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  1. Deja vu! (3rd link down) I see neither of us have changed tack!
  2. I think people do know more about the failings of Parliament et al and despite the 32 month Re-remain campaign, voters wouldn't need 32 months to review the EU's incompetency, corruption, racism, etc. l would suggest the gamut of another Leave campaign would include political and economic issues and the EU would not want it before the E.P. elections. Since the EU's failings and political resistance continue to mount, Team Remain would indeed struggle to counter... but they will.
  3. Good point! https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-5437179/Exports-drive-Aston-Martin-profit-eight-years.html
  4. I am sorry if I missed that post/link since it's eluding my searches. Can you find the link please?
  5. You only have to look at this thread to see your naked bias. I agree, people do know more and I think another referendum campaign would just have the same result. Now, if the EU had spent the last three years reforming itself instead of lubricating the slipway to collapse, I would welcome a second referendum.
  6. Thanks for the info and I found this NATO report for your perusal:
  7. 1. Evidently not! Why do you think banksters and the EU elite don't create problems for the UK? 2. Perhaps they have seen through the Europhile propaganda? Here's two recent articles from foreigners ; Soros and Lagarde:
  8. Agreed, and that reinforces my point that UK democracy has provided opportunities for voters and their representative MP's to shape how the UK leaves. The fact that remain voters did not get behind the LD's, even if it was just to spin the early polling, was an epic fail. Don't you think the majority of MP's want to remain? I miss the Howler's incisive commentary. Sadly, it's frequently ego before party, before party before country. The EU elite should park the UK and Switzerland in the tbc ante-room and sort out their existential crises.
  9. I can see why you would think that, however NINO registration data is far more robust, 70% of NINO's issued to EU27 countries. From an earlier post:
  10. Moi, comment? I agree on you 'least worst' comment. It's a shame Westminster/EU could not have been at this stage at the back end of 2017.
  11. Do you have contributions by countries in $, £, € etc?
  12. Do you think that would change if there is another EU referendum? In as much as voting took place after weeks of campaigns.

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