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  1. The answer is political and obvious. Ensure that a non mainstream party is elected so that they do what is necessary, raise interest rates, bring down debt, deal with immigration and other issues. And when the economy implodes/corrects the masses have someone to blame and then the mainstream parties can get re-elected and its game on again. Because its pretty clear that non of the mainstream parties have the appetite to deal with the mess THEY have created and perpetuated.
  2. Never been a better time for the BTL crowd to sell-up for top dollar - passing all the debt to those that can least afford it.
  3. Good idea - lets just double everyones salary and we'll all be wealthy. Duh! Why did'nt I think of that before.
  4. "Thorntons To Close Up To 180 Shops" Surely these numbers have been fudged.
  5. See link http://www.mises.org/story/2400 - agues that as expected by many the central banks are the cause of the boom bust cycles and that the rate of monetry expansion is the metric that should be observed as opposed to GDP (monetary growth affect GDP therefore it is too suseptible to being corrupted/distorted and obscures the truth). He seems to have a point going by his arguement and historical evidence. HAL
  6. Could Gardon Brown be the first prime minister to be hanged by his staving people? HAL
  7. Thank God we have a socially responsible Labour government in place. If it wans't for them we'd all have to work for a living instead of using the increased value of our homes to pay civil servants to retire early (could'nt resist - sorry). HAL
  8. I am afraid that is the con that is CPI - once this years mega increases have worn off its as if nothing has ever happened - unfortunatley it leaves the cost base at a high level which eats into everyones cost of living for years to come. CPI and all others rolling meaures are a confidence trick - it would be yetter to have 1, 3, 5 and 10 year measures - that would show what is really happening. HAL
  9. Read the economics predictions on Peak Debt - very interesting (but not much advise). HAL
  10. The Brown and Blair Corporation at it again - what do you expect. Free money = helicopter money - they could not have engineered it better - so more MEW and that warm feeling that anytime you get into trouble or want to splash out on that mew Merc or mew BMW to keep up with the Jones's then its just a phone call away to one of those nice lenders that occupy 99% of the ads on day time TV - its just too convenient. Growth at the expense of what? there is no free lunch someone will pay - maybe we will all pay with a currency that is worthless. Happy New Year. HAL
  11. Good post and a re-balance of perspective. I guess we complain because we think things can be better still - the US model has never really appealed to me in that it goes the other way too much. I think most Brits believe in a half way house with a cyclical swing from left of centre to right of centre just to keep everyone on their toes and to check any excesses or underspends. HAL
  12. I agree with your observations. If anyone is going to have a go at the public sector it really should be targetted to have much value. For example: - None jobs and big salaries created by NuLabour - The changing of NHS contracts for doctors and consultants (40% pay rise anyone?) - The ridiculous gold plated and unsustainable pensions arrangments that lead to un-capped demands on the public bourse - The stupid targetting and monitoring of everything - The badly managed IT projects and other hair brain schemes that allways seem to fail when in gov control - The nany state that takes responsibility from parents and citizens - etc, etc, etc So quite alot wrong then...... HAL
  13. I think it is right to critisise the public sector, they are being paid by money earned from the private sector and we the tax payers expect value which we are clearly getting less of. I am suprised by the strength of the counter protest from the public sector on this forum - they do not seem to think that ordinary people should mind having their council taxes hiked by 2x inflation every year!!! Clearly a sign that they have a vested interest in proliferating the problem. Unfortunatley the public sector workers I have spoken to cannot see the wood for the trees and just do their job in the dark seldon bothering to get off there backsides and see what is happening. Here is a good example - an authority that I (belong to?) has recently bought a golf club (out of tax payers money) and when asked how could they justify buying the loss making venture when proffessional sports managers had not made it work - they smugly replied that they had better skills - now that is what I call delusional and they are doing it with our money - am I outraged - you bet!! Local authorities have the pleasure of a captive customer base, a monopoly in a geographic areas - and they seem to answer to no one - do we get a refund if bins are not collected on time or at all? No. Do they expect us to pay the same amount regardles of the level of service provided? Yes I rest my case - there may be great people in the public sector but they are swiming against the tide as local authorities have waste woven into their very fabric - being protected organisations - that is why they should always have their remit tighly defined and their resources caped. HAL
  14. Big rant against the software companies!!! What the LG sector will never understand is that software takes effort to devlop, maintain and keep working as legislation changes - thats why they charge money - its called business and its why the LG departments never got the hang of being able to do it commercially - because they are not in that business - they are in the business of providing services - and that is what they should stick to. In case you don't understand the system, there are procurment departments that buys software on an open market (but being so bad they usually pick the wrong products). You cannot blame the software companies for your ills - or is it that the current political climate these days? You are onto them are you? I correct you - you have just learned that your organisation cannot pick the right software and terms for your organisation. Get real - and don't get too big for your boots - stick to doing what we pay you for and that is delivering honest services and not mis-spending resources doing everything!!! We are not happy when you spend our money trying the re-invent the world in you perverse mold. I must admit tho what you have shown is that the public sector has been emboldened - I'm getting the sense that they think that they can run the show and can do it better - we know what happens when that thinking prevails - everything turns to sh1t. HAL
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