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  1. Finally, a London crash is on the way (and by crash I mean approx 10-20% off the current asking prices) Happy with that!!
  2. For £380k for a 3 bed house I could prob do a lot worse. Good access into London and to be part of night tube from 2015. Went for a wander over the weekend, loads of good pubs, restaurants and bars. Yes, there are Asians but to my mind, I could probably make similar statements about Walthamstow but would have to pay c£550k for the same type of property.
  3. Thoughts on these two 3 bed properties: zone 4 London. Approx 10 min walk to central line tube. 20-25 min journey into London. Good value? Yoxley Drive, Gants Hill, http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-46776257.html Gantshill Crescent, Gants Hill http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-46672034.html
  4. point being that prices won't keep going up. Once people say they are not paying silly prices then oversupply will force down prices a bit.. There won't be a crash but a c15% dip :-)
  5. Agreed. Either way it will be driven by sentiment which now seems to be happening Palmers green Rylston Road, Palmers Green N13 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-43538878.html
  6. It's obviously been gathering pace since end of April but even agents, media, bank lenders, government and Bank of England are talking about it. I live in leytonstone and whereas previously there were hardly properties for sale for under 400k within a one mile proximity of walthamstow, there are now loads. Overall much more supply. Similarly more 3 bed houses for under 400k in frien Barnet. Seeing a house near gants hill today. Dropped in price by 35k... To under 370 5 min walk to central line tube Key is not to buy yet and let the falls gather momentum. Any other london based example
  7. I'm back again (original poster)... will now be buying a place on Green Lane.. It's a big ole semi detached Victorian property with Offstreet parking for 3 cars plus a 100 ft garden - 3 bed selling for around £350-360k. Could gentrify on the basis that crossrail opens in 4 years and people are priced out of other areas but don't want to stay in Ilford/seven kings... It's a 4 min walk to station ... 17 mins to Liverpool street Possibility they could clean up goodmayes road (the road with the station) by bringing in more upmarket shops? Thoughts on the above?
  8. Thanks for everyone's input... have decided against buying there and will prob spend a bit more and go towards gants hill / Barkingside.
  9. Am looking at properties in this area and have seen 3 bed properties prices at around £300-£350k close to the station.. Pro's Station link to London in 20 mins (soon to be crossrail) Links to North circular Supermarkets close by Generally safe Cons Standard high street with lots of Ethnic shops Area doesn't have a vibe/heartbeat No Nice parks to go to. Based on the above I think this area with the current prices is a good bet.. Thoughts?
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