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  1. Hmmm indeed... The Labour and LibDem results are much closer than I would have expected. i.e. the oft quoted 30/70 split for Labour. https://yougov.co.uk/topics/politics/articles-reports/2019/10/18/two-thirds-leave-voters-say-parliament-should-acce
  2. True, but it was just tinkering around the edges of what should have been a cut and dried decision. This article is worth a read IMHO. https://www.instituteforgovernment.org.uk/explainers/indicative-votes Yes, agreed and of course the EU27 would need to re-draft and agree any changes to the current WA (BJ exTM). Not that I can see that being a problem for the EU27. Maybe, depends on the polling and from the red's perspective how much of a chunk TBP would take out of the cons if the WAB is passed.
  3. LibDems were in coalition with the blues for five years but that wasn't my point. It is all about the people. All political parties must adapt to survive based on the UK voter base and their parliamentary performance. What happened at the end of March?
  4. The indicative vote sessions back in March (?) provided an opportunity for all MP's to achieve one Leave option. It was farce fiasco feck-up.
  5. Just as it is for the LibDems? All parties will adapt for a changing voter base. Checkout this Rollercoaster:
  6. I agree with all of your reasoning about the need for lower house prices but I'm not convinced that homeowners would vote for a haircut. Might not have to wait long to find out, GE2020?
  7. Mine too and also 20 years ago but, anecdotally, I know there has certainly been a change in attitude over the last 20 years. As far as Brexit sectarianism is concerned I think it runs deeper than your example and for the blues, it's all to play for.
  8. Just to be clear, are you talking about telling a homeowner that if you vote for x party we will reduce the value of your house by, say 20%?
  9. Self-preservation I presume? Back to Labour: Corbyn/another vs the Blairite rump might equal radical policy implementation.
  10. No. Are you dribbling by any chance? Barnier said two years for the FTA probably 18months ago.
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