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  1. I'm guessing this is BBB, back for another try. The fact that he SLIPS INTO CAPS despite trying desperately hard NOT TO and uses SMILEYS a LOT leads me to believe that themods have failed to stop his loony posting. Welcome back BBB. Does this mean you will stop using your other looney personalities then?
  2. No, he's just an idiot... (or an estate agent. Oh, same thing, sorry).
  3. Nicely written article. Highlights the problem with 'subsidising tenants' (a strategy proclaimed as viable by Time To Screw The Tenants and BigBrainlessBallclamp, among others) when capital growth stops. These fab 'but to let' properties then become open wounds, oozing cash. Bring it on!
  4. Arf! 's funny! Seriously though, it illuminates one interesting point. BBB was an almost perfect example of what Nick Taleb calls 'survivorship bias'. he thinks he is clever because he appears to have had some success at his little property empire (if it exists outside his head, of course). Being the kind of person he is, he can only ascribe this 'success' to his own genius - not the fact that in a rising market, even leaky boats float. HOWEVER (bbb caps there!) the true test is when conditions deteriorate. If a player continues to survive when the thing is going the wrong way, then yes, p
  5. Don't worry. He'll be back. As 'CCC' or 'Mr Imaginary Property Tycoon Warrior' or some such. That sort of psychotic/addictive personality can't stop.
  6. Sorry CF, wrong thread - I've got several windows open (and am a bit half cut - been at the champers this afternoon down All Bar 1 - they have Moet at £6 a glass - good value for NHG!) Can't even remember what loony BBB 'personality' I was trying to reply to! BTW, here's a 'BBB horror story' Greedy Parasite buys up slums, pyramiding as he goes and renting them out to DSS tenants. Brags long and hard about how clever he is. Market crashes, bank calls in loans, tenants get difficult, cheques are 'in the post', reposessions start. Fat f*ckwit ends up on the dole, in one of the very bedsits he
  7. Don't be silly. Don't you know that us FTBs are 'just waiting on the sidelines' and will 'pile back in' at the first hint of a '10% drop'. Because obviously, we have all bee waiting so long now we MUST jump back into the market come the spring. Even a TINY fall will look like an ENORMOUS bargain for us, and we will all magically forget how long we have been waiting, what poor value property is, how fragile the economy is, and try desperately to 'catch a falling sword'. Oh, and don't forget that there are LOADS of 'BTL' people who will 'snatch up' as many as '15 or 20 properties' at the first
  8. Congratulations, BBB you little Sh!tkicker, u r going to get your wish.
  9. Hi BBB. You forgot to add 'and for the record, we all think BBB's posts are fantastic, and MY, what a giant willy he has'
  10. BBB had a bit of a nightmare yesterday. He came home from to school to find that his mum had tidied his room, and had not only put away all his little lego 'properties' but also found his stack of gay porno mags. Boy was he in the doodoo.
  11. the inside scoop on the story is here and it does indeed have a housing theme...
  12. So the clown expects falls of '15 to 20 percent'. And he advised her to take an offer almost 10% off her asking price - er, so the first half of his '15 to 20 percent fall' happened that afternoon, and the second half of it will take 2 or 3 years??? If she didnt take it, she'll get 249k for it later.
  13. It takes an IQ of about 3 to realise that there are very many people who *didn't buy during the last few years* for obvious frikking reasons. Like .. er .. people who were at school. Or people who were ill. Or people like BBB who were in mental institutes. Why don't you and "Bullcrapping Brainless Boglicker" p!ss off and start your own forum? www.whistling-in-the-dark.com springs to mind... BTW, anyone like to explain to me why over the last 5 years, with only 1 exception, all my landlords have tried to flog me the flat at the end of the tenancy? BTL must be REALLY good fun (and I am actual
  14. Just heard on the news that the builders Jervis have 'run out of money'... BBC quote
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