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  1. Cheers Greg, not a lot of people are going to have all that so good sales people are going to be rare, makes sense why they get paid very well
  2. Greg what is the temperament could you explain it, just curious as I know you have run businesses for a few decades so would know what is a good sales person
  3. Does anyone know if it would be comparable to Lehman or a lot worse, what kind of consequences would there be. When UK gov pumped in billions to RBS can the german central bank do summat similar
  4. I did a bit of youtubing and that stuff about his algos and codes, the big investment banks have got literally armies of quants and billions in tech, to say he has coded up this model that the big boys want seems too far fetched. And he talks about how all the governments and large corporates want his advice, I get a vibe of a bit of a conman, I'm probably wrong, dunno, he just seems sort of shifty
  5. DB I was thinking of how could we go straight to a reflation, I cannot see how it could be done. As things would have to turn down really really badly before the government would print the amounts you mentioned. Under what scenarios could we go straight to a reflation DB Also Armstrong mentions the Dow continuing its upward trend once again with high yield debts starting to look shaky and the top of the earnings cycle possibly being in now, I'm trying to understand how could the DOW march higher and if it did how much higher, since the correction earlier in the year it has struggled to ge
  6. Looks like the indicies are going for another high, I think DB mentioned we may see 3000 in the S&P before it rolls over
  7. I just don't see how things can keep going for another 20 odd months, I've read the early 2020 thing a few places too, however it feels we're on the cusp of a slow down now. What do others on the thread think 2020 or much sooner
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