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  1. Since I started coin spotting in early March this year I’ve picked up £38.40 worth of coins off the ground. Not bad for a smallish town!
  2. Back in the 70's when I first started work at age 16 the social contract was that you paid NI and if you became ill assistance would be available plus you would receive a pension age 60 female/65 male. I agree that male/female pension age should be the same but IMO age 65 is the limit for when state pension is available. Many people don't even make it to that age! Working on should be an option, jobs vary on how they take their toll on people. Back in the 70's the expectation was that technological advances would lead to more leisure time. Nowadays we seem to be going back to Victorian values....if you've been lucky by being born in to wealth or landed well paid work retirement will be a choice. Many people are paid a pittance and work till you drop or live in poverty is the reality for them. If government expects people to work from say 20 to 70 then there has to be suitable employment for all. There isn't! I totally disagree with raising pension ages above 65. The reality is many people are still alive but energy levels are lower and health niggles have started. Governments need to deal with reality regarding human beings. I doubt the state pension age raising will end well!
  3. I agree that it's been unfair to men that they have had to toil on until aged 65. However women's pension age was reduced to 60 in 1940 because in general men were older than their wives and they didn't want to wait for wives retiring at 65! I'm against pension ages rising above 65 for anyone. Many people may live longer but by that age many people are worn out, slower and have illnesses. Also I can't imagine where all the jobs are going to come from to keep the population working from twenties to seventy or beyond. Personally I don't regard males and females as being equal. We're very different IMO. I do agree that regardless of sex if you do a job you get paid the same but apart from that there's not much more required. I found the article below interesting about women's pensions. Very long though! http://www.historyandpolicy.org/policy-papers/papers/the-scandal-of-womens-pensions-in-britain-how-did-it-come-about
  4. So you think it's ok for governments to increase the pension age of a certain cohort of people from 60 to 60 something then again to 60 something else. See 1995, 2007? and 2011 acts. Equality you may say. I started work formally in 1974 at age 16 although I'd worked at weekends since age 12. I lived in a rural area in a traditional family with a breadwinner dad and stay at home mum. No particular encouragement from parents or school to aim for a "career" because the expectation was you'd get married, have a family and do part time stuff. As it happened I was lucky back then to get employment in a national utility provider age 16 then aged 20 at a bank. I got promoted at the bank but it was very tough. Really had to put myself out to get it compared to promoted males who appeared from the city areas. I'm lucky, many women in my age group had no occupational pension. It really was a different world until about 20 years ago IMO. Governments want to increase it to 70 for all. What then? Further increases to SPA? No state pension for anyone? Back to the Victorian era? Unless you're fortunate to have been well paid and able to finance a rest. F**k that, I say. Regardless of what you think about the waspi campaign I admire them. Five ordinary women started it and after two or three years they are highly organised and have 140 groups countrywide to date. They've choked the DWP with maladministration letters. Current news on that is a new dept will be set up by October to deal with the backlog. People can laugh, deride or criticise as much as they want but at least the waspi campaign, women in their 50's or early 60's are taking on the government. Young people should take a look at the history and unfolding of their campaign! I love this picture
  5. The new pensions minister, Guy Opperman, has shot himself in the foot at a Westminster Hall debate yesterday by suggesting that 1950's born women should take up apprenticeships. WASPI campaign are reporting an unprecedented increase in their membership and massive publicity today http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/waspi-campaigners-could-defeat-government-13292647
  6. Yes. I think making a living will is very sensible and I should make one. It's not just dementia there's many other conditions that can totally incapacitate us and make us reliant on others. I most definetly do not want to be force fed either.
  7. I'd be prepared to muddle along with a degree of physical infirmity but if I notice early signs of dementia in myself (I believe I would) then I have a method in my mind to despatch myself fairly easily and painlessly if voluntary euthanasia has not been sanctioned in uk. No way am I going to put myself or my family through the burden of years of dementia and no quality of life for all. Like you said in a previous post a good death is as important as a good life.
  8. This is how I see things. When labour formed they were standing up for the working man and serfs. All the current parties are similar in their support of banks and corporations. It's back to square one for the working man and serfs. IMO the majority are nothing more than serfs. A new credible party is needed to fight for a decent standard of life for the masses.
  9. Fresh stuff? IMO very little of our supposedly fresh food is fresh. Fruit and veg is tampered with by spraying it and cold storing it then releasing it for sale. Also the amount of food that is binned in UK is a disgrace. If people are forced because of Brexit and possible shortages to be mindful about using food and not wasting it then IMO that is a good thing!
  10. I'll post this link to a summary of the Cridland Report re SPA increases. Headline says it paves the way for a SPA of 70. Cridland mentions increased longevity and the Report expects this to continue to rise. Hmmm....we'll see how this pans out in the future when further research is published re life expectancy. https://www.ftadviser.com/state-pension/2017/03/23/cridland-clears-way-for-state-pension-age-hike-to-70/
  11. Yes I remember you're posts on this topic. Like you I'm not surprised about these figures. As I've posted before IMO life expectancy will continue to drop due to declining living standards, unhealthy eating, poorer quality foods in general, chemicals in the food chain and environmental pollution. Prescribed and over the counter drugs are another thing and people often take combinations. Reading the leaflet inside packs is enough to make me avoid them unless absolutely necessary. Spyguy mentioned on another thread how these drugs could interact with each other and who knows what that does? This doesn't seem to warrant funding for study! I'm cynical and I don't see this as a concern to pharmaceutical companies as profit is everything in this world! Also agree with other posters who predict that a lot of boomers will not live as long as expected due to high living and general unfitness.
