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  1. Good Lord. I asked a question, on a website. It was hypothetical. Because I wished the input of the members of this site. What it relates to in reality is neither her or there, but I am neither an estate agent or looking to buy. My question was relevant to my situation. I apologise for wasting your time, and even more mine. I shall not continue. Thanks to those, without a diagnosis on the spectrum, who were able to answer reasonably.
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome. As mentioned more than once, it is hypothetical, so your vitriol is misplaced.
  3. How do you mean 'quality'? In this hypothetical situation, I refer to Georgian town houses in a good area, so wouldn't describe as poor quality by any means. What qualitative improvements would be found by going north? These are btl so more land/quality of life etc not relevant, personally speaking. In addition, they'd be further away, and more of a pain to manage.
  4. Now, my lurking suggests most here are usually of the opinion that it is time to sell up, but I'm wondering. Consider a hypothetical situation. 2 btl properties, West London, LTV below 35%. Gains, supposedly, of 20% per annum currently, if figures are to be believed. Now, although low proportionately, that mortgage is still 7 figures. Comfortably covered by rental at present. But if things change.... Would now be a good time to sell one, pay off mortgages and costs, and be left far less exposed with the single mortgage free property remaining? Or would you end up kicking yourself for w
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