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  1. I think her husband should get cheaper house and a better looking bird, that podgy thing doesnt belong in a million pound house.
  2. OK i wasnt expecting too much but what was offered was probably the worst debate in Newsnight history.
  3. Good old BBC its good to know theyre spending the licence fee wisely. Its time the state dropped the pretence of impartial news and let the market decide what people want, people may knock Fox News but if its what the people want then so be it .... They have far better and informative debates than this pile of shyt.
  4. He doesnt come across as overly bright just an out of touch Tory career politician and a repulsive excuse for a human. Thats the first time ive watched Newsnight in months and what an utter faliure of a presenter is, must have only got the job due to being a bandit.
  5. Yes Redwood made it loud and clear, but it was a pathetic debate by 3 not very bright people. Im a celebrity Get me out of here is more highbrow.
  6. Well good of that excuse of a human and failed politician show that property prices are the Tory benchmark of a successful economy. How out of touch could this pr7ck be, and this debate is pathetic. Here is hoping Redwood has a car crash on the way home.
  7. Ahh Redwood im dying to hear what this vile creature has to say. No doubt a BTL scumlord of the lowest order.
  8. Property is the economy. If i lived in a nation where property was relative to wages id have been able to spend 50K on equipment and start my own business which involves getting contracts around the planet and creating jobs that pay 3 times the average wage. But i dont live in such a nation so the corporations get all the work.
  9. Ive seen nicer jails then that. Going up 3 flights of stairs if you forgot your keys would drive one insane.
  10. I have never claimed youre a Respect Party supporter, you'd get on with my ex she likes to make things up aswell.
  11. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2840327/Britain-hands-quarter-new-citizenships-EU-Nearly-200-000-granted-2012-alone.html But the UK also granted citizenship to 10.5million people from other EU countries, suggesting millions who arrived from Eastern Europe after restrictions were lifted in 2004 have applied for British passports. What a vile institution the LIBLABCON are, and how politically illiterate its voters are. Voting on any EU referendum should only be for 2nd generation British.
  12. In 2008 that one sold for 115K. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detailMatching.html?prop=49184990&sale=24374687&country=england Another 20% off that and we wouldnt be too far off market value, but then they had to come up with Qe and 0.5 and whatever else to reinflate the bubble so that its now 50% overpriced. Id sooner live in prison then Veliko Tarnovo, a bad comparison.
  13. The couple of pound i may save at Aldi is offset by the 20 minutes i have to queue as theyve only 2-3 tills open. I still think that if you buy Tesco own brand stuff (not the real cheap crap) then theyre similar priced to Lidl/Aldi.
  14. It is one sided, there arent too many with different views who hang around and this is why.
  15. I can see there being a run on the pound in the next few years though, which will mean rates rising.
  16. That $111 billion pension shortfall means the state now has only 39 cents of every dollar it should have in the bank today to pay for future benefits. In the private sector, these funds would be deemed bankrupt. Isnt it a case that having 39 cents in the dollar in the bank to pay towards pensions, is 39 cents in the dollar more than what our government has towards pensions being as ours are all paid out of current taxation.
  17. Especially when he's implying UKIP are horrible people, still whats a bit of friendly genocide in comparison to wanting controlled immigration and to govern ones self. But i think it great when liblabconners show themselves up as being very confused.
  18. The benefits system should be privatised and not in the Tory party way of privatisation where they tax you then give the contract to their mates. in that you have your own insurance for times when you are out of work and needing to claim. Much in the same way someone who is self employed has this cover in case of injury or illness.
  19. They beat the Germans, worked hard for it and old people have never been anything but perfect all throughout their lives.
  20. George Gallowat, the hypocrite and friend of Saddam blames external scapegoats, thanks for letting me know where you get your information from. Its you people who vote the LIBLABCON that are the problem, youre an internal problem. Effectively unless i vote for a pro EU Neoliberal party or a lefty greeny party i am a racist who blames outsieders for this nations issues that is the long and short of your utterly pathetic argument
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