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  1. I noticed that narrative on Sky news last night. Whilst it's always been prevalent on here from some quarters. UKIP and 3rd country immigration was airbrushed from the report. The purple rise that resulted in a UKIP majority in the 2014EP was the catalyst and, of course, the voters had a daily diet of this pre-referendum: Bottom line: The EU caused Brexit... simple cause and effect.
  2. Indeed. Feel free to reply to my post on incompetent MP's without the puerile snipes.
  3. https://www.reuters.com/article/ecb-policy-rates/ecb-formally-ends-qe-keeps-reinvestments-open-ended-idUSL3N1X44N6?feedType=RSS&feedName=marketsNews&rpc=56
  4. Apologies if Varadkar's suggestion, from last month, has been posted already... … obviously in support of the WA... not a PR statement.
  5. I thought Macron's reforms were neutered?
  6. The declaration was one of the milestones leading to the formation of the European Single Market in 1993.[3] ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solemn_Declaration_on_European_Union
  7. Watching the pundits and politicos analysing May's VoC reminded me of Corbyn's tribulations just after the referendum... … obviously; 30 months is an aeon in politics.
  8. Where do I start? I would suggest, as I have numerous times upthread, that you click on the return arrow... top RH corner.
  9. Definitely a comprehension issue on your part... including what you type. Breaking news... Hansard now available online.
  10. You appear to struggle with comprehending posts and in a fit of frustration... throw in a snipe. Instead of putting words in my post, why don't you look up Hansard, parliamentary briefings etc. available to MP's before during and after the Bill and EU referendum? DB posted a link to just one report that spelled out possible models. He might find it quicker but I'll repost after work.
  11. Like many more MP's it's easier to distance yourself from 2015 EU Referendum Bill and the subsequent campaigns. Umunna and Soubry are amongst the flock nestling under the wing of Soros. To his credit, Umunna admitted he was incompetent...
  12. I presume you are referring to Blair? Excerpt from his Warsaw speech and an interesting read IMHO. I'm sure he believed immigration would be in the tens of thousands but when it went pear shaped, the UK as a rule-taker could do nothing to change the FOM pillar. A stark contrast to the current debacle in Parliament.
  13. My daughter works in an office where two colleagues have done the same within a month of each other. Still, boosts the job figures as they have now recruited two more workers... both p/t.

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