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  1. I’m not sure I get the Tesla share price either. It’s like people are blind to the mainstream makers turning EV makers. Vw as just one example will churn out plenty of decent ev’s in the next few years. The ID.3 is an excellent car. It’s not some new technology either it’s just an electric motor and battery if they haven’t caught up already the rest will very soon with Tesla and you could argue acceleration is not everything. In fact I would rather have the Kia e-Niro than a Tesla. Same goes for power storage, self driving etc. just look at the iPhone you can buy a decent smart
  2. There’s no logic for Bitcoin’s existence other than to leverage the power of the internet to build the worlds biggest pyramid scheme. As much as I hate excessive inflation in fiat. It is needed in some form to help with equality, and running of the economy. So a fixed volume currency like bitcoin can never be the perfect solution. If it’s not perfect why compromise
  3. After seeing a mad rush in my area central Scotland things appear to have slowed down quite a bit. Some of the houses that sold just after lockdown have now come back on the market. There have also been some reductions. One house in particular is on for less than in sold for in 2009 it has also been reduced recently, nice house, nice area. I have also been tracking the used prices and numbers of bmw I3s on autotrader. These are electric cars that have been in demand recently. For about a year there was about 300 for sale at any one time. Over the last 3 months this has jumped to 475, a hu
  4. Noticed in my area central Scotland after about a month of madness in prices and speed at which they are bought, there is now a slow down. A few have seen reductions on rightmove now asking for less than 2008 purchase price. on a side note I have been following the used bmw i3 market. Prices remain strong but they are not selling. On auto trader there were around 300 for sale, this has been quite consistent for about one year. Now over the last couple of months it has shot up to 450.
  5. Seeing a lot more stock coming on in central Scotland with some properties sitting now for months. The ever popular stuff is shifting quick but I feel the frantic situation is starting to peter our. Everyone seems to be trying to sell right now.
  6. Have about 30% deposit here. I’m planning on inflation within the next year. Looking to act like Covid hasn’t happened. If it looked like a good deal 6 months ago I reckon it’s worth chasing as others might not. Then bunker down and take what comes in terms of inflation. Think the whole world is going to inflate this away
  7. The decline will likely be slow. Currently sitting on my house deposit wondering if I should buy soon even at a high price as a hedge against inflation. Seems like inflation could be more important of a factor erroding deposits and might even push house prices up in the medium term.
  8. I can see the government stepping in to support the housing market. It’s the new normal, never let the prices go down no matter what it costs as the fallout is too great. I wouldn’t get too exited about a house price crash.
  9. The fact that the majority of the world does not hold bitcoin is a problem for bitcoin. Who wants to join a party where only 0.000001% get insanely rich. It doesn't take much to imagine a crypto that will sweep in with a socialist agenda and work out how to offer a fair system that rewards work and not speculation. That will change the world of currency, the bitcoin horse has bolted, the coins have been distributed and I can't see anyway of spreading them out for mass adoption. If there is no mass adoption and new cryptos for the masses and not the few then I can't see what bitcoin offers. Eve
  10. Blockchain has value. Bitcoin is more of a brand and not comparable to the internet. Not sure what will happen but when we have a situation where a very small percentage of the world holds the majority of bitcoin I can't imagine the rest of the world backing it. A blockchain that slowly expanded its use base and value would be much more valuable as a currency. It needs to be seen as a fair system otherwise what's the point apart from making a few insightful miners incredibly rich. I thought bitcoin was supposed to be a revolution not a lot power hungry pyramid scheme.
  11. A long tenancy does not address the fact that the rents are too high. I do prefer this policy over help to buy though. Higher interest rates are the only thing that will make a difference
  12. What are your thoughts on quantum computing and bitcoin. A very basic quantum computing would be able to mine bitcoin so fast it would ruin the system. Microsoft are heavily invested in building a true quantum computer ASAP.
  13. I know some businesses round here that bought large biomass systems to dry wood chips to sell to others with similar systems. They looked at the scheme and could not believe what the government were willing to pay to generate heat for their own use. The sub is well above the cost of producing the heat. You can guess what has happened, complete and utter abuse of the system. Some companies are drying wood chip well past the moisture content needed some others are spraying chips with water to make the system work harder. The sad thing is felled trees can be dried in stacks for 1-2 years then chi
  14. Btl flats are in the first time buyers buying bracket. The problem now for high prices is mortgages for first time buyers are insanely cheap. I can borrow at 2% fixed for 5 or even 10 years. This is low enough and long enough to feel secure and offers a cheap enough repayment scheme similar to renting. I hope this doesn't mean BTL will offload overpriced flats onto desperate first time buyers just in time to see the beginnings of a rate rise that will have a real possibility of reducing prices. The government have so far had more power than any of us realised over the mortgage market and keepi
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