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    Recommended Film ; Margin Call

    The fact that there is no margin call in the film speaks volumes about how much the writers really know about finance. ie Sweet FA. They also got confused about whteher the firm was a partnership or a company. Jeremy Irons' character is simply a weirdo. Still waiting for a believable film about the crisis.
  2. Squatters laws come from medieval times when landowners were forever stealing land off each other. If you kept hold of any land you stole for x no of years then you owned it-simple. It was the only way of preventing endless probably intractable disputes over land ownership being raised decades afterwards clogging up the courts. No sure how relevant they are to 21 century life.
  3. Spitfire was obviously a useless waste of money. Can't even dive straight down vertical after a hun without the engine cutting out.

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