be around $130,000. The amount you reserve decreases every day, and each member has a limited number of invites. You can use my invite link here: htt
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