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  1. Ahh, but have you seen the price of LCD TV's and laptops...
  2. Maybe it just proves how fine the balance is "this time"...
  3. Credit tightening should help... but will it happen?
  4. It's not a ladder, it's a rope. You jump as high as you can, grab hold of it and hang on for dear life...
  5. I have read the link. I still think that you shouldn't really be telling porkies on mortgage or insurance forms. Bring back the poll tax..
  6. What if they do? Do you lie on your insurance forms? If that's the case then you are driving my premiums up.
  7. I agree.. I know I'm in the minority as ID card's have been mentioned a few times before and I still stand by the fact that if you have "nothing to hide" then ID card's are of no harm to an innocent person. I don't think we should be forced to pay for one though. Surely the money saved on benefit and tax cheat's would cover the cost of the card's...
  8. And I thought this site was run by people with a passion for a HPC, not a profit making business... the ad's suck!!
  9. I would value it myself, then add 40% to that valuation and heh presto you've got an EA's valuation.
  10. I take it back then... If Bruno knocked on my door he'd get the sharp end of my umbrella... But he would probably enjoy that..
  11. I was going to reply, but google beat me to it...
  12. So why do you want a valuation if you are not going to sell? Perhaps they are cottoning on to all these time waster's that just want a valuation so they can brag at dinner parties "my house is worth whatever fwar fwar" Bring on the HIPS... ps. ME2, is that your postcode?
  13. Excellent... Now who's going to argue with Martin on MSE.
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