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  1. SA, come on mate its not that straight forward. It is not sensible to put all your cash into one asset class let alone one share. If it is why didn't you borrow £250k of the bank in 2003 and put it into LLOY? Or maybe you did Anyway, as I said thats not the point of my post. I'm just saying prices have not come down in all of the UK since 2004. Thats all, plain and simple
  2. So are you calling a crash within the next few months then Dr Bubb?
  3. Whats wrong with you people? Why so aggressive? Elizabeth, did you actually read my post before you 'did one'? I said I readily recognise the sharp practices of EAs which you seem to want to educate me in. Yes I have confirmed the land registry sale price. I also state in my post I know I haven't actually sold it with the cash in the bank for that amount, as I don't intend to sell, yet you tell me to come back when I have the money in the bank. You have paid little attention to the actual nature of the post. I think you have issues. For those that say the return vs other investments is poo
  4. Thanks DB. I'll let you know once I've been on my scouting trip
  5. Hi guys, thought this might be of interest. I bought my house in Nov 2003 just before the so called peak. I have just had it valued and the EA agent reckons a reasonable price would mean an increase of 16%. I have not improved the house at all and it still needs a complete refurb as it did before! Now I realise I haven't actually sold it for that much, and EAs will exaggerate the price to get you on the books. However even if I half that increase to accomodate that fact its still a 8% increase. Also smaller houses on my road have sold for more than mine cost in the last few months. That is r
  6. Hi Dogbox, can you help with the following? Is the tax regime similar to the UK? ie can the interest portion of the repayment be written off? What is the level of taxation after that? Whats the level of CGT? Many thanks FF
  7. Bardon, I take my hat of to you. I'm still flabbergasted that a prop worth $24k turns over $14.5k a year in the USA. To me it doesn't make sense but your post has pushed me to look into the USA. Thanks Dogbox, thanks for your replies. I think this is one of the most 'exciting' threads I've read. I intend to visit Berlin in the next few months to have a look, but my focus will be commercial property. I agree with all the positives you mention but how to you counter the arguements that 1) The Berlin population is set to shrink not expand 2) The chancellor has not really gone very far with ec
  8. I take your point but would have no probs in sticking most of it into a prime commercial property. If its on a 15 year lease there will be no void periods. There are still blue chips out there with very healthy surpluses of cash. IMHO!
  9. Bardon, are you the chap who mentioned very high returns in the USA before but then never specified? I'm afraid I do not believe that you can get 50% rental yield on 'safe/easy' property in the US. If its in the middle of some crack jungle maybe. The statement is actually near ridiculous. If I bought a property for say $250000 are you honestly saying it would generate $125000 per year rent????????????? By the same logic I could spend $2000000 and could retire in 10 years with $10000000 in the bank( I've knocked of $2000000 for void periods)
  10. I bow to your personal experience but.... In Germany it seems you can buy central quality property with 8+% returns. If borrowing at 4% this means you can buy self funding projects in a 1st world country. This kind of oppurtunity does not exist in another 1st world country. I'm off to Germany soon to have a look
  11. What nonsense. You could buy a prime commercial property with a blue chip tenant on a 15yr lease with 6% return. Thats £58000 ( not including buying costs). There will also be the potential of rent increases every 5 years and capital appreciation on the property at some point
  12. Hiya. I have an advantage as I'm of Indian parentage and still have family over there. I've not bought anywhere as exciting as Goa, its about 100km out of Delhi, suggested by a cousin who lives there. Good luck
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