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  1. Nice find. Most electronics are far cheaper these days. I remember my dad paying over £100 for a video recorder in the 80s. The first home computers were not cheap either.
  2. This was before Poodle. If they had to take the whole system down just for patching it would happen more frequently.
  3. Halifax has sent me a few planned maintenance messages over the past couple of months. No mention of what the changes are though.
  4. Ah, pity it wasn't referred to the a Crown Court. Now that would have been interesting!
  5. London prices are just completely moronic at the moment. £400k for a 2-bed flat shoehorned into the top of a house, in a shit area (I know it very well) with no parking or garden. I wouldn't even pay £100k for it. In the past these properties were bought by low earners working in supermarkets etc. Even on a salary of £60k (which is damn good for London) with a large deposit you wouldn't be able to get a mortgage for it. I don't know what the average earners are supposed to do. Yeah, you can commute in from the suburbs, but the journey is hell, costs a fortune and can add an extra 2 hours to
  6. Same here - 0% for everyone in the public sector that I know for around 5 years now. I've had 2 raises in 5 years, which were quickly wiped out by rail fare, rent and utility increases. No bonuses for a long time either.
  7. I've been there and it's terrible being in limbo at the whim of a landlord. What's your relationship like with the LA / LL?
  8. I'll add my experience with rental prices over the past few years. I was renting a nice one bedroom flat in a very nice part of zone 4 in London for ~£850 pcm between 2007 and 2010. I was given notice as apparently the landlord wanted to move back into the property. Six months later with a new kitchen, wardrobes and a lick of paint and it was back on for £950. The last time I saw it on RM last year they were after £1150. The interesting thing is I accidentally opened a letter from Mortgage Express addressed to the landlord - the IO mortgage was costing him £1150/month and he was being fined
  9. I've kept up my NI payments - it's only ~£10/month. I'm more surprised at the number of expats who haven't even bothered researching their UK state pension. Stories like this are just convincing me more and more that leaving the UK was the right thing to do.
  10. Plan A: Save like crazy to raise a nice deposit. Unfortunately, HPI in North London increased faster than I could save, despite having a good salary and living a quiet life. Meanwhile I had to watch the feckless being bailed-out whilst the return of my savings was decimated. Plan B: Not really a plan B at the time, but I had the good fortune to be able to emigrate to my partner's home country very easily. I took this opportunity with both hands and haven't looked back. It's a relief to be able to turn my back on the joke of a housing market in the UK.
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