  12. I'm looking when walking dog. The £2 coin looked as if it had been there a while snuggled under an offshoot from a leylandi hedge. I only noticed it because dog stopped to sniff. The dog used to piss me off constantly stopping to sniff but now I see it as an advantage for looking for coins! Well, coin spotting overall gives a bit of relief from the monotony of life! And the dog doesn't get harassed for stopping all the time! ?
  13. Total findings now £5.07. Best find to date was a £2 coin. Already picked up two 5p's this morning ?
  14. Dumfries & Galloway Solicitors Property Centre is closing 2 of its 3 offices in the region leaving only the office in Dumfries open. IMO there will be EA offices closing also in the region as time passes.
  15. There is no problem for the masses. I have not and never will inherit anything. If I was fortunate enough to inherit I wouldn't be complaining about paying a bit of tax on it! Those with lots don't seem to like it though. Greedy c**ts!
  16. Agreed. I worked in the homeless sector roughly about ten years ago...young people. I done it for about 5 years or so but had to quit because I realised no amount of support work could mitigate the issues you state. What lead me to me work in that sector was my own recovery from alcohol addiction. I was helped as an out patient with Librium for a couple of weeks to get over the worst of quitting but after that I attended alcoholic anonymous meetings for a couple of years. Very enlightening! I started learning about life in those meetings. Ultimately I found it humbling listening to real life accounts of how life f**ks people up. I feel privileged to have encountered that period in my life. It helped me to count my blessings. Terrible what some humans have to experience in life! Regarding homelessness, IMO, care in the community has been a disaster for many. Like you say no matter how cheap a home is many just can't cope. If a person has no hope, no family and extremely limited prospects then they will self medicate which ultimately limits their prospects in life. I fear this problem is lIkely to increase as living standards and general hope in life declines. Very sad.
  17. I worked for a local housing association just over 10 years ago. Loads of funding back then as government had a target to eradicate homelessness by 2012. LOL! But it isn't funny! My laughing is the sarcastic type. There was no chance of it being eradicated back then and even less chance now. A lot of homelessness is hidden. There are many people who have no home getting by through staying with family or friends, couch surfing etc in over crowded circumstances. FFS, a home is a basic human need. It MUST be affordable. I feel ashamed to be human sometimes when I think about the problem in UK and worldwide regarding getting a secure home.
  18. Yes, I do think it depends on your area. Unfortunately in Dumfries and Galloway they don't seem to be on the ball. My late mother ended up having a terrible long drawn out death in ICU after being misdiagnosed for months despite family members (2 nurses) pushing health services. Nephews father in law went to gp for over a year then eventually got diagnosed and dead within two weeks. I could go on with other examples but no point. Life is a lottery!
  19. ?Yes the local high street is a great place for my dog. It constantly stops and scans for and eats "food" but my new coin spotting hobby has allowed me to stop getting pissed off about it and I've spotted coins. So win win ?!
  20. Yes, it's happening that AI is doing better in many areas. Time will tell if that is overall a good or a not so good thing for humanity. My hunch is that it is not so good for humanity but luckily I'm in the autumn years of life so not a big concern for me. However, I do fear my own children and other young people regarding the future. Sadly, I don't think it's going to be great for them.
  21. Yes, definetly. If discarded coins had a trace of food my terrorist would find every one, no doubt. LOL! So it's down to me to spot them while the dog finds discarded pizza, sweets and other unmentionable disgusting things that it seems to enjoy eating. You'll perhaps relate ?
  22. Personally, I don't really understand gigabytes, numeric data, sensors etc. I just use the internet! But, my personal experience of doctors/consultants and from what I've heard from others is that they're overall crap and now have become overpaid legal drug pushers and bureaucrats with no interest whatsoever in learning/thinking about what action may promote individuals to pursue lifestyles for optimal health. Furthermore, they're budget driven and deny people further investigations which lead to eventual death. Gp's, IMO, are on the way out.....I may be wrong but time will tell. As I said to a local doctor several years ago....."What do you know, all your mistakes are dead and buried?" He laughed.....but I wasn't really joking!
  23. No chance. Border Terrier, commonly known as Border Terrorist amongst local owners. Lovable rogues with a mind of their own. Perhaps dog feet magnets might help with coin spotting but I fear the dog will not like it and then I'll suffer ?
  24. I'm loving coin spotting. Thanks for the thread. Gutters and kerbs are where I'm finding most coins. Sometimes dog walking routes can be boring when they have to be fitted in. Even a 1p find lightens my mood! It's fun. In a week I have found almost £2. My aim is to reach £100 and buy another block of premium bonds, Who knows....maybe that will give me a bigger win one day. Anyway I'm going to drop my glove again at that stand by the till at the newsagents....there could be more coins there. Also ? for similar places. My coin spotting skills are growing ??
  25. I confess that I can't fully decipher spyguy text (sorry) but I think the gist of what you're saying is that gps, even consultants might be ousted by AI. I agree. FFS, I can do better myself in comparison to the medical "profession" on the internet regarding an ailment and possible solution to a health problem. If the medics don't buck up in diagnosing and treating people appropriately, IMO, they'll be downgraded and pay lowered due to a combination of rational self diagnosis/treatment or AI systems that outperform them.
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