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  1. Thanks for some very good points. There is an estate being built down a lane nearby, why aren't they putting it there is a very good question. Maybe to much ground works to do as I'm beside main road. It would be very cheeky to put a shed on it now, but that would be an idea. Would you do it? Have even considered changing title to someone in Belize or somewhere
  2. Hi, yes I'd say good possibility of planning should they ever want. There's plenty of room. Don't know about £100,000 for the site though.
  3. Hi, If it comes to it yes that would be good idea thanks. I really like living here so I would have trouble even valuing the house. The guy who approached me was of a character that gave me that throw up breakfast feeling. I was checking and found a lease for the 2 poles on the land, it expired 5 years ago. Have I the option to tell them to remove them or will that kick things off?
  4. Hi, I've spent many hours searching google, still very confused however. No real guidance only reference to solicitors who can deal with issue, however as much as possible it's always better to do own legal work I find. No mortgage thankfully.
  5. Just to add they have 2 electric lines crossing the yard and 2 poles on the yard, I'm not receiving any money for them, I've read somewhere about getting payments retrospectively? I would like these removed if possible but don't know how to go about it. This whole vesting thing has me worried, does anyone have any experience or know of whether people are giving proper representation? Or does money and big guys rule
  6. Hi I searched and got some info, don't see any legal precedent though..
  7. Hi, I searched for this, there does seem a link due to the gas, I can't find any legal precedent though
  8. Thanks for info, yes very scary but is it enough to legally prevent them from it? Unit would be 3mx2.5m but I don't know voltage. I have been told they can legally take land, is this true? If so I feel it's a total invasion of personal rights. I identified several other options for them, there is even a very large yard for sale nearby for £150,000 they could buy, split and sell on. I wouldn't want to sell my property, I like it here..
  9. Hi, they offered £10,500 for a lease for the ground, haven't asked about yearly rental figure, probably peanuts. It will be roadside so access not a problem.
  10. Hi all, Thanks for making such a great forum. I saw some posts about this but they were not just what i was looking for. I would be grateful if you would give some opinion on whether an electricity substation beside your house, for example at distances of 5m, 15m and 25m, would affect your wellbeing and in knock on influence the value of your home. I'm asking as a home owner who has been approached by the electric company who wish to take part of my yard to locate a new roadside substation, they haven't offered very much for the required 4mx5m=20m2 in my opinion, but more importantly I would be worried about the affect on my own house and the rest of the yard. They have a preferred site beside the house, or are willing to locate further away but still in the yard, if I wish. They would also build around it so it wouldn't be in plain sight. I know they have some vesting powers so this is a bit of a tricky matter.. If there are any official evidence of effect on house prices/general health that would also be useful. The sound alone wouldn't bother me. Many thanks.
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