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  1. I'm sure the Frankfurt school will have the final say, Labour will obviously get back in and continue the dilution agenda it started.
  2. Excellent R K, well if we're all just the same, how come I have to walk on egg shells around these new arrivals? We're not all just immigrants, and we're not just all the same, hence the problems. Who are you anyway you haughty bore, are you Ian Brown hiding under that mask? The forum Big-Wig? It's better people share the same values and sing from the same hymn sheet, a culture. However, multiculturalism is the exact opposite to that and it's failing miserably. Visit Bradford, Luton or Newham for evidence of that. Oh sorry, Newham's a monoculture now. UK Worklessness by country of birth, to
  3. Life was better for upstarts like me in 1994. Everything seemed relatively cheaper and affordable. If you worked in a supermarket, you could afford a decent semi, pretty much anywhere. Rent, bills and transport were so much cheaper then, it seems like a dream. Labour and forced mass immigration is the biggest thing that's ruined/changed Britain, as far as I can see. The lack of identity, purpose, social cohesion, overpopulation and chance of a future is a real bummer for way too many. If we're struggling now, image what it'll be like in 2034, when the country has 80(?) million people, no pe
  4. Mass uncontrolled immigration. We've had too much of a good thing, we've been greedy and spoilt! It's now time to give back! There are over 1.5 'economically inactive' Third World immigrants in Britain (250,000 Somali alone). These are people of a transient nature who aren't tied down to a job or area. They're certainly not feeble enough to feel any love for this country or the one they originally left, and if the price is right, they'll go anywhere! So, why don't we spread the multicultural joy and send them out to Eastern Europe? I'm sure our Polish/Latvian/Czech friends would enjoy experi
  5. Why is there so much help and cash thrown at people who are over '60'? I keep saying this, but why does somebody aged 60 need a free bus or leisure centre pass... Or discount at the cinema, sporting event or restaurant, etc... ? Am I missing something? Surely that's still working age, and at a time when you've offloaded kids and own a home? Madness!
  6. It's amazing that immigrants who don't even work, or are on such low wages that they're entitled to working tax credits, are still gushed over as being an asset to the economy, and praised for their contribution. How so? What's the benefit? We're still in the glory days, where a huge percentage of immigrants are of working age. Imagine in a few years time, when they're too old, and they'll be entitled to pensions, elderly care and ongoing NHS treatment, free prescriptions, etc. What'll we do then? What a burden! Newham & Tower Hamlets, the two boroughs of London with the highest rates of
  7. Why don't they start charging the elderly for using Leisure Centres? For crying out loud, if you're 60, you have access to council owned facilities for free. The days of hard up pensioners are long gone, pension credits and the socialist state have put an end to the hardship. Really, why should a 60 year old have free access? They're of the working age, and should more than likely have their shit in order, kids grown up or at least helping out, mortgages paid off. I know it could well be a gain votes thing, but it's ridiculous!
  8. I'm a graduate, work full time minimum wage, take home around £950 per month. My rent on a 1 bed studio flat is £340, which is 35% of my gross income. total outgoings around £880, that's without clothes, prescription charges, and any form of maintenance or socialising/holidays/life. (Rent £340 + Groceries/Toiletries £240, Council Tax £70, Water £35, Gas/Elec £80, Transport Pass £72, TV £12, Laundry £30.) So I can't be the only one, working too hard, losing touch with their friends and having no life whilst wandering round in rags. It's annoying seeing foreign beggars better dressed hanging
  9. If UKIP gain power, do you think they'd be able to rub Labour's nose in it, by reversing the madness that ensued under their Marxist agenda? That would free up housing, school, hospitals, prisons and dole ques. We wouldn't have to keep young adults at school, due to jobs being given to Polish/Eastern Europeans, we wouldn't need as many foreign NHS staff who are indirectly just treating their own, and our kids would be much safer should we make extra special effort to cleanse places like Bradford. Also, it'd be a benefit on the terror front. Feckless Muslims sat around with nothing to do but f
  10. Can somebody tell me why, on the housepricecrash.co.uk homepage, my comments are NEVER shown, ever!? It uses a retarded system of using your user name and email address. However, I comment, but nothing every shows. What am I doing wrong? Is it for an elite list of members?
  11. I kept getting Nectar vouchers in the post, £12 off with a £60 spend at Sainsbury's, for weeks on end. Stopped around May. I found the 20% discount, when used with stocking up on 2 for 1 offers, worked quite well. Although, I may just be naïve when it comes to shopping?
  12. I doubt very much the intention is to help the unwanted Cockney types who actually built the city in the first place. Newly arrival immigrants, now the locals? (One) of the issues now with London is the fact there are too many unemployed Zone 1 & 2 people with no intention to work, clogging up housing stock. The two biggest offenders are Newham & Tower Hamlets, and the main culprits are Bangladeshi & Pakistani immigrants. What a travesty! I can only ever dream of living that close to a capital city centre, these people have had it made their right do so by the NWO.
  13. Yes, I can see his point, he does have one. However, in this PC day and age he was setting himself up for a fail. I'm not disabled, but I certainly wasn't worth minimum wage when I worked in a factory (if) compared to my jobsworth sweat-bucket workmates. If we go down this road, there'll be arguments made that everybody should be put on piece work contracts to make the disabled workers equal.
  14. I quite like that lane, that's if the farmland and vacant land stays that way, if that's built on it'll ruin the leafy, semi-secluded feel. Absolute dog of a house though for that price.
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